Nikita Sachdev

Nikita Sachdev


Nikita Sachdev is an Indian-American entrepreneur and investor who has built a successful business empire. Despite having a strong interest in a variety of businesses, Nikita discovered her true passion in the cryptocurrency and blockchain space in 2017, while working for the cryptocurrency behemoth Huobi.

Together with her business partner, Nikita Sachdev founded Luna Management in 2015, which serves as a talent management agency and production studio. Nikita became acquainted with the Cryptocurrency and Blockchain industries shortly after, which aroused her curiosity. She began investing in cryptocurrency and collaborating with some of the largest companies in the fintech field, which finally prompted her to leave Luna Management and start her own public relations and marketing agency, Luna PR, which she continues to run today.

Luna PR is a public relations firm with its headquarters in Dubai and a global presence. Nikita has since traveled the world to lecture at institutions and conferences, including Oxford University, and has received numerous honors.

Luna PR went on to receive the prestigious Entrepreneur Magazine award for ‘Best PR and Marketing Agency in Emerging Technology’ in less than a year after its founding.

Nikita’s growth has been phenomenal since then, and she has recently attracted the attention of political authorities all over the world. Today, Luna PR collaborates with the most prominent cryptocurrency and blockchain initiatives in the world, and the company has worked with more than 600 blockchain and cryptocurrency projects to date.