Nikola Teofilovic

Nikola Teofilovic

Sr. Investment Manager

I have 19 years’ of experience from C-level positions in the tech industry. Started my first tech company in 2001. Been involved in several successful tech exits. Wide experience ranging from startups to large corps.

He is Senior investment Manager at JKR Investment Group. His pecialties are:-CEO-Board-Management-iGaming-FinTech.

JKR Investment Group is an entrepreneurial investor that accelerates companies. Founded in 2017, JKR has over a dozen portfolio companies in tech entertainment and other industries, €162 M total group revenue in 2021, and 1635 headcount across the portfolio. Known as a venture builder and investor in leading entertainment B2B companies among which are BETER, BETEGY and Speed Media, JKR also focuses on sectors like EdTech, Longevity and Blockchain. We leverage our distinctive expertise to guide startups operating in complex industries. Our vision is to become a long-term partner to founders who dare to light their inner fuze.

We believe that each one of us has an inner fuze waiting to be lit and one’s growth depends on whether they dare to set it on fire. We live by this concept because unless you constantly “blow yourself up” by taking on new challenges and put yourself forward, someone else will. So while we might seem like an easy breezy investor in the beginning, know that you will be challenged!

We leverage out distinctive expertise to help startups operating in complex industries.
We take pride in successful exits and celebrate the new ownership.
We believe that the greatest investment ever made is out people.
Our oigin: It all started when five partners decided to create an investment company that would stand out by its entrepreneurial approach. Founded in 2017, JKR FUND soon outgrew its model and required more sophisticated infrastructure. Co-founders then decided to create an investment group, where they would become equity holders, shifting the full responsibility in decision making and operations to trusted professional management team.