Petar Pešić

Petar Pešić


Petar Pesic is a Serbian lawyer experienced in the iGaming industry. Besides this, he’s the legal support to Tech industry.

He wanted to become a lawyer since he was 7 years old. He has been working for the previous five years.

Petar worked as a trainee in a small law firm, mostly on business law and criminal law cases. Consequently, he became a lawyer in 2019, in Serbia.

After this, he was working in a compliance department in one of the top affiliate marketing companies.

SiGMA World is the world’s leading industry B2B expo conference focused on online and land-based Gaming. Delegates attend to discuss emerging trends, technology innovation and to do business with each other.

Affiliate Grand Slam is our newest addition to the Digital Marketing & AdTech world and following its success in Dubai last May 2021 and in Malta last November 2021, will now be a permanent vertical within our company.

AIBC is an industry B2B expo conference focused on emerging tech, including Blockchain, AI, Big Data, Quantum Computing, IoT and FinTech.

Finally, Med-Tech World united the medical professionals of many disciplines to combine their keen minds and inexhaustible passion for a better tomorrow with the entrepreneurial spirit of investors who also dream of a world free from disease and cancer.