Rommel Carlos

Rommel Carlos

Founder & CEO

Rommel Carlos is a serial entrepreneur in the Philippines who has built several successful and stable businesses. He is the Chief Executive Officer and has a proven track record of success in the information technology and services industries. Competent in the areas of innovation development, business operations, big data, Splunk, and data analysis. A strong business development professional with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from the System Technology Institute, focusing on Information Technology.

For three years as the CEO and president of Nokarin Transportation, Rommel brought the outside transportation industry along with his passion and demonstrated it to the world, translating the importance of world-class service for his clients from nine outstanding BPO companies and more.

Recognition and rewards

ASEAN Youth Leader Initiative for Southeast Asia 2022
Play2Earn Top 6 Most Anticipated GameFi for 2023
GameFi.Org Top 2 In Users’ Choice – All-Stars – Arcus
Top Users’ Choice – Top Games On Chains (BNB Category) – Arcus

Rommel Carlos is in charge of all aspects of the organization, including the mission, fundraising, operations, and engagement with the board of directors. He has single-handedly transformed the organization by aligning day-to-day operations with values such as diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility.

He produced his first short film (Sky Lab) through Nokarin Productions and won Best Jury Ward in December 2021.

Rommel was able to complete a full-length film and received four awards (The Baseball Player), including:

• Best Film Award for Cinemalaya 2022, the Philippines’ largest film festival.
• Finalist in the Asia Competition Film Festival in January 2023

7 years as a trader, enthusiast, and angel investor for many Web 3 startups in the Blockchain and Cryptocurrency industry, now leading Arcus Game, an intense, skill-based, competitive Gamefi project powered by the BSC Blockchain.