Shams Syed

Shams Syed


Before Shams joined AptPay and took on the responsibility of CEO, he led Digital Partnerships in Canada for Mastercard. Working with the leading global partners in the payment space, Shams gained all-encompassing expertise about the payment ecosystem, payment facilitators, aggregators, and the six-party model. During his tenure at Mastercard, Shams led the initiative to create the necessary framework allowing fintech companies to integrate as part of the direct network partnership.

Beyond the fintech space, Shams has worked with acquirers, direct merchants, consultants, and loyalty programs over the last few years. This expertise has given him the ability to look at the financial ecosystem holistically, identifying the pain points from all perspectives to create a solution focused on all channels.

AptPay was founded in 2019 and is a Canadian Fintech in the payments space. Our vision is a future where payouts can be made to customers seamlessly, without friction, safe and in real time. AptPay’s Digital Payment Hub powers payment services for businesses across a network of connected financial institutions and multiple payment rails. Our Mission is to drive an improved customer experience by enabling faster payouts on a more secure ecosystem via a simple integration, providing a single touchpoint for all instant disbursement needs.