Stephen A. Crystal

Stephen A. Crystal

Founder & CEO

Stephen A. Crystal represents, advises and invests in gaming business customers around the world in casino development, online gaming and gaming technology, as well as in government affairs and lobbying, strategic planning, casino advisory services, investments, mergers and acquisitions and capital raising. He is a keynote speaker, and a regular participant at global gaming conferences and internationals.

Stephen A. Crystal is focused on his work as founder and CEO of SCCG Management in 2009. This consulting firm focuses on sports betting, iGaming, sports marketing, affiliate marketing, technology, intellectual property protection, product sales, esports , formation, mergers and casinos, joint ventures, government and legal affairs management for capital acquisition, casino and iGaming.

SCCG Management is proud to mark its 30th year as a leader and innovator in the gaming industry in 2022. Steve earned his bachelor’s degree (AB) from Dartmouth College in 1987. In 1992, he earned his law degree (JD) from American University. He holds a license to practice law in the District of Columbia and the state of Missouri (1993).

At age 20, he was a state representative in New Hampshire. Since then, he has been policy oriented at the highest levels of local and national government. Elected to candidates for Congress, the Senate and the White House.

Stephen A. used to be part of the Young President’s Organization (YPO) DC Chapter, and Best Lawyers in America named him one of the best gaming attorneys in the US. Steve has been to many places in the US, Asia, Europe, the Middle East, North and Central America and South America.

He has been directly involved in all parts of the casino and gaming technology industry for over twenty years. He has worked as an attorney for public and private gaming companies, as president and CEO of gaming technology companies and casino holding companies, and as an investor and advisor on over $2 billion in project financing and mergers and acquisitions in the casino/casino space. of gaming technology.

Stephen A. began working on gaming in Kansas City, Missouri in 1992 as a land use attorney in a private practice. He has represented Las Vegas public gaming companies in their Missouri riverboat development projects as a regulatory and development consultant.

In addition, he worked for several cities and towns that had river casinos in their areas. He focused on land use and rules and regulations. He was a partner at the well-known law firm Armstrong Teasdale for 12 years, where he led and ran things.

In 2000, Steve joined forces with casino development pioneer D.W. Barrick to form the Barrick Gaming Corporation. In 2004, Barrick Gaming Corporation successfully completed the acquisition of 6 hotel-casinos in downtown Las Vegas, NV. The acquisition resulted in Steve and Barrick Gaming overseeing 2,000 hotel rooms, 200,000 square feet of gaming space, over a dozen entertainment and food/beverage venues, and over 2,200 employees.

Steve served as president of Barrick Gaming Corporation until 2006, when the assets were sold in a private transaction.

Starting in 2006, Steve focused his efforts on building a portfolio of investments in the gaming technology space, including personal investments in:

•  DigiDeal Corporation, manufacturer of electronic table games

•  Las Vegas Gaming, Inc., a provider of bingo, keno and slot machine software

• Tablemax, Inc., manufacturer of electronic table games.

Steve served as president and on the board of directors of Las Vegas Gaming, Inc. between 2005 and 2007 and as CEO and Chairman of Tablemax, Inc. between 2007 and 2009.

Steve currently serves as CEO of SCCG Management, a company that deploys cutting-edge software-as-a-service (SaaS) technologies with a focus on mobile marketing and engagement tools for the gaming and entertainment verticals.