Tim Duong

Tim Duong


Tim Duong is an accomplished and dynamic professional who thrives in the fast-paced world of travel and technology. With a passion for innovation and a keen eye for opportunities, Tim currently serves as the COO at Staynex, a cutting-edge Online Travel Agency (OTA) that’s revolutionising how we book our dream vacations.

Tim’s journey to success has been filled with exciting experiences and remarkable achievements. Previously, he held the position of CEO at a cryptocurrency issuer that utilised blockchain technology, where he embraced the emerging world of digital currencies backed by real assets. This venture allowed him to explore the fascinating intersection of finance and technology.

Having worked across diverse industries, Tim’s career has taken him across borders and continents. During his time in the United States, he made waves in prestigious Fortune 500 and NASDAQ-listed companies, particularly in the high-tech sector. His contributions to organisations supplying advanced technologies to NASA exemplify his knack for navigating cutting-edge projects with precision and expertise.

Tim’s expertise extends beyond the US, as he has also made a significant impact in Vietnam’s tech landscape. As the Vice President of CocCoc, a popular web browser, he played an instrumental role in enhancing the online experience for Vietnamese users. Moreover, he served as the Country Manager of Vietnam for, a leading accommodations booking platform, spearheading the company’s growth and establishing its presence in the country.

Fuelled by his entrepreneurial spirit, Tim is the proud founder of Emerging Capital Group, a tech solutions company dedicated to maximising revenue in the hospitality industry. This venture showcases his ability to leverage technology to transform business operations and deliver exceptional results.

With his vibrant leadership style and global perspective, Tim Duong continues to drive innovation and shape the future of the travel and technology sectors. He remains at the forefront of change, always seeking new ways to make the world of travel more accessible, convenient, and unforgettable.