Ulrich Gilot

Ulrich Gilot

Head of Media

Ulrich Gilot

Ulrich Gilot is a seasoned Bilingual English and French multi-channel digital & traditional marketing expert focused on business growth through high performance achievements and strong partnerships development with digital technology providers and media owners.

Ulrich comes with over 16 years of digital marketing experience from planning to buying across all media channels such as paid search, SEO, social media, affiliate and programmatic display across the globe both on the agency and advertiser’s side offering a 360 marketing approach inclusive of offline media.

Sarting his career with SEO in the early 2000 helped him to understand the fundamental concepts of algorithms and their direct impact on digital efficiency. Ulrich is proud to have worked with and collaborated with SEO gurus such as Ted Ulle and Bill Hunt who both were early pioneers in the SEO industry.

Though SEO is his strongest suit in digital advertising, Ulrich Gilot decided to expand and deepen his experience in digital. He took the initiative to lead an integrated paid search and SEO departments both at Digitas and at R/GA. This integration initiative responded perfectly to the need of connecting both creative and media.

Because user experience without taking into consideration all the digital channels and touch-points would feel incomplete, Ulrich has also expanded his interest in programmatic for the past 5 years during which he set up global trading standards in collaboration with the IAB and the WFA on behalf of Nestle, GroupM and over 317 other advertisers.

His early interest in digital technology paired with his strong technical SEO background naturally led Ulrich Gilot to adopt data driven based digital marketing / targeting as well as the MarTech ecosystem.

His career choices have essentially been motivated by his desire to remain relevant and accurate and always be in touch with the digital age by applying his knowledge and remaining hands on with most media tools available on the market. Ulrich Gilot consides himself lucky to have been able to take on assignments and projects; which fulfilled his ambition and helped the brands he represented move forward.

Finally, while working on major initiatives and big brands, Ulrich Gilot has always taken other projects with start-ups or smaller organisation as this allows him to have a perspective of both sides of the spectrum. What he learns from larger companies can benefit smaller companies and vice versa. What he learns from one industry can benefit another industry and potentially provide a competitive advantage. Essentially, he likes to think outside the box and brings some level of disruption.