Uma Hagenguth

Uma Hagenguth

Founder & COO

Uma is Co-founder & COO at APPICS, a web3 development company based in Zug, Switzerland and she is Board member at L1-Blockchain Telos. She’s been fulltime in the blockchain space since 2016 and co-founded her company in 2018.

APPICS is most well known for their reward-based social media dApp APPICS which launched on the App Store and Google Playstore last year. More recently the company added their own 3D immersive Metaverse space to their portfolio, where they host events regularly and drive the future of content creation. Uma also helps other companies to develop and implement web3 marketing strategies.

She has made it her mission to empower people to build their communities in web3 and lower the barrier for entry for anyone from anywhere in the world to benefit from blockchain technology.