Uros Kenic

Uros Kenic

Audience Development Manager

Uros is a young and ambitious economics and marketing expert who has made his way in digital marketing by following the niche development and the trend wave that is growing every second.

As a speaker, he always puts the accent on giving value to his listeners with every word.

This networking enthusiast has a sharp eye for business growth, potential partnerships, and monetization of every business aspect.

With his talents, knowledge, and experience, he can indeed be an example of how communication can be out of most significance.

He has been working as a company representative and an audience communication expert since 2019.

At the moment, he is representing Ocamba, a platform he believes can make a whole lot of difference in any form of digital business.

Ocamba is an all-in-one tool for Ad – serving, Push messaging, and Hood Analytics integrated with the largest advertising networks in the industry.

Push notifications will increase user engagement and drive visitors to the desired content- promotions, relevant information, reminders or updates, with the ability to segment the target audience according to preferences, previous online behavior, geolocation, and more.

Using the RTB Exchange solution, Publishers and Demand partners can buy and sell Ad space through real-time auctions and manage all advertising campaigns in one place, maximizing the efficiency and reaching the highest value of their Ad space.

Therefore, Publishers will increase the value of their Ad space and improve Ad Fill rates. At the same time, Advertisers get to reduce costs by avoiding bulk buying of Ad space wasted on irrelevant users.

With real-time reporting, observe and adjust campaigns performance, satisfying your marketing goals and improving results when needed.

At the SiGMA conference, Ocamba is aiming to explain the power of user engagement, and the impact that the right message at the right time can make on the players, the users of your applications, either web or mobile.

Staying in contact can change the users’ view of your app. It can make a personal connection to the app and a long-term “relationship”, meaning that the user will continually keep returning, eventually becoming a loyal audience.