Vadimas Bondarenka

Vadimas Bondarenka

Crypto Lawyer

Vadimas Bondarenka is an experienced corporate lawyer with a master’s degree in international law. His last 3 years of experience focused on handling corporate legal and compliance matters, negotiation key agreements and ensuring that the company operates in accordance with the relevant regulations.

Experience gathered in top-tier law firm allowed him to provide in-house counsel for large to mid-size corporations which transitioned into an effective and seamless business development for these companies. Vadimas started his first crypto investments in 2020, since then he actively analyzes crypto market and besides that advising in gambling field.

Vadimas Bondarenka main areas of practice are gambling and Crypto. For the last few years he was working in B2B gambling sphere where he was helping to acquire various operation licenses and certificates for the company.

Vadimas currently advise both start-ups and corporates on blockchain projects, cryptocurrency funds and exchanges, STO structuring and compliance, digital assets, and token economies. This encompasses AFSL and ACL licensing, disclosure requirements and ongoing regulatory compliance, including AML/CTF.

Continually developing knowledge in crypto and gambling sphere by surrounding and learning from experts at all stages of the business value chain, and focusing on building relationships with those who share passion for accelerating growth of the blockchain sector worldwide.

The passion for crypto and gambling started way back in Lithuania while studying international law in University where he had chance to be elected as a European Law Association president. Active participation in the international organization, helped to acquire valuable connections and experience from the top tier expertise.

The following experience continued in Malta, where main islands industry, gambling, became the life changing experience. Compliance position forced to go deep into gambling regulations, legislation, and rules. For more detailed experience further career continued in the law firm.

Customers around the world filled the circle of acquaintances which in the later stage leaded for further crypto projects like Proteus Finance and De Hotels. Legal adviser and entrepreneur roles in those projects successfully highlighted the leadership quality. As a result, successfully established and fundraised companies which are moving toward their goals.

By the colleagues and clients, Vadimas Bondarenka is recognized as a consummate professional with a high degree of personal integrity. Known for a contagious passion for excellence, a talent for resourceful business solutions, and a capacity for going the extra mile.