Match-fixing probe initiated by Brazilian Congress

Posted: May 19, 2023 10:15 Posted by Matthew Calleja
Category: Americas, Regulatory, Sportsbetting,
Posted: May 19, 2023 10:15 Category: Americas, Regulatory, Sportsbetting, Posted by Matthew Calleja

Following widespread speculation regarding a deeper examination of Brazil’s football landscape and potential misconduct by unscrupulous individuals, the Brazilian Congress has commenced an investigation into allegations of match-fixing in the sport. This development comes on the heels of recent rumours surrounding the matter.

Unveiling the football scandal

In a statement released on Wednesday, the lower house of Congress acknowledged the initiation of a comprehensive inquiry into the widening match-fixing controversy, which may have far-reaching consequences not only within the country but also across South America. Notably, the investigation has already cast its shadow over Major League Soccer, the premier football league in the United States.

Last week’s exposé shed light on a scandal involving deliberate bookings of players, resulting in the issuance of red and yellow cards, with the aim of manipulating specific outcomes in sports betting. The state of Goias has emerged as a focal point where these illicit activities transpired, prompting the involvement of federal authorities and the state’s district attorney’s office.

This extensive inquiry, spanning a duration of 120 days, will be undertaken by a group of 34 lawmakers. According to investigators, players were enticed with monetary rewards ranging from £10,000 to £20,000 to carry out predetermined actions during matches, such as intentionally receiving yellow cards or assisting opponents in securing penalty kicks. Congressman Felipe Carreras emphasised the objective of eradicating corruption from Brazilian football through this investigation.

Carreras lamented the uncertainty surrounding the legitimacy of yellow cards, red cards, or penalties, as these incidents were potentially premeditated.

We don’t know whether a given yellow card, a red card or a penalty was supposed to happen or not. – Felipe Carreras, Congressman.

It is important to note that the Congressional investigation does not imply a lack of previous efforts to address the issue in Brazil. In fact, an investigation was launched in November, focusing on specific matches.

Unravelling Brazil’s international match-fixing network

Reports suggest that the orchestrators of these illicit activities in Brazil maintained communication with associates and counterparts across multiple nations, including the United States, Greece, and Lithuania. In the meantime, the investigation initiated last year, which implicated 16 individuals in various match-fixing transgressions, has resulted in the temporary suspension of all defendants from professional football.

The ruling, issued by Brazil’s sports court, affects players from both the country’s first and second divisions, underscoring the pervasive nature of corruption within the sport. Despite the international ramifications of this case, Brazil remains optimistic that it will not face severe penalties leading to exclusion from the sport. However, the nation must undertake significant reforms to rectify the situation and restore its reputation.

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