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About GamCare

Establishment and Mission

GamCare, founded in 1997, is the premier source of information, advice, and support for anyone who has been harmed by gambling. The organization runs the National Gambling Helpline, offers therapy to anybody who has been affected by gambling, raises awareness about safer gaming and treatment, and urges the gambling industry to take a more effective approach to safer gambling.

They offer live, discreet, one-on-one information, advice, and emotional support, as well as referrals to further sources of specialised assistance, such as their face-to-face, online, and telephone treatment programs, across England, Scotland, and Wales.

GamCare’s services have been more crucial than ever during the pandemic for the 340,000 people in the UK who have gambling problems. Despite an initial drop in call volume during the first lockdown, the National Gambling Helpline received more calls than it has ever received before, fielding over 42,000 calls during the year. GamCare’s online support services were especially popular, providing a lifeline to individuals who couldn’t locate a private place to communicate during lockdown.

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Gamcare’s outreach and training has migrated online, making it more accessible than ever before. Additional funding has also been acquired for the organization to continue building a number of programs, including criminal justice system participation and a women’s program. GamCare has built new collaborations with other helpline organizations such as the National Domestic Abuse Helpline and Samaritans through their ‘Ready to Talk’ campaign, which has worked with a network of partners throughout the pandemic.

The principles of GamCare embody how they deal with clients and one another, and they pervade all they do as a charity.

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Gambling therapy by professionals

Gamcare takes an active and strategic role in gambling therapy and related areas, in addition to the basic services listed above. The organization collaborates extensively with persons who have been hurt by gambling in their communities, as well as specialists from the health, justice, social care, and financial sectors, including the NHS, on a national level.

Professionals who come into contact with persons at higher risk of gambling-related damage can use Gamcare’s customised engagement, awareness-raising, and resource services. Its current programs focus on women, young people, criminal justice, finance/debt, and experimental projects in other areas, such as the armed forces and young adults. Their training raises knowledge of gambling’s negative consequences and equips professionals to screen for and identify harm, as well as create pathways into locally available resources.

GamCare provides a customisable bundle of paid training, consulting, auditing, and engagement services, all of which are backed up by a free expert advice and treatment service available across the country.

GamCare and SiGMA

Recognised for its commitment to push for responsible gaming SiGMA has worked hard to educate and create a safe environment for players within its B2C network. GamCare’s mission is to urge the gambling industry to take a more effective approach to safer gambling and SiGMA fully supports this with the conference featuring a major responsible gaming component, with various key speakers and panelists delivering hot topics such as fair and safe gambling.

GamCare is in a unique position to assist local governments in developing an integrated strategy to address problem gambling, from encouraging safer play to identifying those at higher risk and ensuring that problem gamblers and those affected by it have access to effective support and treatment. This is very much in line with SiGMA’s goals and mission which is why SiGMA and GamCare have signed agreements pertaining to continued support and a common path moving forward with SiGMA hoping to build on this base in order to become a cornerstone of the global responsible gaming business.