Best NFL Betting Sites in 2024

Blitz the best bookies and kick off your winning streak! Here, we introduce the cream of the crop of NFL betting sites, our meticulous selection process, and the pathways to turning NFL game days into a winning activity.

NFL Betting Sites

Top NFL Online Sportsbooks

Maximize your NFL Sundays with our hand-picked selection of premium sportsbooks. These operators promise unparalleled league coverage, early line releases, competitive odds, and exclusive betting bonuses, guaranteeing you’ll make the most out of every football weekend.

Factors We Consider When Ranking NFL Betting Sites

We look for the finest sportsbooks that provide superior offers when you bet online, promising high returns and user satisfaction. We systematically assess each site on a set of criteria based on NFL fans’ demands:

    • Odds and margins: App availability: Having a top-tier sports betting app is essential. We prioritize platforms that offer intuitive sportsbook apps with complete NFL betting offers.

    • Esports markets: NFL-specific promos: We look for sportsbooks that cater specifically to NFL bettors with unique bonuses and contests, adding extra potential to your NFL wagers.

    • Esports coverage: Earliest lines: Access to the earliest lines is crucial for informed betting strategies. The top NFL betting sites we select give you a head start on planning your wagers.

    • Live betting and streaming: Number of NFL betting markets: The best football betting sites offer a wide range of NFL markets and numerous betting options, enhancing your betting flexibility.

    • Free bet availability: Best NFL odds: Competitive odds are the cornerstone of profitable betting. Our chosen NFL betting websites consistently offer the best odds, ensuring maximum value for your bets.

    • Security and fair play: Fantasy NFL opportunities: For a more interactive experience, we include online sportsbooks offering Fantasy NFL, allowing a more hands-on approach and adding strategic thinking to your betting.

Types of NFL Bets

Finding reliable sources where sports betting terms are explained is essential to get a deep understanding of the terminology and nuances of different types of NFL bets. This is necessary to make pregame picks or adjust them during live betting. In this section, we cover essential NFL betting types.

Point Spread Betting in NFL

In point spread betting, you must consider the line, the number of points separating the two NFL teams. This margin levels the playing field, assigning a points handicap to the favored team, which they must overcome for your bet to win.

Moneyline NFL Betting

In NFL moneyline bets, you’re not concerned with point spreads or margins of victory; your sole objective is to predict which team will come out on top. Minus odds indicate the favorite or the team expected to win. Plus odds point to the underdog or the team that’s less likely to win.

NFL Parlays

NFL parlay betting bundles multiple bets from various games into a single bet. This type of betting amplifies the risk and potential reward by requiring all parlay selections to be correct to win. However, not all sports betting sites allow parlays of multiple divisional winners or parlays where you include both the game and the player prop for a participant in the same game.

What Is a Teaser in NFL Betting?

NFL teaser bets are a variant of parlay betting, offering bettors adjusted spreads and totals. In essence, a teaser bet allows you to move the lines in your favor, either by adding points to the spread of an underdog or by reducing the spread of a favorite.

Points Total Football Bet

NFL game totals, commonly referred to as over/under betting, is a form of wagering where bettors predict whether the total score of a game will be over or under a specified number. Oddsmakers consider different factors, including teams’ offensive and defensive performances, current injury reports, historical matchups between the teams, trends in scoring across the league, and external factors.

Player Props NFL Wagers

Player props betting focuses on individual players’ statistics rather than the game’s overall outcome. NFL prop bets involve placing bets on specific milestones a player might achieve in a game, such as the number of touchdowns scored, yards gained, or receptions made.

NFL Future Bets

NFL futures betting involves placing wagers on the regular season and playoff outcomes. It encompasses many betting options, from predicting which team will win the Super Bowl to forecasting season-long individual awards like NFL MVP or Rookie of the Year. As the season progresses, the odds shift but can still be quite lucrative, especially if a bettor’s prediction is on an underdog team or player to achieve significant success.

Online NFL Betting Promotions

Online sportsbook incentives are designed to attract and retain bettors, ranging from deposit bonuses to free bets. Understanding the associated betting terms and wagering requirements of these promos is crucial. Each promo comes with its own set of rules, such as minimum odds, wagering amounts, and validity periods. During the season, the best sportsbooks focus on NFL betting promos.

Super Bowl Bonuses

Super Bowl betting promos are special promotional offers during the lead-up to one of the biggest sporting events of the year. These bonuses are specifically made to attract players during the Super Bowl season, offering unique and often more generous conditions than regular promotions. They can range from enhanced odds on Super Bowl bets to special cashback offers on game day. The appeal of these bonuses lies in their timeliness and relevance to the Super Bowl, providing added incentives for bettors looking to engage with the biggest game of the NFL season.

NFL Sportsbook Parlay Boosts

Parlay boosts are a type of promotion that enhances the winnings of a parlay bet. These boosts work by increasing the overall payout percentage of a winning parlay. The benefits of parlay boosts are twofold—they increase the potential returns on a parlay bet, making them more attractive, and they can also serve as an incentive to include more selections in a parlay.

Second-Chance NFL Bets

Second-chance bets are a relatively common sign-up incentive similar to free bets, utilized by NFL betting sites to persuade bettors to sign up. Your sportsbook returns your initial bet with them if it loses, with your stake returned as a bonus bet or, less often, cash.

NFL Daily Fantasy Opportunities

NFL Daily Fantasy Football condenses the excitement of traditional fantasy sports into a fast-paced, high-stakes format. In daily fantasy football, participants draft a new team each week, selecting from a pool of players in that week’s NFL games. Unlike season-long fantasy leagues, NFL DFS picks last from a single day to a week. This format allows fresh strategies and adaptability based on the latest NFL happenings.

Participants use their NFL fantasy picks to assemble rosters, with players earning points based on their real-life, in-game performance. The goal is to compile a team to outperform others in the same contest and get you the cash prize. It appeals to those who enjoy the strategy and engagement of fantasy sports but prefer a more immediate payoff and the flexibility of short-term commitments.

Live Betting on the NFL

Live NFL betting revolutionizes traditional betting by allowing you to place bets on games as they unfold in real-time. This dynamic form of wagering provides the opportunity to make informed bets based on the game’s current state. Unlike pregame betting, where all bets are placed before kickoff, in live NFL betting, you adapt to the ebb and flow of the game, with lines changing in response to the on-field action.

The benefits of live NFL online betting sites are numerous. They allow bettors to capitalize on the shifting momentum within a game, offering the chance to place bets on various outcomes like the next team to score, updated point spreads, or over/under totals as the game progresses. It requires quick thinking and a strategic approach, as the NFL betting odds can shift rapidly based on game developments.

Simplify the Way You Bet With NFL Betting Apps

NFL apps allow for a more efficient method of placing bets. The best ones integrate real-time notifications, such as instant alerts about the latest odds, game starts, score changes, injury updates, and other relevant information, ensuring you never miss an opportunity to make a smart bet.

Additionally, top football betting apps can offer mobile-specific bonuses and promotions exclusive to app users. Also, mobile sports betting apps simplify line shopping, allowing you to compare NFL betting lines and adjust bets across different platforms for optimal payouts. Plus, for live betting, the speed and functionality of these apps provide a superior experience compared to retail sportsbooks, ensuring you never miss an in-game betting opportunity.

Betting on The Most Popular NFL Events

The biggest NFL events attract bettors due to their high profile, significant media coverage, and unique betting opportunities. Each event offers its own unique appeal and betting angles.

Betting on the Super BowlAs the pinnacle of the NFL season, the Super Bowl showcases the two best teams and offers a wide array of online betting opportunities, from standard bets to a vast range of prop bets.
NFL playoffsThe playoffs are high-stakes games where the intensity ramps up, offering bettors the chance to wager on crucial matchups that often feature the league’s top teams. Each game attracts considerable betting action due to its potential impact on the road to the Super Bowl.
Sunday night footballA prime-time slot featuring some of the most anticipated weekly matchups. SNF draws significant betting interest due to its standalone schedule, offering a focused betting environment on one marquee game.
Monday night footballSimilar to Sunday night’s game, MNF is a standalone game that caps off the weekend’s action.
Thursday night footballTNF offers an early opportunity for bettors. These games can be unpredictable because the teams involved usually have less time to prepare for the game.
NFL draftAlthough it’s not a game, the NFL draft has become a popular betting event. Football bettors can wager on various outcomes, such as draft picks and trades, making it an intriguing event for those interested in the future prospects of teams.

How to Tackle Betting on the NFL Online

When betting on the NFL, it’s important to consider several pivotal factors. By considering these additional elements of the game you can improve your strategy and make more informed decisions:

  1. Take injuries and player availability into account: Football is still a violent sport, so keep up-to-date with injury reports and player availability. Missing key players can significantly impact a team’s performance.
  2. Know about field and weather conditions: Consider the impact of the venue. Teams often perform better at home due to familiar conditions and crowd support. Also, lousy weather can influence passing and kicking games when playing outside of domes.
  3. Be informed of head-to-head matchups: Look at the historical data of matchups between the teams. Some teams have a psychological edge over others, regardless of their current standings.
  4. Be in the know of team schedules and rest: Consider each team’s schedule. Teams on a long road trip or those that have had less rest can be at a disadvantage. Also, each team has one bye week, so take that into account.
  5. Take note of defensive and offensive ratings: Pay attention to the team’s defensive and offensive rankings. When a team is elite on one side of the ball, sometimes it can completely take over the game.
  6. Consider positional matchups: Look at individual player matchups but also group matchups such as those in the trenches. If there is a big difference in quality between offensive and defensive lines, the game can be decided quickly.
  7. Don’t forget about special teams’ performance: Don’t overlook the impact of special teams. Field position, as well as kicking and punt return capabilities, can change the dynamic of a game.
  8. Know the overtime rules: Understand the NFL’s overtime rules, especially in close matchups. The NFL has different overtime procedures for the regular season and playoffs, which can affect scoring and final results.
  9. Be aware of market movements and line shopping: Monitor how betting lines move in the market and shop for the best lines. Different sportsbooks may offer different odds, so it’s wise to compare.
  10. Keep an eye on public betting percentages: Look at where most of the public is betting. Sometimes, betting against the public can be profitable.

FAQ on NFL Sportsbooks

You can legally bet on NFL games online through licensed sportsbooks in your region or state—the National American Football League is available for wagering wherever betting is legalized. However, in the sport’s origin country, online sports betting is legal in 26 US states through apps or the best online NFL betting sites.

Bet on favorites early in the week and underdogs later. As the game approaches, more money flows to favorites, increasing the underdog spreads. Hedging bets is also a successful method. In some situations, you can place more bets to cover all possible outcomes of the game and make a profit.

Online NFL sportsbooks are safe to use since they are licensed and regulated by reputable gaming authorities. It’s important to choose legal NFL betting sites with strong security measures, positive customer reviews, and a history of reliable and fair operations. We recommend precisely those sportsbooks on our list of the best NFL sites.

Analyze team and player statistics, follow current form and injuries, consider weather and home-field advantage, avoid emotional biases, and shop for the best lines. Also, be aware of the overtime rules and stay disciplined in your approach.