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Dr Marwan Al Zarouni

CEO at Dubai blockchain Center

Dr. W. Scott Stornetta

Partner & Chief Scientist At Yugen Partners

Dr Sara Al Madani

The Emirati Entrepreneur

John Lee

Entrepreneur, Investor, Mentor & Speaker

Gil Solomon

founder at Gil Solomon & Co

H.E Laila Rahhal El Atfani

WBC in Tech and Business Gate

Amin Siala

Senior Growth Consultant At Google

Mariusz Gasiewski

CEE Mobile Gaming & Apps Lead At Google

Megan Nilsson

Crypto Megan

Seif El Hakim

The Alpha – Founder & CEO At Seif El Hakim (The Alpha Movement)

Ahmed Bolooki

Creative Director At Bolookee

Christiana Maxion – The Dubai Matchmaker

Tech Founder & CEO At MAXION: The Matchmaking Concierge

Mohammad J Sear

Digital Government & Public Sector Consulting Leader At EY Africa, India, Middle East

Ra'ed Saade

Podcaster & Entrepreneur

Sacha Jafri

Artist & Humanitarian

Nick Spanos

Bitcoin Pioneer

Jennifer Black

Co-Founder & Creative Director At Wear The House

Hikmat Wehbi

Photographer, Director & Podcaster At W Studio

Anand Raman

Content Creator & Stand-Up Comedian

Ghassan Luqman

Photographer & Content Creator

Ahmad Jaber

Internationally renowned Podcaster At Jibber with Jaber

Ahmet Cinar

Entrepreneur At Cinar Rugs

Sundeep Fernandes

Humorous Content Creator

Ana Olmeda

Founder & CEO At F&F Dubai

Ali Al Sayed

Co-Founder & Comedian At Dubomedy

Humza Zahoor

Founder & CEO At Social Awaken

Saba Yussouf

CEO At Invisi Smart Technologies

Musa Khalfan Yasin

Founder & CEO At MK Investment

Deepanshul Rana


Oliver De Bono

CEO At Quantum Gaming

Adam Woodley

Founder at A1 Talent

Mokshita Vashisht

Manager- Digital Products & Transformation at PwC India

Tony Ventura

Innovation & Technology Speaker

Alexander filatov

Co-Founder & CEO at EverX

Ana Schultz

COO at FinchPay

Georgi Stoianov

COO at LaPayo

Anita Kalergis

PR & Communications Manager At Xprizo

Yuriy Romanyukha

Managing Partner at ICLUB Global

Nikita Sachdev

Founder at Luna PR

Taylor Freeman

Co-Founder & CEO at Axon Park

Enrico Lugnan

Head of Web3 at Polyverse

Adrian Zduńczyk


Oliver Von Wolff

Founder & CEO at Helion Capital

Mohammad J Sear

Digital Government & Public Sector Consulting Leader at EY Africa, India, Middle East

Richard Mifsud

CEO At Xprizo

Josef Holm

Founding Partner at Draper Goren Holm

Anton Golub

Venture Partner at Full Stack VC

Dave Pulis

Director At ZBX Crypto Exchange

Belal Jassoma

Director – Ecosystems At Dubai Multi Commodities Centre (DMCC)

Vinicius Moraes De Carvalho

Investment Partner at Ikigai Ventures

Maria Xenofontos

Founder & CEO at Femic

Nick Patel

Founder & CEO at Clinq.Gold

Mary Pedler

Founder at INPUT Communications

Joseph F. Borg

Partner & Head of Innovative Technology at WH Partners

Adrian Niculescu

Founder & CEO at TOMORROWerse Capital

Samuel Huber

Founder & CEO at LandVault

Paul Dawalibi

CEO At Holodeck Ventures

Stefan Kimmel

CEO at M2

Paula Tavangar

Partner & CIO at Injaz Capital

Nameer Khan

Founder & Chairman at Fils & MENA Fintech Association

Zack Ritchie

Co-Founder at NFT Club

Dr Sameer Al Ansari

CEO at RAK Digital Assets Oasis (RAK DAO)

Efe Kelemci

Founder At

Gordon Einstein

Founder at CryptoLaw Partners

Jade Sen

Founder & CEO At MRJADE Holding

Cordelia Morgan Cooper

Founder at CMC Consulting

Talal Tabba


Lennix Lai


Tim Mangall

CEO at Capital Block

Dorian Vinicileoni

Head of Business Development in europe at Kucoin

Stefan Kovach

Founder at Rarerthings

Kassem Lahham

CEO at Bright Wealth Banking

Adam De Cata

Founder at Run It Wild

Feras Al Sadek

Managing Partner At Ghaf Capital

Gustavo Montero

Founder & Chairman At Carter Capital

Danilo S. Carlucci

CEO At Morning Star Ventures

Richard Fitzgerald

Founder & CEO At Augustus Media

Zeina Akkawi

Managing Director At PAZ Marketing Management

Sam Katiela

CEO At Mamemo Consulting FZCO

Doaa Taha

Assistant Vice Chancellor for Outreach and Partnerships, Professor & Program Lead of Analytics & A.I. At Harrisburg University of Science & Technology (Dubai Global Campus, UAE)

Valerie Hawley

Director of Corporate Partnerships At Sorbonne Centre for Artificial Intelligence (SCAI)

Stephen Arnold

CEO & Creative Director At Decimated

Alexander Kap

CEO At AI For Business

Renz Gonzales

Head of Business Development At PropellerAds

Lana Turobova

Head of Licensing & IT at Eternity Law International

Tony Petrov

CLO At Sumsub

Guy Zelser

Head of Marketing At Media Troopers

Arshiya "xArshyy" Faraghat

E-sports Host, Streamer & Content and Community Manager At Four04 Esports

Eran Elhanani

Founder & CEO At BullPerks

Nadiia Dvoinos

CEO & Managing Partner At NOS Amigos

Shweta Dubey

Founder & CEO At Aadhya IT Digital Marketing Chat and Call Support Company

Florin Simovici

Co-Founder & CEO At Traffic Manager

David Lolaev

Founder & CEO At Sal'Ad Labs

Aravind Swaminathan

Co-Founder & Business Development Director At Calyx

Alice Stork

Co-Founder & CEO At Incryptoland (ICL)

Alexandra Carvalho

Founder & CEO At House of Social

Julian Goffin

Founder & CEO At Lunulata

Alena Zharkovskaya


Eli Desatnik

Co-Founder At

Marco Kowalevski

Founder At Starzz LLC

Harry Yeh

Managing Partner & Founder At Quantum Fintech Group

Jaguar-Adva Gal

CEO At Jaguar Reg&Comp

Julia Woerfel


Miguel Francis-Santiago

Founder & CEO At The Future is Now DAO

Tomash Devenishek

CEO At Kero Sports

Vid Daolio

Head of Account Management At GameArt

Mark van Weeren

Attorney At Blenheim Attorneys

Gleb Kostarev

Co-Founder & CEO At Blum

Tal Itzhak Ron

Chairman & CEO At Tal Ron, Drihem & Co., Law Firm

Kyler Frisbee

CEO At POG Digital

Maher Al Kaabi

Independent Board Member At Alserkal Group

Marcello Mari

Founder At SingularityDAO

Bertrand Levy

Vice President Global Licensing & Brand Partnerships At Sandbox

Dinos Stranomitis

COO At Altenar

Artem Isay

CEO At MetaPax

Arofat Salayeva

Managing Director At Arosal Audit

Catherine Mychka-Ross

Editorial Director & Сhief Strategy Officer At

Michelle Chivunga

Founder, CEO & Investor At Global Policy House

Vas Modinos

Founder At Blockready

Jayden Sage

CEO At Global Crypto Council

Mark Epps

Director, Communications & Web3 At ATP Tour

Alexander Amartei

Director At Amartei Entertainment & Antara Studios

José F. Pereira

Partner At Caerus

Marcin Kumięga

Business Development Director At Voluum

Emre Bilgutay

Co-Founder At NADMAH

Stefano Fallaha

Founder & CEO At Podeo

Andrei Blosh

Business Development Team Leader At PropellerAds

Faruk Aydin

CRO At Revpanda

Pavel Dergachev

Co-Founder & Advisor At 4H Agency

Muneeb Mushtaq

Founder & CEO At

Benedikt Becker

Marketing Director At Shikenso Analytics

Evgenii Babitsyn


Fabrizio Bergamaschi

VP Sales – Digital Payments At Nuvei

Dariia Vasylieva

Founding Partner At FD Capital

Bashar Kilani

Digital Economy Advocate

Tatiana Davidova


Vikram R Singh

Founder & CEO At Antier Solutions Pvt

Gesina Kunkel

Managing Director At impulsQ

Ryan Wilson


Todor Minev

CEO At TokaCity

Amir Khosronejad

CMO At Sixpack Miner

Ilya Machavariani

CEO & Senior Partner At 4H Agency

Lois Bright

Director of Africa & Middle East At The Conexus Group

Adam Levine

VP Corporate Strategy At Fireblocks

Mr. KEY (Karnika E. Yashwant)

Founder At KEY Difference (Accelerator & VC)

Aleksandra Danilenko

Sales representative At Amaiz

Trupti Latur

Lead Marketing & User Engagement Strategy At JioGames

Avishkar Sharma

Head of Partnerships – Digital Assets & Web3 At

Sheikh Muhammad Noman

Co-Founder & BDP At Halliday Growth/ Vrijednosnice Osijek Holding / Mortgage Hub

KJ Rocker

Head of Strategy At Affiliate World

Vlad Svitanko

Founder & CEO At

Naveen Goyal

CEO At Hyphene

Egin Govender


Dmitry Belianin

Founder & CEO At

Scott Thiel

Director At Hedera

Lilly Douse


Brycan Dayao

COO At Infiny Group

Jitendra Vaswani

Investor & CEO At

Alexander Fazel

CPO At Swissborg

Rosi Ross

Project Director At KM Universe

Ilias Salvatore

Growth Lead At

Ripul Mahajan


Matt Hookings

Actor/Producer & Founder At Camelot Films

Maurizio Pedrazzoli

Founder At WeTalkNFTs

Carl The Moon

CEO At The Moon

Assad Dar

Co-Founder & Chief Visionary Officer At Medieval Empires

Julien Savino


Paz Gonzalez

Founder At OG Media

Giles Whitby-Smith

CEO At Bitcashier

Tatiana Sokolova

Head of Digital PR At Alpha Affiliates

Jimmy Zhao


Kevin Abecassis

Head of Investment Operations At Morningstar Ventures

Alex Micol

Founder & CEO At Scalers


Gary Vaynerchuk

Creator & CEO at VeeFriends

Jordan Belfort

VIP Guest of Pin-Up

Fat Joe

American Rapper – Award Winning Artist

John Lee

Entrepreneur, Investor, Mentor & Speaker

Prof. Scott Stornetta

Partner & Chief Scientist at Yugen Partners

Nick Spanos

Bitcoin Pioneer

Dr Sara Al Madani

The Emirati Entrepreneur

David Meltzer

Founder at David Meltzer Enterprises

Clinton Sparks

Author, Entrepreneur, Gaming and Esports Business Developer & Marketer

Johnny Walker

MMA Fighter

Tim Burd

Co-Founder at Founders Mastermind

Craig Campbell

SEO Trainer & Consultant At Craig Campbell SEO

Mike Pearse

Co-Founder at Aphex Media USA

James Far

Founder & CEO at Magiccraft & James Crypto Guru

Carl Runefelt

Crypto Entrepreneur & Founder at

Davinci Jeremie

Crypto Educator at Davinci Codes

Susan Breen

Partner at Mishcon de Reya

Megan Nilsson

Crypto Megan

Dr. Marwan Al zarouni

CEO at Dubai Blockchain Center

Dr Jane Thomason

CHAIR at World Metaverse Council

Daven Michaels

Executive Chairman at CurrentC Power

Lucy Chow

Investor and Author at Changing the Game

Carl Brincat


Susan Oh

Advisor at Kryptic

Pontus Lindwall

President/ CEO at BETSSON AB

Gordon Einstein

Founder at CryptoLaw Partners

Eitan Gorodetsky

CMO at Kitcode

Cal Evans

Managing Associate at Gresham International

Rhiannon Burns

Head of iGaming at Zimpler

Richard Hogg

CEO at Openbox Gaming

Alexandra Carvalho

Founder & CEO at House of Social

Alessandro Valente

Co-Founder at Brazilian iGaming Summit

Arvin Khamseh

NFT Marketing Expert At Sold Out NFTs

Luca Tagliaferro

International SEO Consultant At Tag Digital

Robert Dowling

Director of Product At EBET