Founded by Eman Pulis, SiGMA is the world’s leading hub for everything involving the iGaming industry such as regulation, responsible gambling and even marketing related to the sector. From casino to land-based to even crypto-betting, the summit brings together operators, providers, IT experts, innovators, entrepreneurs and investors from all stripes together for three days of panels, discussions, keynote speeches, workshops and a broad variety of fun and engaging networking events.

With SiGMA expanding into other areas through verticals in digital marketing (Affiliate Grand Slam), emerging technology (AIBC) and medical technology (Med-Tech World), the SiGMA Group as a whole has proven itself as a rising star in several industries, uniting the best and brightest in several leading economic sectors with incredible growth potential.

From start-up to global enterprise

From its origins in 2014, hosting a local iGaming conference at the Intercontinental Malta which was attended by 1000 delegates, SiGMA has grown exponentially with the November 2019 event gathering 15,000 visitors under one roof.

The summit has also expanded internationally, having events that cover the four corners of the globe with the brand being located from the snowy metropolis of Toronto to the stunning skyline of Dubai. The company currently employs over 80 employees and has offices based in Malta, Cyprus, London, Manila, Belgrade, the UAE and Chicago.



With industry titans, thought leaders, pioneering business magnates and tech-savvy inventors all calling the conference home, SiGMA has become an interna-tionally recognised hub of business development and innovation with the summits often setting the agenda for the future of the industry as a whole.


Our delegates are equally international with visitors travelling from across the world. Our speakers are chosen from the best and the brightest in the industry who share their experience and keen insights with the rest of the community, making SiGMA a stage to behold.


During our events, our delegates will also have the opportunity to unwind in style with our Awards Nights, iGathering and Networking Dinners being the talk of the town while celebrating the rising stars of the industry with the adulation their hard-work deserves.


With the recent debut of SiGMA Play, we are very happy to say that we have entered the affiliation sector, leveraging our massive network and keen industry insight to truly be the bridge between clients and casinos

World-class content creation

Our media presence is equally international with a globally recognized brand presence, translating in-house news articles, opinion pieces and analysis reviews into 10 different languages which include English, French, Russian, Mandarin, Portuguese, and Spanish, Hindi, Thai, Korean, and Japanese catering to readers from SiGMA’s wide portfolio of international events.

Our comprehensive news website covers the latest news and topics, articulating a plethora of diverse voices, ranging from investigative news to interviews with the industry elite and expert-led thought leadership. Written by leading experts in the sector, this segment of the website offers high-end content on a diversity of topics written by authorities in their field.


We also save the highlights from our panels for posterity, which are all available free of charge on youtube for educational purposes. Our main media flagships are the SiGMA and BLOCK Magazines; these are collections of leading thought pieces, industry insights and curated analysis sections with the first focusing on the iGaming and affiliation sector whereas the second expands on the emerging world of Blockchain, artificial intelligence and medical technology. Each of these is published three times throughout the year with each issue being translated into two languages depending on where the magazine is debuting.


Our events are divided into five main geographical location; Asia, Americas, CIS, Europe and Africa with each year seeing a different location being chosen for each one. You may find the details for each location on their respective about page.

You can register for the events by pressing the book pass button on the About page of the specific event you’d like to join.  If tickets are available already, you may choose which package you’d prefer. If they are unavailable, you may register your interest and be amongst the first to know when tickets are out as well as being first in line for early bird tickets.

Each delegate has the opportunity to purchase a broad selection of packages that would give them booth locations with excellent footflow, putting them at the front and centre of a global crowd of C-Suite Executives, digital and physical marketing opportunities and an infinite variety of other options.

At the heart of the SiGMA Group as a whole is a deep love of innovation and entrepreneurship. Hence, our events have a broad variety of options for any ambitious start-ups who want to make their way in the iGaming world. Amongst the two most prominent of these are the Start-Up Pitch and our partnership with Ikigai Ventures.

The former is an opportunity for a start-up to win up to $500,000 in equity investment as well as a suite of other benefits through a competition between the 100 most promising applications, the top 10 of which will pitch their idea to a board of investors. 

The latter is a venture capital partner of the SiGMA Group with a physical presence at every event. This makes it the perfect place for innovative entrepreneurs to find their launchpad. With SiGMA Founder Eman Pulis also being a Founding Partner of Ikigai Ventures, this alliance for innovation has the potential to incubate disruptive start-ups across a wide variety of industries.

Given the calibre of the events and the level of quality we ensure they strive to, our speakers are handpicked from amongst the elite of the industry for their knowledge, expertise, accomplishments and oratory skills. 


If you think you’re up to the task, contact Emily Micallef on [email protected].

Our sister verticals tackle a broad variety of industries such as Emerging Technology (AIBC), Digital Marketing (AGS) and Medical Technology (Med-Tech World.) Beyond that we also host a series of other events such as our iGatherings and Roadshows.

Joining the SiGMA family means you’ll be a pillar of a global enterprise, using your skills to spark innovation across a wide variety of different industries. This would also mean that you’ll be working in an international firm that is an accredited workplace, being nominated by interns and full-time employees alike as a company that values initiative and investing in the skillset of its employees. Click here for a list of opportunities.

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