From a start-up to a global enterprise

Founded by Eman Pulis in 2014, the SiGMA Group is an events and media organisation focused on iGaming, emerging tech, digital health, and affiliate marketing.

The company currently employs over 100 employees and has offices based in Malta, Cyprus, Manila, São Paolo and Belgrade.


Having diversified its original mission, the company is supported by four main pillars; SiGMA Events, SiGMA Play, Venture Capital, and the SiGMA Foundation.


In 2014 the SiGMA Group held its first event in Malta, an iGaming conference attended by just 1000 delegates. With industry backing and a commitment to quality, SiGMA has grown exponentially, taking its events brand from a local startup to a global enterprise. Its most recent event, held in November 2022 as part of Malta Week, welcomed 25,000 international guests for a week of expo, conference, and premier networking.


In 2021 the Group made its debut in the UAE, successfully launching its first event in Dubai. This was followed in 2022 with new locations – Toronto and Belgrade.


In 2023, the SiGMA Group is expanding into four brand new markets — Kenya, Brazil, Manila, and Cyprus. Regional events like Kenya, Brazil, and Cyprus will feel more intimate than our other shows, allowing us to focus on a more exclusive crowd. International summits, taking place in Dubai, Manila, and Malta, will retain the traditional summit format.


In 2020 the SiGMA Group branched into affiliation, generating valuable traffic for iGaming operators and offering a one-stop-shop solution for the gaming sector through the launch of SiGMA Play.


SiGMA Play is an internationally renowned site for online casinos and sportsbooks, featuring online reviews, bonuses, and guides for players navigating the casino game industry. Our industry experience and knowledge bring valuable and trustworthy advice to players everywhere.


The site offers quality content, where operators are clearly represented, and customers can find the best casinos catering to their needs. We’re also aiming to provide a regulatory perspective through our Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) services.


SiGMA Group has recently diversified its media portfolio with the acquisition of Casino Bee (online gambling) and the promotion of AIBC (crypto). The Group plans on expanding its media portfolio with the acquisition of more assets in the future.


Ikigai Ventures is a UK-based, seed-stage, venture capital firm committed to supporting bright ideas worldwide, investing in the next generation of founders, and incubating great ideas from the ground up.


The Fund assists in identifying promising new businesses and provides funding, technical skills, and mentorship to help create and scale transformative companies. Currently, the company focuses on investments in verticals such as esports, blockchain, fintech, AI, and other frontier tech.


The limited partners are leading European tech founders and investors or collectives that have built and scaled some of Europe’s biggest companies in these verticals. As of 2022, Malta has become the nexus for the fund’s annual general meeting.


Additionally, in a drive to construct a community that can grow sustainably and provides extra value to all stakeholders, the Ikigai Collective includes around 20 founders and developers from various sectors.


The SiGMA Foundation is the philanthropic arm of the SiGMA Group, reflecting the company’s commitment to supporting those in need around the world through fund-raising activities, education, and the generation of crucial skills to enable self-confidence and personal empowerment. The organisation was founded with the intention of shifting the focus of philanthropy from passive giving to active participation.


The Foundation uses the money raised to fund its many projects as well as to support communities in need and other charitable organisations – understanding the role played by education in ending poverty. Beyond financial aid, several projects focus on providing those in need with the opportunity and resources to learn crucial skills. Projects include the inauguration of a number of schools, the latest of which will cater to 700 children in Ethiopia.


In the past few years, SiGMA Foundation has directly organised Brown’s Camino de Santiago challenge, a hiking program through rural northern Spain, and the Kilimanjaro Challenge.



The World's Leading Authority In iGaming

Our media presence is equally international, with a globally recognised brand presence, translating in-house news articles, opinion pieces, and analysis reviews into ten different languages and catering to readers from SiGMA’s wide portfolio of international events.

With our digital products growing exponentially, the website also features a series of podcasts, studio interviews, and an interactive magazine library.

SiGMA’s news section covers the latest news and topics, articulating a plethora of diverse voices, ranging from investigative news to interviews with the industry elite and expert-led thought leadership. Written by leading experts in the sector, this segment of the website offers high-end content on a diversity of topics written by authorities in their field.

We also save the highlights from our panels for posterity, which are all available free of charge on SiGMA’s YouTube channel for educational purposes. Our main media flagships are the SiGMA Magazine and the BLOCK Magazines featuring interviews, industry insights, and curated analysis.


SiGMA events are divided into five main geographical locations — Eurasia, Asia, the Americas, CIS, Europe, and Africa. You may find the details for each location on their respective about pages.

You can register for the events by visiting the About page of the specific event you’d like to join. If tickets are available already, you may choose which package you’d prefer. If they are unavailable, you may register your interest and be among the first to know when tickets are out as well as being first in line for early bird tickets.

Choose from a broad selection of packages that include everything from elaborate expo stands to conference and networking sponsorships – putting you front and centre of a global crowd of C-Suite executives.

At the heart of the SiGMA Group is a deep love of innovation and entrepreneurship. Hence, our events have a broad variety of options for ambitious startups who want to make their way in the iGaming world. Amongst the two most prominent are the Startup Pitch competition and our partnership with Ikigai Ventures.

Given the calibre of the events and the level of quality we ensure they strive for, our summit speakers are handpicked from amongst the elite of the industry for their knowledge, expertise, accomplishments and oratory skills.
If you think you’re up to the task, contact Lygia at [email protected].

Our sister verticals tackle a wide variety of industries, such as Emerging Technology (AIBC), Digital Marketing (AGS), and Medical Technology (Med-Tech World.) Beyond that, we also host a series of other events, such as our iGatherings and Roadshows.

Joining the SiGMA family means you’ll be a pillar of a global enterprise, using your skills to spark innovation across various industries. This would mean that you’ll be working in an international firm that is an accredited workplace, being nominated by interns and full-time employees alike as a company that values initiative and investing in the skillset of its employees. Check the list of careers at SiGMA.

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