Infectious 5 xWays®——现已上线!

Content Team 3年前
Infectious 5 xWays®——现已上线!

Nolimit City披挂上阵,召唤出Infectious 5 xWays的发布

作为今年最令人兴奋的工作室之一,这家位于马耳他的软件供应商准备通过他们的下一次史诗般的冒险来驱逐所有邪恶的人。这个团队提供了一些备受追捧的游戏,如San Quentin xWays、El Paso Gunfight xNudge和高节奏的Fire in the Hole xBomb,现在准备推出他们的下一个大作:Infectious 5 xWays。

A slot game that builds on more innovative mechanics brought forward by the team who keep challenging the notion of what a high-octane slot game can be. Having already introduced xWays, xNudge, xPays, xBombs, we now get to see an enhanced version of xWays thanks to the Infectious xWays, a mechanic introduced East coast vs West coast – the infecting of other symbols that link them all together to mutually expand and deliver high powered wins.

这款老虎机游戏建立在更多的创新机制上,由团队不断挑战高节奏老虎机游戏的概念。在呈现了xWays、xNudge、xPays和xBombs之后,我们现在看到了xWays的增强版,这要归功于Infectious xWays,这是一种引入东海岸与西海岸的机制——感染其他符号,将它们联系在一起,相互扩展并提供高能赢利。

Infectious 5 xWays offers a 5×4 reel set area with a base 1024 ways to win, which can increase respectively with added xWays & Infectious xWays. Look out for the gang of caped crusaders who bring their own flare and wreak havoc by trying to fight back all wrongdoing and try keep their own sanity intact; meet Havoc, Mind Flayer, Torch, Misery & Toxicity. Collect 3 of more bonus symbols to unlock the dual wielding bonuses; Toxic Hazard & Lock N’ Load as well as their MAYHEM super bonus counterparts. Locked multiplier wilds, Premium symbols & Infectious xWays – all these combined can deliver the whopping 55,555x bet win potential.

Per Lindheimer - Nolimit CityPer Lindheimer, Product Owner at Nolimit City, said: “A classic superhero title isn’t really Nolimit City’s way of doing things, so we’ve taken inspiration from the classic quote “You either die a hero, or live long enough to become the villain” instead. The game is built around the Infectious xWays® mechanic, which makes it a very explosive game – so sharpen your knife and load up on ammo cause chaos is coming….”.

Infectious 5 xWays will be available on all Nolimit City partners from June 1st, 2021.

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