Sportsbooks bracing for further trouble after DraftKings attack

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Online sports betting companies are reportedly bracing for further attacks during the holiday season after $300,000 was withdrawn from DraftKings client accounts.

DraftKings said it would refund its customers following the attack. It said it believed that the login information of customers was compromised on other websites and then used to access DraftKings accounts. 

“We strongly encourage customers to use unique passwords for DraftKings and all other sites, and we strongly recommend that customers do not share their passwords with anyone, including third party sites for the purposes of tracking betting information on DraftKings and other betting apps,” the company’s Co-founder Paul Liberman said in a statement cited by media. 

While the Draftkings incident hit the headlines in mainstream media reports, Front Office Sports reports that they are not the only company to have been targeted. 

FanDuel sent out an email warning customers to be vigilant, saying that “bad actors take advantage of the holiday season to strike when people are busy spending time with their families.” The company said it had noted increased unusual activity, but it’s systems have held firm. 

The website reported that BetMGM was also targeted. It said it was working closely with risk, payments and compliance teams. 

The U.S. celebrates its Thanksgiving holiday on Nov. 24th.

Draftkings is one of the largest U.S. sportsbetting firms and is slated to open its operations in Maryland on Nov. 23rd.

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