About Sigma Foundation

SiGMA Foundation is the philanthropic arm of the SiGMA Group, reflecting the company’s commitment to supporting those in need around the world through fund-raising activities, charity, education, and crucial skills to enable self-confidence and personal empowerment. The organisation operates with a focus on transparency and all accounts are available on request.











In terms of philanthropy, the Foundation has been pushing for enhancing access to digital resources in the Developing World. Just last year it managed to relocate almost 50 computers for online learning towards underprivileged families during the worst days of the COVID Pandemic through its “Tech of Ed Matla” campaign.


The very same year also saw the Foundation bring together 26 people from all walks of life to embark on the spiritually enriching Camino de Santiago pilgrimage in September. In doing so, it raised a total of €33,000 which went towards the construction of an education complex in Bonga, Ethiopia.


Barely letting the dust settle, the Foundation already began to recruit and train members for the following Camino adventure with feet hitting the ground in May 2022 with 27 individuals embarking on their own spiritual journey. This expedition was a wild success leading to the raising of €135,000 for charity with the support of our main sponsor, Brown’s Group of Pharmacies. These funds will be dedicated to the finalisation of a school’s construction with the proverbial ribbon set to be cut in mid-January 2023.


Finally, we are currently in the process of recruiting for our next Camino de Santiago expedition. The training has recently concluded and this delegation is set to leave for Spain in the first week of September. The funds raised from this expedition will be dedicated to the refurbishment of an existing school also in Bonga as well as the implementation for a new wing. If all goes to plan, the wing will be inaugurated towards the end of 2023.



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Keith Marshall


Keith is known around the island as an energetic, fun-loving, fund-raising force of nature! A Pharmacist by profession, helping others is in his blood and this is reflected in his many successful philanthropic ventures - including his personal “Kilimanjaro Challenge” pet project, which raised an eye-watering €1million towards various causes in Ethiopia and Kenya. He can usually be found halfway up a coastline trek, or handing over a giant cheque to a charity or, when he is able, getting his hands dirty in a small village building something useful for the community. In his own words: “It is their right and our duty”.

Austin Cachia


Austin-of-all-trades has dabbled in a bit of everything! He’s done it all, from microlight flying to stained glass making to herbalism to interior design. Hobbies aside, his true talents lie in handling money and he works as a Financial Controller for a pharmaceutical company. After joining the Kilimanjaro Challenge in 2014, Austin became hooked on the feel-good factor of charity projects and joined Keith again in Ethiopia where they raised €65,000 to build a kindergarten. Since then, he has been an integral part of the Foundation as its Treasurer.

Matthew Spiteri


Matthew is Co-Founder and Creative Director of Sancho but is also harnessing his artistic powers for good as the marketing whizz-kid of the Foundation. He was inspired to continue the good work of the late Fr George Grima after taking part in the infamous Kilimanjaro Challenge back in 2015. Matthew specialises in digital, media, and web.

John Vella


The good doctor: John has really put his PhD to good use, lecturing at the University of Malta and acting as an elected member of the Malta Pharmacy Council and the Malta Chamber of Pharmacists Committee. He describes his involvement in the Foundation thus: “I am in debt to humanity and this will go a small step forward to repaying the good fortune I have had.”


Samuel Johannes

Fr Samuel Yohannes is a diocesan priest and an Ethiopian citizen in the Kaffa region in the southwestern part of the country. He has been ordained a priest in Ethiopia in 2007 and worked as a parish priest up to 2011 in one of the remotest missions in the Vicariate of Jimma Bonga from where he was sent for further studies in Italy. His early studies focus on Pastoral Theology and later attained an MA in sociology from Rome. After completing his studies, he returned back to Ethiopia has been working as a social and development director and Bishop delegate in the Vicariate of Jimma Bonga. The social and development coordination office is working in collaboration with the kindest benefactors of Malta through the Late Fr. George Grima (founder of missionary Movement Jesus in thy neighbor) and his collaborators such as our Mr. Keith Marshall in the vicariate of Jimma Bonga. Fr Samuel is planning to start a new initiative in order to reach children that are most in need through the SIGMA foundation.

Peter Paul Galea

Peter Paul started his musical journey at the age of 6. Through the years his passion developed into songwriting and production and performed with various bands in Malta. For the past 18 yrs, he has been one of the leading musicians with the local band Tribali with whom he produced 4 albums and has been touring around the world. During his youth, he attended school at St Paul's Missionary College where he grew up to value volunteering. He volunteered in various countries around the world and was mainly involved with bringing joy and also teaching music. In 2013 he had the opportunity to travel to The Philippines where he got involved with the community of Bataan by supporting the children and youths attending the Jose Depiro Kabataan Orchestra. Besides supporting them from Malta, he also visits the project on a regular basis. He has also volunteered in India, Nepal, Cambodia, Kenya, Ethiopia, Philippines and is also involved in supporting a home for homeless kids in Uganda.

Pippa Xuereb

Pippa Xuereb is a 29-year-old physiotherapist from Gozo. She has a passion for helping youths and has attended the Jose Depiro formation centre in Bataan, Philippines. She has also volunteered another 6 times in the past three years, working mostly with children and youth with social issues. She is very keen on the project and continues to volunteer with SiGMA Foundation.

Mark Cremona

Mark Cremona, also known as Chucks, is from the island of Gozo. From a young age he has worked closely with charity organisations by dedicating his free time to help in any way possible. Along the years he has organised events and charity gatherings with all proceeds going to local and foreign charities. In recent years he has partnered with SiGMA Foundation to share his experience and knowledge in the field and help with their projects in the Philippines and Ethiopia. In Ethiopia, the SiGMA Foundation is working on projects in continuation with the work left by the late Dun Gorg with whom he has had the pleasure of working with for several years. Projects vary from building schools, hospitals, and churches in impoverished areas. The same is being done in the Bataan province, Philippines. The Sigma Foundation works closely and supports the ongoing community project created by Father Joe a Maltese priest (MSSP) whose created a centre aimed at providing work and educational opportunities for people in the surrounding area. Every year, members of the Sigma Foundation visit these areas and communities to monitor ongoing works and to seek new areas and communities which require help.

Joseph Cremona

Joseph Cremona, a missionary priest of the MSSP (centre for catechesis and liturgy), has been helping in the Philippines for 16 years and his main focus is the improvement of the lifestyle of the families with special attention to the children and youth. He has also played a crucial role in the building of a centre for the development of the people including a free training trades centre for the parents who don’t have a job and a free music program for children and youth comprising of two orchestras. Several foreign teachers especially from Malta teach our youth through skype. The intention behind this program is to get teachers from Manila to teach youth and in turn prevent adolescents from being in the streets and keep them away from them from the vices of drugs and others. Other courses and workshops have been organized such as organic fertilizers and piggery to farmers, management of small business for poor families, attending the needs and situations of adolescents for mothers, hygiene courses for the whole family, and other courses for the particular reality of our farmers and families. With the help of two different institutions, they have also helped many single or widowed mothers who struggled to provide the daily bread and the rent payments by building 4 houses. Father Cremona participated in several other activities at the Centre and his wish is to continuously help people who are in need and to help them look into their future positively.

David Schembri

If there is one thing that David Schembri knows, it’s how to run a business. Hailing from a corporate family background, David acquired the Papier outlet at University Heights, and went on to expand the brand into one of Malta’s leading stationeries with 5 outlets within the University area, St. Julian's and Valletta. The business expansion strategy envisaged for the coming years saw the opening of another 2 outlets by 2021, while also expanding operations into corporate services, distribution and imports. David has also been a main driver behind the success of The Warehouse, a state-of-art fitness studio owned and run by award-winning instructor Leanne Bartolo, current holder of the European Miss Bikini. In his personal life, David has also been heavily involved in various philanthropic projects for many years. After participating in the Kilimanjaro Challenge 9, he went on to become part of the KC committee and continued fostering the value of charity in countless youths and adults across Malta and Gozo. This mission, stemming from deep personal experiences during various trips some of the poorest areas of the world in Ethiopia, aims to try and make the world a better place for all, one step at a time.




Keith Marshall

Founder of SiGMA Foundation