Best Darts Betting Sites in 2024

Get with the program and in on the action with the world of sport’s fastest-growing betting opportunities. Our lineup of the top-rated sites for darts betting is set to get you off to a great start. We also highlight tournaments and events worth betting on, and provide targeted insights on markets, odds, and practical tips for an unmatched betting experience.

Darts Betting Sites

Top List of Darts Betting Sites

In compiling our list of premier darts online sportsbooks, we prioritized platforms that specialize in darts wagering. These sites stand out due to their darts coverage, including detailed markets on every major and minor tournament. Key considerations included the depth of darts betting options, from simple match winners to more complex prop bets like highest checkout or first to score a 180.

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Our Online Darts Betting Sites Rating Criteria

We use detailed criteria to choose darts betting sites that fulfill our requirements of integrity, player satisfaction, and functional performance. To accomplish that goal, we extensively evaluate crucial elements such as license, payment methods, special betting features, and the quality of promotional offers, and then we decide which are the best betting sites available for darts bettors.

  • security iconLicensing and regulation: Each site must hold a valid license from a reputable authority, like the Gambling Commission of Great Britain or the Gibraltar Gambling Commissioner, to guarantee they meet strict regulatory standards for safety and fairness.
  • reputation iconReputation and customer feedback: We always review user feedback and investigate any major complaints to confirm the platform’s credibility. A reliable site maintains positive customer feedback and shows a history of timely and fair resolution of any issues.
  • payment iconPayment speed and options: Quick and reliable payouts are essential. We test the withdrawal processes to confirm that they are fast and in line with the site’s promises.
  • slot machine iconBetting features: A premium site offers advanced features such as live betting, adjustable odds, and smart accumulators. These tools help bettors maximize their betting strategies.
  • betting option iconBonuses and promotions: We evaluate the attractiveness and fairness of welcome bonuses and look at all ongoing promotions and loyalty programs. These offers must provide real value and have transparent terms.

Bet on These Popular Darts Tournaments

Betting on darts provides an opportunity to become a part of one of the fastest-growing sports. The range of darts tournaments available extends from local levels to the international stage, and understanding the specifics of each event is important for bettors aiming to make smart betting decisions. 

For those looking to get into the nuances of darts betting these tournaments offer a solid foundation. Let’s explore some of the key darts events that are noteworthy for their betting potential.

World Darts Championship

The PDC World Darts Championship represents the height of professional darts. It is held at Alexandra Palace in London, occurring annually from December to January. As the most prestigious event organized by the Professional Darts Corporation, it is a key component of Darts’ Triple Crown. The tournament boasts the sport’s largest prize pool, and also awards the world championship trophy, named the Sid Waddell Trophy, in memory of the beloved darts commentator, known as the “Voice of darts.”

Since its establishment in 1994, the championship has featured different champions, with Phil Taylor’s numerous victories highlighting his dominance in the sport. This event serves as a milestone in professional darts but also attracts considerable betting interest due to its high stakes and the caliber of competition. Every year, the championship captivates audiences worldwide with thrilling matches and dramatic finishes, making it a must-see spectacle for darts fans and bettors alike.

UK Open

Often hailed as the “FA Cup of Darts” because of its open draw format, the UK Open is a major PDC tournament. This format allows amateurs to compete alongside top professional players, and it features a draw after each round, just like the FA Cup. Held annually at the Butlins Minehead Resort, the event features a diverse field of 160 players battling over eight stages for a substantial prize fund. Notable for its dramatic upsets and unpredictability, the tournament has seen remarkable performances, including multiple nine-dart finishes. With the UK Open’s format, every match could yield a surprise, making this darts event a favorite among players and fans alike for its intense competition and inclusive spirit.

Grand Slam of Darts

Hosted by the Professional Darts Corporation, the Grand Slam of Darts is a thrilling showcase of darts talent, that sometimes includes players from rivaling darts organizations. Since becoming a ranking tournament in 2015, it has grown in prestige and intensity. Originally held at the Wolverhampton Civic Hall, the tournament found a new home at the WV Active – Aldersley.

The Grand Slam of Darts combines a round-robin stage followed by a knock-out stage. During the round-robin stage players get to compete against all the other players in their group, giving bettors a fair chance of evaluating the skill level of the competition.

Markets for Betting on Darts

Darts offers a variety of specialized betting markets that tap directly into the sport’s unique aspects. This section breaks down the distinctive opportunities available to darts bettors, from straightforward tournament winner bets to the intricate strategies involved in handicap betting and predictions about match specifics like total legs or 180s scored. Here’s how to bet with these popular darts betting markets: 

Tournament Winner

If you have a feeling you know who will clinch the title, then betting on the outright winner of a darts tournament is for you. This type of bet is popular due to its simplicity: you select who you think will win the tournament overall. The odds for each player are determined based on their ranking, current perceived form, and the competition at the event. Picking your winner early pays off, as the sooner you place your bet in the competition, the higher the payouts are going to be.

Handicap 2 Way

Battles between favorites and underdogs may look predictable, and the odds are not as tempting. Handicap betting levels the playing field between players of different skill levels. In a 2-way handicap bet, the favorite is given a disadvantage, such as starting -2.5 legs, which means they need to win by at least 3 legs for bets on them to pay out. 

On the other hand, the underdog is given an advantage, like +2.5 legs, giving them a head start in terms of the betting conditions. This approach can provide appealing odds for both sides, making it more enjoyable to follow the match. 

Total Legs (or Total Sets) 

Betting on the total legs or sets in a match involves predicting the overall number of legs or sets that will be played before the match is decided. A leg is one game of 501, and a set is five, six, or seven legs depending on the format. Bookmakers will set a figure for an over/under bet, for example, 16.5 legs, and bettors must decide if the total will be higher or lower. This type of bet doesn’t require picking a winner but rather gauging the competitiveness of the match.

Total 180s

With this bet, punters aim to guess how many times a maximum single round will occur in a match. Each player gets three darts per round and 180 is the maximum score a player can achieve by hitting triple 20s, three times in a row. Bettors can wager on over or under a specified number of total 180s that the online sports betting site offers.  

9 Dart Finish

A 9 dart finish—the perfect leg in darts—is a rare and exciting achievement, and betting on whether a 9 dart finish will occur in a match or tournament offers high odds due to its rarity. The wager is primarily associated with the 501 countdown game. The wager predicts that a player will achieve 501 points with 9 darts, the theoretical minimum number of darts necessary to reach this score. This sporting feat occurred less than 100 times in televised darts competition history, which demonstrates just how rare this event is.

Betting Odds and In-play Betting in Darts

Darts betting odds represent the likelihood of various outcomes within a match or tournament, and they dictate the potential payout for bettors. These odds are typically presented in fractional, decimal, or American formats. 

Here are the ways odds can be presented:

  • Fractional odds: Common in the UK, these odds are expressed as a fraction, such as 3/1 or 4/5. For example, odds of 3/1 mean that for every $1 you bet, you will win $3 if you make a winning wager. Odds of 4/5 suggest that you would need to bet $5 to win $4, indicating that the player is a favorite.
  • Decimal odds: Widely used in Europe, Canada, and Australia, these odds show the total amount you would receive for every $1 bet if you win, including your original stake. For instance, decimal odds of 4.00 mean you receive $4 in total for a $1 bet—$3 in winnings plus your $1 stake back.
  • American odds: Used mainly in the U.S., these can be positive or negative. Positive odds (e.g., +300) indicate how much you would win from a $100 bet, while negative odds (e.g., -200) tell you how much you need to bet to win $100.

In a head-to-head darts match, each player will have odds assigned based on their likelihood of winning according to the bookmaker. For example, if Player A has odds of 1.75 and Player B has odds of 2.05, Player A is considered more likely to win, as you receive less return per dollar bet on them compared to Player B.

In-play Betting

With in-play darts betting, or live betting, odds shift in real-time based on what’s happening on the board as a match progresses. For example, if Player A starts well against the favorite Player B, Player A’s odds may decrease (indicating a higher likelihood of winning based on their performance), but Player B’s odds may increase.

Here are a couple of in-play bets you can find with top online bookmakers:

  • Next leg winner: Bet on which player will win the next leg. This can be particularly engaging as you can base your decision on the current momentum and form of the players.
  • Next 180: Wager on which player will score the next 180. If you notice a player consistently hitting high scores, this can be your next bet.
  • Checkout bets: Bet on the player to achieve the next successful checkout or the exact checkout score. This requires quick judgment and knowledge of player finishing strengths.

This form of betting requires bettors to make quick decisions based on live updates and fluctuating odds, and it allows bettors to get involved with the game as it plays out.

Top 5 Darts Betting Strategies

Maximizing your success in darts betting involves more than just luck; it requires a comprehensive darts betting strategy. Here are five proven strategies to improve your chances of winning:

  • Analyze player statistics: Before placing bets, review the current statistics of the players involved. Look at their win rates, average scores per match, and performance in recent tournaments. Get a clearer picture of a player’s consistency and potential.
  • Understand the darts calendar: With the darts calendar you’ll identify key tournaments and matches. Major events often have more comprehensive betting options and sometimes higher stakes. Time your bets around peak tournaments and that will allow you to take advantage of the best darts markets and odds.
  • Consider match formats: Different tournaments may use different formats, such as set play or match play, and varying lengths of matches. Some players perform better in longer matches or specific formats, therefore, knowing the format helps in predicting outcomes.
  • Monitor live matches: Watching live matches allows you to observe momentum shifts and player reactions that aren’t captured by pre-match stats.
  • Specialize in betting markets: Get knowledgeable about specific wagers available in darts, such as outright winners, leg winners, most 180s, or handicap betting. Each market requires different strategies and understanding them can increase your chances of successful bets.

FAQs on Darts Betting

Sportsbooks often provide welcome bonuses, free darts bets for new users, and free bets for specific events. Look for enhanced odds on key matches and accumulator boosts for multi-bet slips. Regular bettors might enjoy loyalty programs with rewards such as free bets and cashback. These darts betting offers aim to enhance your betting experience.

Yes, it is entirely possible to bet online on darts from a mobile device. Reputable online sports betting sites offer mobile platforms that provide full access to a range of betting markets, including all darts events, just as you would find on a desktop site. In some cases, bookies also have dedicated betting apps available for download. Whether you’re using an Android or iOS device, you can easily log in, deposit funds, place bets, and withdraw winnings on the go.

In-play or darts live betting lets you place wagers on darts matches as they occur, with odds that update in real time based on the action. You can bet on outcomes like the winner of the next leg or if the next throw will score a 180, allowing for dynamic and strategic betting as the match unfolds.

The audience’s role in darts betting doesn’t directly impact the mechanics of betting. However, their presence and behavior can influence the outcomes of the match. Enthusiastic and supportive crowds can boost a player’s confidence, and a hostile crowd might unsettle players. From a betting perspective, understanding how players handle these atmospheres can be crucial in placing the right wager.