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MGA Games are experts specialized in the development and publication of Slot, Video Bingo, and Table games.

MGA Games are based in the world’s gaming industry and are aimed at operators from all over the world. You can find MGA casinos across Spain because it is the main provider for this market. It also has a big presence in Europe and Latin America.

It has 20 years of experience in the gaming industry and after being born through MGA’s New Technologies Division. MGA Games makes new and high-quality online games. Jdigital’s eGaming awards named the company Best Technology Provider because of its new ideas and technology.

Eventually, they have more than 100 games made with HTML5 technology in their portfolio. These games have great animation, high-quality graphics, and quick download times, among other things. Furthermore, they took the name as the Best Technology Provider in the Jdigital Association eGaming Awards in 2018.

It is the management team that came from MGA’s New Technologies section; which prefers to describe itself after Johan Cruyff and his Dream Team: “Come out and enjoy.” This is the secret of MGA Games’ success. They go play on the field and have a good time.

The academe’s guiding concept serves as a source of inspiration for the team. In order to attract the brightest students in the digital programming field, MGA Games has signed relationships with a number of schools. A significant ingredient in their success is that they have professionals; with proven expertise working with students from the academy.

Over 30 people work at MGA Games, and they’re more than just colleagues. They all have a similar way of thinking and doing. Moreover, they’re all full of revolutionary zeal and conviction about what they’re doing and how. MGA creates teams that flawlessly blend all of the product’s enthusiasm and knowledge.

MGA slots

The games provided by MGA software on these casino websites provide eye-catching spinning entertainment with a variety of fun and vibrant themes. In terms of gameplay, most slots available fall into the 3-reel category, bucking the contemporary trend for game studios to create slots with as many reels, paylines, and bonus features as possible.

Among these games are El Tesoro Pirata (The Treasure Pirate); La Mina de Oro (The Gold Mine); Mision Espacial (Space Mission); and La Bruja Fortuna (The Fortune Witch); which are based on tried-and-true themes (The Fortune Witch). However, when placed alongside other generically themed games, these 3-reel novelty slots may attract the attention of certain gamblers due to their female mascots that have been designed to, shall we say, catch the eye.

It cannot be denied that MGA strives to spice up the visual aspects of their games, even if it may appear a little tacky to some players. And from a gender perspective, things are somewhat balanced in the Roma 3-reel slot machine, which features many naked torsos of Ancient Roman soldiers – clearly not the most effective form of protection in battle!

This software company’s slot department also offers the superhero-themed slot game. Mr. Magnifico, the football-themed online slot action of Champion Slots, the charming Irish game Celtic, and the bikini-clad surfing action of Beach, among others. All of these 3-reel games feature two-dimensional graphics to add an element of novelty to the action. Thus, ensuring that every spin is filled with lighthearted fun regardless of whether the player wins or loses.


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