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About Tiger Games

Tiger Games is a gaming solution aggregator, providing your service site with a single API solution, allowing you to offer a variety of games for the Asian Market.

Tiger Games main markets are Japan, Korea, Thailand, and all-over Southeast Asia. The company support slot games, live casino games, crash games, and even sportsbooks. Accordingly, providing their clients a fully-managed and robust online casino platform that meets their needs.

If your company is looking to introduce popular games to the Asian market, casino games are a good option. With the assistance of their professionals, their knowledge and experience contribute to an application’s or platform’s success. Besides, it is critical to provide a level of service that meets the clients’ expectations.

As a game aggregator, Tiger Games is to provide services in a modern manner. They filter the games that are unquestionably in demand among players all over the world in the online casino industry. Furthermore, assuring high-quality services based on team’s principles, guided by a culture of AI and human intellect.

Tiger Games player segmentation is based on customer demand. So they can focus on what matters and increase the partners’ business performance. Based on accurate player segmentation, costumers may improve products and promotions. Every mobile game wants to make its users happy. As a developer, you evaluate the player lifetime, developing new features, and boosting conversion rates.