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About iLotto Solutions

iLotto Solutions is a pioneer payment solution, transitioning traditional paper systems into an efficient online lottery. The platform simplifies ticket buying and offers a comprehensive solution for lottery, casino, and sportsbook operators, providing clients with outstanding game experience.

What Solutions Does iLottoSolutions.com Offer?

  • Government and State Lotteries — The system provides a vast online lottery space that attracts new customers who want to use online payment options. They offer integrated, customized templates, risk-free usage, and a secure area, giving your customers a modern approach.
  • Lotteries for Online and Sportsbook Operators — iLottoSolutions.com grants your customers access to the world’s biggest prize and jackpot options. Fully optimized for different formats, mirroring leading online lottery layouts, the platform gives you an opportunity to acquire new customers.
  • White Label Lottery Providers — With the partnership with iLotto, you get a completely managed and secure solution so you can put your energy into creating your online lotto business. In case of some problems, the iLotto support team will assist you every step of the way.

Types of Lottery Games iLottoSolutions Offer

  • Global lotteries — To secure lotteries, the company provides three options: stand-alone insurance, messenger business model, and hybrid model. iLotto games are a good choice for White Label and B2C clients who want to offer huge jackpots and entertain their customers. Some of the lottery games they offer are EuroMillions, MegaMillions, EuroJackpot, El Gordo, SupaEnaLotto, and Powerball.
  • RNG lotteries — With the increasing demand for Random Number Generator systems, the platform offers solutions that integrate RNG systems and provide fast gameplay and many variations. The technique combines essential features such as Progressive and Insured Jackpots, Frequent Draws, Certification, Managed Prize Pools, and Many Formats.
  • Betspoke lotteries — With this product, which is adjustable to different styles and formats, you can make something unique for your clients. In addition, this type of lottery game is available in two models: fully insured and self-funded. Betspoke lottery games have many features, including insured options, appealing designs, native APPs, and game widgets.
  • Click2Play lotteries — Businesses that partner with iLotto can transform lotteries into Instant Click2Play games. This practice appeals more to the market because it leads to more revenue. In addition, it’s easy to use and custom-built with a fast loading time. Click2play lotteries are becoming increasingly popular.

Other Services

  • Management Services — iLotto company provides management services and, more precisely, consulting services. iLotto Solutions consultants can ease your market entry and point it in the right direction with detailed market research and strategic planning. The team is available to find technological and financial solutions for your newly launched lotto platform.
  • Software Development — Their offer includes creating personalized websites aligned with your brand. This contains SMS, USSD, APPs Solutions, and Light front-ends.
  • Digital Marketing — The platform can provide you with a detailed digital marketing strategy, including SEO Solutions, Social Media Strategy, Content, and Video Creation. Based on thorough industry research, iLotto experts will implement verified strategies to reach your brand’s total exposure and recognition.