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  • Mobile sales of lottery tickets
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About Intralot

Intralot Inc is a leading lottery-oriented company that provides assistance and services, following modernization with digital means. With the idea of being in touch with the expanding market and many customers who only pay online, the company integrated an advanced strategy to combine those essential factors.

What Solutions Does Intralot.com Offer?

Knowing the importance of digitalization, Intralot follows the customers’ needs and creates futuristic platforms. As a result, the company created an engaging environment, a next-level gaming experience, and modern payment options. On top of that, Intralot lottery protects customers by providing risk-free solutions with the help of internal audits.

Intralot has three important parts: Lottery options, betting options, and gaming solutions.

Lottery Solution

The company adapts detailed conclusions from 25 years of experience in the market scene. The developers created an engaging ecosystem with simple integrations and a fast setup, resulting in a safe and flexible platform customized to the different business needs.

Company’s lottery options are:

  • LotosX is a secure and reliable ecosystem.
  • LotosXi is an omnichannel approach.
  • Enabling platforms and applications ( Content Management, Retailed and Device management, etc.)
  • Governance Suite to increase monitoring performance.
  • Retail Intralot lottery terminals, Self-Service Terminals, and Vending Machines perfect for gaming stores and others.
  • Compatibility with various lottery games (Draw games, Fast draw, Instant games, and Passives).

Betting Solution

The innovative feature-rich betting platform now has many benefits. Starting from online touchpoints giving brand recognition to retail and player terminals, Intralot offers detailed operations and MTS. Offered betting solutions are:

  • Intralot Orion is a revolutionary platform, adaptable and omnichannel. The idea behind this is to give your customer the best player experience. The platform has rich betting features, is fully compatible with any device, and has valuable tools to provide profitability and attractiveness.
  • Office applications and platform
  • Monitoring performance, including Logs, Metrics, Auditing, Authorization, Authentication, Messaging, and Alerting components.
  • Retail terminals featuring e-Wallets, location-based services, loyalty, and reward features.
  • Online Touchpoints implements all the latest digital trends.
  • Designing betting games ( Sports Betting, Horse racing, Virtual games)

Gaming Solution

With an increasing gaming industry, Intralot follows the needs of gaming operators and state management. Therefore, numerous functionalities and processes are provided:

  • Intralot GMS — The company presents an all-in-one monitoring system, creating one safe environment with detailed auditing, reporting, and accounting.
  • Intralot GLS — It combines various business functions and services.
  • Interactive Games — Various Intralot games combine e-Instant Win games, RNG games, Video slot games, Poker, and Live casino games.

Types of Lottery Games Intralot Offer

Intralot has four types of lottery games in their offer:

  • Draw games — The company provides customized options, following customers’ wishes. They create an engaging atmosphere with jackpots and daily games.
  • Fast Draw games — Now, customers can find new Keno and Bingo games in the offer.
  • Instant Win games — With its increasing popularity, Intralot includes this type of game in its offer.
  • Passive games — Even though the company follows modernization, they remember customers who like traditional game formats. They tend to give solutions to all kinds of customers.