payment methods:
  • Visa/Mastercard
  • Prepaid Cards and Vouchers
  • Direct Bank
  • Crypto
payment types:
  • PSP
  • Agregator
payment services:
  • Payment facilitator
  • Multi-currency processing
  • Retail

About Citizen

Founded in 2017 by former Worldpay CTO, James Neville, Citizen became a regulated payment institute in 2019 and one of the first companies licensed to provide payment using Open Banking.

This fast-growing business enables instant card-less payments with account verification. The Citizen’s PayBlox platform comprises an easily integrated and purpose-built solution. It allows gaming businesses to optimize every stage of their payment processes. With Citizen’s platform, business can reduce costs and materially enhance the customer experience.

Players can make instant deposits and withdrawals, without any need for PINs, apps or codes, with settlement in seconds. They can connect their bank accounts in less than a minute, creating a quick and easy on-boarding process, and full account verification ensures a secure and compliant set-up.

Citizen PayBlox can help your business grow faster. In one simple integration, it can boost your conversion rate and customer retention. At the same time, you’ll reduce your operational expenditure as well as the risk of fraudulent transactions.