payment methods:
  • Visa/Mastercard
  • Prepaid Cards and Vouchers
  • Direct Bank
  • Crypto
payment types:
  • PSP
  • Agregator
payment services:
  • Payment facilitator
  • Multi-currency processing
  • Retail

About Regium Finance

Located in Latvia, this electronic payment system is quickly becoming a name in the field of electronic commerce. Namely, Regium Finance is both an aggregator of payment methods for online shopping and an electronic payment system. It’s also a contemporary billing platform for small and medium-sized businesses that provides online companies with a high-tech platform for flexible payment solutions. They have a lot of experience in configuring payment solutions and their integration into websites and mobile apps.
They want to make the most useful financial services in terms of accepting card payments and making reverse payments, alongside using other payment methods. They combine different ways to pay for things in online stores by enabling sites and mobile apps to accept payments. They are using high-tech IT tools in the payment process.
Most importantly, they understand the needs of their merchants and give them payment options that work well with their business goals.

What Does Regium Finance Do?

In this part, we outlined what Regium Finance offers.

E-Payment Processing Services

Their system is based on modern technical solutions that work well in Europe and the USA and that comply with PCI DSS.
This solution is not only based on a technical system they built themselves but on several acquiring banks, qualified technical, financial, and management experts.
They offer the following services:

  • Individual electronic accounts for secure payments;
  • High level of trustworthiness and safety;
  • Keeping track of all the transactions;
  • Payment orders are done right away;
  • There are several ways to connect;
  • There are many different methods for deposits and withdrawals;
  • No extra charge for buying more goods and services;
  • Transfers between known users of the system are free.

Compliance systems

If a company wants to do effective risk management, it needs constant analytical work. In fact, building a risk management system can be difficult in the beginning as you can make many mistakes, which can hurt your performance.
In our age, you need to choose software that will ensure that your business follows all the rules, no matter what they are. There’s no need to make a lot of paper documents, which is very good for our planet.
Regium Finance has tools and software for analyzing data that helps with risk management. Their jobs can vary, from ensuring the data is correct to looking for suspicious activity. You can avoid the potential for failing to provide important information thanks to these programs as well.

Optimization of Financial Solutions

They offer to optimize financial solutions and models, taking into account potential risks and other parameters. They’re using their own system and have a team of qualified experts.
Creating a financial business model is one of the most important steps in getting a business off the ground and running well.
It helps:

  • To be in charge of how the company grows;
  • To decide whether or not to give loans,
  • To try to figure out how changes in the company or the market will affect the company’s finances in the future;
  • To predict the revenue and cash flow;
  • To make the business more profitable.

Using Regium Finance in Online Casinos

Thankfully, using Regium Finance in online casinos is very simple. After signing up, you’ll get a virtual debit card to which you can add money with Visa, MasterCard, or Skrill, among other ways.
Once the players have added money to the card, they can use it to make deposits. Thanks to this, players have more privacy and security and have a better handle on their finances.