Platforme Type:
  • White Label
Platform Product:
  • Casino Provider

About Gambling Factory

Gambling Factory was founded in 2021, focusing on facilitating entry for businesses seeking to establish themselves in the iGaming sector. The primary challenge in the industry often arises from the typically lengthy engineering, licensing, and regulatory processes, which can take six months or more. Our revolutionary approach has significantly shortened this timeline. Normally, 70% of this time is engineering, but thanks to our advanced product, we reduced this rate to 2-3%.attributing.Our target market includes regions with less stringent regulations, accessible licensing, and readily available payment solutions. Specifically targeting markets such as Brazil, Tunisia, Malaysia, Argentina, Mexico, Peru, we focus on rapid growth.

Our Differentiator: What sets our solution apart is our use of the Infrastructure as Code (IaC) methodology. This innovative approach allows us to maintain separate servers for the backend, frontend, and UI-UX seamlessly, eliminating the need for extensive engineering efforts. All structures are executed efficiently using a single script, enhancing operational efficiency and reducing time-to-market.