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Slot Information

Reels Free Spins
Paylines Max. Bet
RTP 90 Min. Bet
Software Volatility Low
Theme Jackpot type N/A

TaDa Gaming presents a bingo/slot game that aims to capture the spirit of a carnival celebration. While Bingo Carnaval may not introduce groundbreaking features, it combines a colorful design, straightforward gameplay, and familiar bonus elements.

In this Bingo Carnaval slot review, we’ll look at the game’s design, mechanics, and bonuses to help you decide if it’s worth a play. So, let’s jump in and explore what Bingo Carnaval has in store!

Design & Theme

Playing Bingo Carnaval is straightforward, even for those new to bingo games. Players can purchase anywhere from one to four bingo cards per game, each offering a chance to win. The more cards you have, the higher the probability of hitting a winning combination. The smallest and largest bet sizes are 0.1 and 10, respectively.

The objective of this game is to complete any of the paylines displayed on the chart provided. Paylines form horizontally, vertically, or diagonally across the bingo card grid. As the balls are drawn, numbers are marked on the cards, and when a payline is completed, players receive the corresponding payout.

One intriguing aspect of Bingo Carnaval is the strategic element it introduces. The odds for each payout are calculated based on the unit price of the bingo card, which means that players must carefully consider their card selection and purchase decisions, as higher-priced cards offer better chances of winning larger payouts.

Balancing risk and reward adds an exciting layer of strategy to the Bingo Carnival game, allowing players to tailor their gameplay experience to their preferences.

Bingo Carnaval Free Spins and Bonuses

Bingo Carnaval doesn’t skimp on the entertainment value and offers captivating bonus features to keep players engaged. After achieving two rewards, players unlock the thrilling bonus game.

This bonus game revolves around a wheel filled with various odds. Each spin yields a result, and if it matches the multiplier, the player’s winnings continue to stack. The multiplier keeps accumulating until a spin fails to match the current multiplier, at which point the game concludes. The final result is calculated by dividing the total multiplier by the wheel’s final score, determining the bonus winnings.

As the game progresses, players may encounter the coveted Wild Ball. This ball allows players to manually select a number on their bingo card, increasing their chances of completing a winning payline. If the player fails to select within the given time, the game automatically chooses the number with the highest quantity, maximizing the odds of a successful outcome.

The excitement amplifies with the Lightning Hit feature, triggered when players purchase additional balls. Our Bingo Carnaval game review found that this feature randomly activates one to three extra numbers, providing players with more opportunities to complete a winning pattern and shout “Bingo!”

Furthermore, luck may strike with the possibility of a Free Ball during the extra ball purchase stage. This stroke of fortune grants players the next ball without requiring additional bets.

If players hesitate to purchase for more than 10 seconds, the game intervenes by automatically acquiring the next ball on their behalf, ensuring uninterrupted gameplay.


All in all, our Bingo Carnaval slot review discovered that although it won’t revolutionize the genre, the game offers a solid and entertaining experience for those seeking a blend of bingo and slot game elements. Bingo Carnaval is worth a try if you’re drawn to the colorful carnival theme and enjoy straightforward gameplay with multiplier-driven bonus games.

Our Verdict

Playing Bingo Carnaval is straightforward, even for those new to bingo games. Players can purchase anywhere from one to four bingo cards per game, each offering a chance to win.

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