SIGMA '몰타' 에디션 연사

Adam Woodley

Global Head of Recruitment

Betsson Group

Adam heads up Betsson Group’s Recruitment function Globally across all locations and departments. He’s been with the business for over 5 years where’s he’s been central to their talent acquisition and people growth strategy. With over 15 years in the industry, he’s passionate about all things Recruitment with a special…

Adriaan Brink



Biography – Adriaan Brink Adriaan Brink is CEO of Funtoken.io – promoters of the FUN token and associated activities. FUN Token is creating a gambling ecosystem based on a crypto token.   It trades on major exchanges and is the largest gaming crypto in the world. It also operates casino…

Adrian Doerk

Business Development Manager

Main Incubator GmbH / Lissi Identity

Adrian Doerk is a trained IT-systems electronics engineer and has a Bachelor in International Business. He has been involved in digital communication for over 10 years and is a specialist in the field of self-sovereign identity. He leads the communication at IDunion and the business development at Lissi. Adrian Doerk,…

Adrian Figallo

Co Founder

World Pro Racing

Co-Founder & CFO World Pro Racing Adrian has a wide Experience in the industry; Operations & Logistics Manager at PMG  (Project Management Group), Operations & Sales Manager with ITC Ltd, Consultancy services on Motorsport facility development, advising new businesses on the formation of business structures, and exploring new and innovative business…

Adriana Minovic

Head of Data Privacy

Betsson Group

Adriana Minovic is a lawyer specialized in various legal&compliance issues, specifically Data Protection/Intellectual Property/Competition&State aid law, AML, and Internet Governance in a wide portfolio of innovative and data-driven industries: ICT, Telecom, Media, R&D, i-Gaming, Aviation, and Life Science.  Betsson has come a long way. Today is a multi-national company employing…


회장 겸 공동 설립자


힙합 슈퍼스타 Akon은 아프리카에서 가장 유명한 자선가 중 한 명입니다. 그는 아프리카의 젊은 기업가들이 아프리카 대륙의 신흥 경제를 강화하고 블록체인 기반 암호화폐인 Akoin을 통해 지속 가능한 커뮤니티의 개발을 지원할 수 있기를 희망합니다. 예술가의 Akoin 재단을 통해 영감을 받은 기업가들은 미래 지향적인 비즈니스를 개발하고 아프리카 전역은 물론 더 넓은 세계에서 혁신,…

Alemsah Ozturk



"I have a passion for all things digital. I believe strongly that good design evokes positive experiences and sometimes emotions. Being a gamer & dreamer for a very long time helped me create strong experiences that moves people, sometimes make them laugh sometimes make them curious. I believe that ideas…

Alessandro Allara

Digital Managing Director


Alessandro Allara, 22 years of experience in Betting and Gaming regulated markets, from product marketing to operations. In the leadership team of the 3 major startups of the Italian market (TotosÏ in 2002, Gioco Digitale in 2008, Paddy Power in 2011) and Online Director of Snaitech (2014). During the years,…

Alex Petrov



Prior to working with Bitfury, he spent 15 years in the Ministry of interior Affairs of the Republic of Latvia. Other experience includes Secret Regime department officer; NATO summit 2006 & public events security management; Chief of computer crime investigation unit; Police officer, Computer crime investigation; Lecturing for Interpol; Forensics…

Alexander Filatov

Co-founder & CEO

TON Labs

Alexander Filatov is a Co-Founder and CEO of TON Lab. TON Labs is the core developer of the Everscale Network - a decentralized, community-driven blockchain and its major component - Ever OS. Alexander is an entrepreneur and former corporate executive with 25 yeas of experience. Alexander started his career in…

Alexander Martin



Alexander Martin is the CEO of SKS365, an authorized sport betting and gaming operator, one among the leaders in the Italian betting market, where it operates under the Planetwin365 brand. Alexander was previously Chief New Media Officer and Executive Board Member of Gauselmann AG, holding the positions from 2014 to…

Alexandre Tomic



Founder and CEO of Alea.com, Alexandre Tomic is an igaming veteran that has developed the first VR casino in 2015. Today, his company Alea is entering the medtech market through the development of a wearable device. Ramona Depares from SiGMA TV had the pleasure to sit with Alexandre during 2021,  for…

Alexis Wicén



Alexis has a background in e-Sports, Computer Science, Sportsbetting, and over twelve years working in iGaming with a focus on casinos. He is the Co-Founder and CEO of Unibo, bringing real-time gamification to iGaming, as well as Scatters.com, an Online Casino. Unibo is a software development company dedicated to creating…

Alp Pekkan

Advisory Board Member

Kybele Invest

Alp is an advisory Board Member of StartupFon. Born in Turkey, Alp studied Business Economics and International Finance between 2017 and 2021. Having an entrepreneurial spirit, in 2019 co-found Hype App, a social platform based in London that simplifies and streamlines booking nightlife experiences. In 2020, Alp Co found CRTrade…

Aly Madhavji

Managing Partner

Blockchain Founders Fund

Aly Madhavji is the Managing Partner at Blockchain Founders Fund which invests in and venture builds top-tier startups. He is a Limited Partner on Loyal VC and Draper Goren Holm. Aly consults organizations on emerging technologies such as INSEAD and the UN on solutions to help alleviate poverty. He is…

André Wilsenach

Consultant Regulatory Compliance

André Wilsenach

Experienced Executive Director with a demonstrated history of working in the gambling & casinos industry. Skilled in Budgeting, Analytical Skills, E-commerce, Online Gambling, and Team Building. Strong business development professional graduated from University of Pretoria/Universiteit van Pretoria. Graduated from the University of Pretoria The University of Pretoria is a multi-faculty…

Andreas Glarner



Dr. Andreas Glarner works with international companies in the technology sector. He is co-heading the MME DLT/FinTech Team, focusing an advising clients in the DLT / Blockchain / FinTech space. He has been advisor to a whole range of the most reputed projects in the field, advising both on technological…

Anna Agu

Co-founder and partner

Lex Law office

Anna is a co-founder and partner of Lex Law Office. She is a leading Fintech lawyer based in Estonia, representing clients worldwide. She has a bachelor's degree in Taxation from the Estonian Academy of Security Sciences and a Master's degree in Law from the University of Tallinn. Anna has extensive…

Anna Zotova

Chief Risk Officer


Anna is an e-commerce expert skilled in various competencies from AML to compliance and operations management with a track record of heading the Risk teams at Paydoo and CardPay. With xpate, Anna is responsible for numerous aspects of risk mitigation strategy: merchant, card scheme, compliance, AML, fraud, and chargeback. With…

Anne Veerpalu

PhD - Chief Law Officer


She is particularly recommended for her track record in the start-up scene. She often advises technology companies on a broad range of private equity matters and commercial issues. One client praises her “great insight and ability to communicate complicated topics. Anne Veerpalu is also ranked in Chambers Global 2017 for…

Antonio Zanghi


Maxima Compliance

Antonio Zanghi is a compliance expert with a focused commercial outlook. Highly driven with a strong understanding of regulatory, compliance and technology also highly motivated in achieving the best with a strong problem-solving attitude and attention to details. Antonio is the CEO of the company Maxima Compliance.     Maxima…

Ari Celia


Pay4Fun Pagamentos SA

I have worked in many segments in Brazil including transportation (Alston), gaming (Unidesa, IGT) and consulting. Currently Advisor at Pay4Fun and Director at Expense Reduction Analysts. Strong experience in the e-commerce sector, including product development, marketing, payment processing, and administration. BBA and MBA.

Arne Peters

Esports & Gaming

Specialties: Technology, Tech, Software, Middleware, Interactive Entertainment, Video & Computer Games, Gaming, Online, Mobile, Social Media, Digital Media, Media & Entertainment, Music, Analytics, Strategic Relations, Partnerships, Interim Management, Esports & Competitive Gaming He is specialized in various fields: Technology, Tech, Software, Middleware, Interactive Entertainment, Video & Computer Games, Gaming, Online,…

Artur Pszczolkowski

최고 경영자


Pszczolkowski는 상호 이익이 되는 비즈니스 목표를 달성하기 위해 고객, 파트너 및 팀과의 제휴 및 솔루션 형성에 대한 열정과 전문성을 갖춘 글로벌 전문가입니다. 그는 광고 어이전시 및 미디어 회사와 협력하여 글로벌 인터넷 활동을 개발하고 구현하는 데 15년 이상의 일반 관리 경험과 광범위한 지식을 보유하고 있습니다. Pszczolkowski는 단편적 사실에서 결론을 도출하고 폴란드와…

Asaf Orpani

CEO & Founder


Asaf Orpani is a serial entrepreneur and a white hat hacker, alumnus of Elite Intelligence Unit in the IDF, “Gamma Cyber” unit, with over 10 years of experience and global reputation in Security Research & Technology in general, hacked over 3 million websites and other platforms all in for a…

Bart Barden


Esports Technologies

Bart Barden is currently the COO and Managing Director for Esports Technologies. He has over 25 years of experience in video games, wagering and esports. Previously he was acting Wagering Subject Matter Expert for several game publishers and esports companies and investment groups through Redzone Digital   Previously he worked…

Ben Putley

Co-Founder and CEO

Alkimi Exchange

Ben Putley is the CEO & Co Founder at Alkimi Exchange. He has 10 years of experience in digital advertising, predominantly focused on selling software to global publishers. Ben led the new business function at The Fifth, News Corp’s influencer marketing agency, where he delivered £2m+ in influencer marketing campaigns…

Benjamin Truman



Having switched to Digital Marketing over 9 years ago, In-App traffic is my game. Love the creativity that comes along with working in digital marketing. I specialize in working in fresh and new markets in the Gaming Industry worldwide. Since online gambling became legal in the U.S. we have helped…

Berthold Glass


nft club

Berthold Glass is an entrepreneur and international keynote speaker. He is all-in into NFT and loves to share his vision about the advantages of the digital economy. As a networker and moderator, he brings together the brightest minds of the industry. Berthold is the founder of the NFT Club, a mastermind group with…

Boris Chaikin

최고 경영자


Soft2Bet은 i 플랫폼 게이밍 제공자이자 운영자 그룹입니다. 라인업에는 카지노 타이틀과 스포츠 베팅이 포함됩니다.모든 프로젝트는 MGA 또는 SGA 라이선스를 취득했습니다. 5,000개 이상의 타이틀, 69개의 제공업체 및 100,000명의 활성 고객을 보유한 이 회사는 유럽에서 가장 빠르게 성장하는 i게이밍 그룹 중 하나입니다.

Brian McGinty

마케팅 고문


Brian McGinty는 CryptoPerformance의 마케팅 관리자이자 창립 리더입니다. 그는 영업 및 마케팅 분야에서 20년 이상의 경력을 가지고 있습니다. 그는 금융, 부동산, 보험 및 블록체인 분야에서 국제적으로 일했습니다. 암호화 공간에서 6년의 경력을 가지고 있으며 CryptoPerformance의 창립 멤버입니다. CryptoPerformance는 지식을 전 세계와 공유하고 암호 커뮤니티를 크게 확장하는 데 전념하는 암호 전문가 팀이 운영하는…

Brian McNulty



Brian McNulty is the CEO of FAC (FundAdminChain), a blockchain-based network for launching, distributing, and servicing tokenized Funds. Prior to founding FAC, Brian was Managing Director, Global Head of Services at R3, an enterprise blockchain firm with the largest blockchain ecosystem in the world His interest in applying DLT to the financial markets…

Bryan Blake

최고 경영자 겸 설립자


Bryan Blake는 운영자가 신흥 시장으로 안전하게 확장할 수 있도록 돕기 위해 2016년에 설립된 Hexopay의 설립자이자 최고 경영자입니다. Bryan은 이전에 Worldpay, Wirecard 및 AIBMS 판매자 서비스의 게임 사업부를 관리했습니다. 이전에 Bryan은 Worldpays 항공 및 여행 부서를 책임졌습니다. Barclays, RBS 및 HBOS의 기업 뱅킹 및 거래에서도 수년을 보냈습니다. 스포츠와 핀테크에 대한 열정을…

Carl Brincat



Carl is an advocate by profession who graduated from the University of Malta in 2014 and was admitted to the bar in 2015. Prior to graduating he spent a number of years training in litigation, principally in the fields of criminal and human rights law. He joined the Malta Gaming…

Carla Marie Vella

iGaming, Fintech & Blockchain Consultant


Advisory and Consultancy for igaming, fintech & blockchain companies. Focus: Marketing, Affiliation, Customer Experience & Operations. Currently heading up the marketing department for a B2C sportsbook focusing on the African market & Board Member of Scout Gaming Group (B2B esports) and TalentXD (Recruitment). ------ Formal BIO: Carla is the former…

Celine Moille



Céline Moille is a French lawyer (Lyon Bar - France - since 2014 and Montreal Bar - Canada - since 2019). She did a PhD in private international law. Céline joined Deloitte in April 2021. She has been involved in business law advice and litigation (particularly in contract law, competition…

Charles Donly

Head of R&D

ADX Labs, Inc.

Charles is COO of neurothink and part of the ADX Labs R&D team. He is an accomplished executive, physicist, and engineer and holds patents related to underwater sea exploration. Prior to his work with neurothink, Charles built and led Seagate's Data4Good initiative to develop technology projects to combat the spread…

Charles Herisson

최고 경영자


Chris Elliott

Senior Associate


Commercial and regulatory lawyer, concentrating on providing advice to various stakeholders in the online gambling, sports, and gaming industries. Attended St. Columba's College, then Manchester University in 2007 where he obtained a Bachelor of Laws LLB. He graduated from BPP Law School in 2011 with the degree: Legal Practice Course.…

Chris Nikolopoulos



Chris Nikolopoulos is very experienced in providing high-value, complex, software solutions for companies with fast-evolving needs within the iGaming sector. His know-how focuses but is not limited to: Sales policies, Account Management, iGaming operations, and legislation, online gambling workflows (both casino and sportsbook), Business Analytics as well as Trading &…

Christian Rapani


Law Rapani

Dr. Christian Rapani founded his law firm in Graz in 2013 specialising in business and corporate law. Dr. Christian Rapani is the author of numerous publications in these areas of practice. He possesses extensive experience in advising Austrian and international clients on all aspects of business law. One of his…

Christian Sammut

최고 경영자


Christian Sammut은 회사의 최고 경영자입니다. Ing Sammut은 경험이 풍부한 데이터 센터, 통신 및 비즈니스 개발 전문가입니다. Ing Sammut은 경력 전반에 걸쳐 항공 우주 산업을 포함하여 국내외 민간 및 공공 부문에서 일했습니다. 그의 책임에는 IT 인프라 서비스의 제공 및 지원, 몰타 정부 데이터 센터의 관리 및 운영이 포함됩니다. 2001년 Ing Sammut은…

Christina Scicluna


Ganado Advocates

Christina Scicluna is an Associate within Ganado Advocates’ corporate and fintech teams. She advises a variety of multinational clients on international corporate structures, including the setting up of Maltese entities and domiciliation of entities, M&A transactions and assisting clients on corporate governance matters. Ganado Advocates (formerly Ganado & Associates) is…

Christof Waton

Founder & CEO


Christof Waton is the Founder and CEO of ADA Finance (ADAFI Token). ADA Finance brings an innovative suite of defi on the Cardano and Avalanche blockchain, with : - The first affiliate program and Address Milestones for the DeFi industry. - The Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) program for passive platform…

Christopher Vella

Chief Executive Officer

Polymath and Boffin

Christopher specializes in Analysis, Development and Finance. Christopher graduated with honors in mathematical sciences from Dublin City University, specialising in finite field modelling. He has experience in market analysis, special situations financing and venture capital, and is an expert in modelling operational and financial structures. Christopher began his career developing…

Claus Hambach

Partner Company

Hambach & Hambach

Claus Hambach studied law at the University of Regensburg and achieved a Master degree in International Business and Tax Law (LL.M.) at the Frankfurt School of Finance & Management and the University of Innsbruck. He also gathered experience with the Bayerische Kapitalanlagegesellschaft mbH (HypoVereinsbank), the German American Chamber of Commerce…

Cordelia Morgan

인사 책임자

KaFe Rocks

Cordelia Morgan은 KaFe Rocks의 인력 책임자이며 뉴캐슬 대학교에서 철학 과학 학위를 취득했으며 사람을 중심으로 삼아 인재 확보, 고용주 브랜딩, 채용 및 학습과 개발을 책임지는 역할로 이동하기 전에 채용 및 인재 확보 분야에서 10년 동안 일한 경험이 있습니다. Kafe Rocks는 i게이밍 리드 생성 분야의 선두주자로서 업계에 빛과 투명성을 제공하는 정보 제공…

Cristiano Blanco

Head of Gaming


Cristiano is the Group Head of Gaming at Kindred. He has been in the gaming industry since 2007 and he has been with Kindred Group for the last four years. Blanco focuses his work on the development of the Casino, Bingo, Poker and Lottery product, across all brands and markets.…

Cristina Romero



Cristina oversees LOYRA's international department and specializes in regulated industries, gaming and gambling and cannabis law. She speaks Spanish, English, German, French and Portuguese. She is a member of IAGA and has published sector specific articles. She is a teacher at the IE Business School of Madrid ([www.ie.edu]www.ie.edu) LLM Program…

Dan Mapes


Verses Technologies Inc.

Dan is a Founder of VERSES TECHNOLOGIES INC (www.VERSES.io) - an advanced Artificial Intelligence and Spatial Networking company. He is also a founder and architect of THE SPATIAL WEB - the next generation of the Internet (IEEE Standard P2874). These two projects work together to deliver a new generation of…

Daniel Bernard

Venture Partner

Mindspring Capital

Daniel Bernard has almost 20 years of expertise in the sports industry, with a diverse background that includes media and broadcast, analytics, and betting. He has vast experience in Sports Betting, having created major data research and integration operations and providing product and platforms to new countries. Daniel is currently…

Daniel Doll Steinberg


Atari Token

After a career in investment banking in global derivatives technology in London and New York, founded, co-founded and invested in several companies in the games, entertainment and marketing technology platform spaces. Since 2016 dedicated to the Blockchain and Decentralisation focussed on bringing real world companies to the Blockchain in 4…

Daniel Finkler


Berlin International Gaming

He studied at the Universität des Saarlandes. He holds a Bachelor’ degree of Science and a master’s degree of Science from this University. His first job was an internship as Corporate Analysis and Advisory at Bank AG. UniCredit promotes social progress. It creates value for all its stakeholders across Europe…

Daniel Lipman



He spoke at the SIGMA conference about Gaming & Tax: Tax aspects of M&A in the online gaming industry (Day 1)

Daniele Monteleone

Co-Founder and CEO

Web3 Labs

Daniele Monteleone aka Robotica | International Tech Entrepreneur | Blockchain Specialist | Applied Researcher AI & IoT | Chief Visionary Officer (CVO) | Independent Advisor on Digital Strategy, Technology and Information Policy; “We grow up in a world that revolves around money. But our real mission is to leave a…

Dario Nanni

주요 계정 임원


Akamai는 최고의 솔루션입니다. 전 세계에 분산된 인텔리전트 엣지 플랫폼은 기업에서 클라우드에 이르기까지 모든 것을 포괄하므로 고객과 비즈니스는 빠르고 스마트하며 안전할 수 있습니다. 우리는 결정, 앱 및 경험을 누구보다 사용자에게 더 가깝게 유지하고 공격과 위협은 멀리합니다. 기존 클라우드 솔루션을 확장하여 즉각적이고 풍부하고 지속적인 비즈니스 가치를 창출하는 우수한 사용자 경험을 제공합니다.

Dave Crane

최고 경영자

Dave Crane

Dave Crane은 전 세계의 이사, 최고 경영진, 유명인사, 정부 지도자, BBC 교육 저널리스트 및 발표자와 함께 일해 온 대중 연설 및 프레젠테이션 전문가입니다. 브랜드, 메시지 및 효과를 향상시키면서 더 나은 의사 소통자가 되는 방법에 대해 정부 의사 결정권자를 코칭하는 것을 전문으로 합니다. 그는 비엔나, 제네바, 뉴욕에서 유엔의 ECOSOC 대표로 일하면서…

Dave Pulis

Founder & CEO


Dave Pulis is a Finance Veteran with over 14 years of trading experience. He is in charge of the design and implementation of different institutional trading setups for banks, high frequency traders, family offices, and alternative investment funds. It was crucial in the establishment of several crypto asset funds, which…

David Flynn


Glitnor Holding Plc

With a background in Physics and Mathematics, Mr. Flynn started his career in Gaming when, in 2003, he took up the role of Customer Service Manager at PokerRoom.com, managing the rapid growth of the business, later as VP of Ongame Network, the creation of the largest B2B Poker Network. The…

David Mann

최고 상업 책임자


Swintt는 운영자가 선택한 시장에서 성장할 수 있도록 입증된 전문 콘텐츠를 제공하는 데 중점을 둔 빠르게 성장하는 게임 제공업체입니다. 다양한 슬롯 포트폴리오, 주요 시장에서 인기있는 현지화된 게임, 최고 품질의 라이브 딜러 제품 및 강력한 게임화 도구를 갖춘 스윈트의 확장된 제품 범위는 플레이어의 취향, 시장 동향을 충족하고 전 세계 온라인 카지노 운영자에게…

David McLeish



Wiggin의 Corporate 및 Betting and Gaming 그룹의 파트너이자 회원입니다. “저는 주로 도박 및 기술 부문 전반에 걸쳐 기업, 상업 및 규제 문제에 대해 고객에게 조언하고 일반적인 전략적 조언을 제공합니다. 회사 업무 측면에서 저는 민간 및 공공 인수합병 거래, 합작 투자, 자금 조달 및 조직 개편을 포함하여 법적 요구 사항의 측면에…

David Orban

Managing Partner


David is an investor, entrepreneur, author, keynote speaker, and thought leader of the global technology landscape. His entrepreneurial accomplishments span several companies founded and grown over more than twenty years. An early adopter of blockchain technologies and an active Bitcoin investor since 2010, he was the first to own Ether…

David Sachs



I’m a sales-oriented entrepreneur, passionate about promoting the growth of great SaaS products into the market. I've driven sales in U.S. silicon valley, east coast, Europe and Israel. More than anything, I just love working with people who can beat the odds. Specialties: • Prospecting • Selling • Closing He…

David Zeffman



David has been one of the leading lawyers in the UK media sector for over 25 years and has extensive experience providing strategic, commercial, and regulatory advice to clients in the gambling, sport and television sectors. He has been involved in many of the major transactions that have taken place…

David Zou

Managing Director

Beacon 256

David is a fintech consultant, a private equity analyst, and a social entrepreneur. Having started a charitable initiative tackling the growing epidemic of homelessness in a sustainable manner in 2019, he's worked with some of the pacific northwest's brightest minds. Currently, he is consulting for one of Canada's leading blockchain…

Davinia Cutajar


WH Partners

Davinia Cutajar는 WH Partners의 파트너입니다. 그녀의 주요 업무 영역은 기업법, 규정 준수, 분쟁 해결, 부동산 및 고용법이며 고객의 신뢰 및 재단 요구 사항을 지원하고 회사의 이민 업무를 지원합니다. WH에 합류하기 전에 Davinia는 기업법 및 금융 서비스, 고용법, 이전 서비스, 요트 및 상표 등록에 중점을 둔 몰타의 로펌의 매니징 파트너였습니다. 그녀의…

Diane Abela

Head of Security


Diane comes from the island of Malta. She is currently leading a team of cybersecurity professionals in a technology company within the gaming industry. As the Director of Information Security, she is responsible for the organisation’s product and corporate security and its overall security strategy. "My favourite part of the…

Dieter Brockmeyer

Co-Founder & Director Innovation & TIME

Diplomatic World Institute

Dieter Brockmeyer is a senior media industry and innovation expert, author, international speaker, and host. He is Chief Project Office (CPO) of the Brussels based media group Diplomatic World and cofounder of the streaming platform Diplomatic World Media and the Diplomatic World Institute (DWI). He is partner and co-host of…

Dinos Stranomitis



Dinos Stranomitis was born in 1969 in Greece. He attended engineering studies in Athens Greece and in Newcaslte England as Naval Architect and Marine Engineer. After 2 years in the Navy and 4 years exercising engineering in Far East, he moved to gaming industry as a manager in various gaming…

Dmitry Nazarov

최고 경영자

Pion Finance

Dmitry Nazarov는 SIGMA 컨퍼런스에서 퀀텀 컴퓨팅 시대의 베팅과 지불의 미래(2일차)에 대해 연설했습니다.

Dmitry Starostenkov

Director ejecutivo

EvenBet Gaming

Dmitry Starostenkov는 2001년 회사 설립 이후 EventBet Gaming을 이끌었으며 기존 시장과 신흥 시장 모두에서 i게이밍 프로젝트를 시작하고 관리하는 탁월한 경험을 얻었습니다. 현재 이 회사는 몰타, 러시아 및 미국에 3개의 사무실을 운영하고 있습니다. Dmitry의 리더십 하에 2019년 EvenBet Gaming은 라틴 아메리카와 남아메리카에서 야심 찬 온라인 포커 네트워크를 시작했으며 출시 후 첫…

Dr. Elaine Dutton

Head of HR and Employment Advisory Services

CSB Group

Elaine has been an active HR professional since 2011. Her career experience spans across the public and private sectors and in diverse industries, including, i-Gaming, Telecommunication, Manufacturing, Hospitality and the Health and Social Services. For over 10 years she was also a regular lecturer with the University of Malta. Elaine…

Dr. Franklin Cachia

Senior Manager Tax

CSB Group

Dr. Franklin is an experienced lawyer with main areas of practice being International and Maltese Tax Law, Financial Services Law and VFA & Blockchain Law. He heads the Tax and Regulated Industries Unit at CSB Group. Dr. Franklin is also an experienced tax and accounting lecturer and skilled in Transfer…

Dr. Ian Gauci

Managing Partner

GTG Advocates & Afilexion

Managing & founding Partner GTG Advocates, Afilexion. Advisor for Government, industry and various Authorities including Malta Financial Services Authority & Malta Digital Innovation Authority. Goal-driven and with a keen interest in technology, Blockchain, DLT,Robolaw, Big Data, AI, Fintech and RegTech. Founding member of the Maltese IT Lawyers Association & Blockchain…

Dr. Joerg Hofmann

Senior Partner

Melcher Law Firm

President of the IMGL (International Masters of Gaming Law) in 2014 and 2015 Senior Partner with MELCHERS law firm (MELCHERS Rechtsanwälte Partnerschaftsgesellschaft mbB). Lecturer at University of Heidelberg (Gaming Law). Frequently ranked as "Leading Individual in Gaming & Gambling"​ by Chambers Global since 2011. Ranked as "Best Lawyer"​ for Gaming…

Dr. Justin Goldston

교수, 설립 회원

SydTek DAO and The Guild DAO

Justin Goldston 박사는 펜 주립 대학교의 프로젝트 및 공급망 관리 교수이며 긍정적인 글로벌 변화를 만들기 위해 공급망 관리, 새로운 기술 및 지속 가능성을 결합하는 데 중점을 두고 연구하고 있습니다. 그는 SydTek DAO와 The Guild DAO의 창립 멤버이기도 합니다. SYDTEK 학생 대사 프로그램은 전 세계의 다양한 학문 분야의 학생들이 함께 모여…

Dragos Rizescu



Dragos Rizescu is Co-Founder of BarnBridge. He is responsible for the product development of the BarnBridge products. BarnBridge is a tokenized risk protocol that allows users to hedge against yield sensitivity and price volatility. It does so by accessing debt pools on other decentralized finance (DeFi) protocols and creating multiple assets…

Dunstan Teo

공동 설립자 겸 사장


Dunstan Teo는 독학으로 공부한 후 경제학, 비즈니스 전략, 게임 이론, 사회학, 행동 심리학 및 사회 조건화 분야에서 멘토링을 받은 수학 전문가입니다. 그는 The Bitcoin Dystopia - The Prelude라는 책을 공동 저술했습니다. 그는 11년 전에 Bitcoin을 채굴하기 시작했으며 Bitcoin 공간에서 잘 알려진 OG입니다. 그는 많은 VC Funds의 창립 파트너, 대기업 및…

Dustin Plantholt

Founder & CEO


Dustin Plantholt, is a Forbes Monaco Crypto Editor, Bitcoin.com Podcast Host & Internationally recognized Crypto Advisor. Dustin also hosts the world renowned inspirational “Life’s Tough” podcast. Dustin’s past crypto & non crypto interviews include some of the most inspiring people on the planet such as: boxing icon Evander Holyfield; bodybuilding…

Earle G. Hall


Gaming Standards Association

Earle G. Hall is an internationally recognized entrepreneur, visionary, and innovator in several fields of technology and neuroscience. Earle is the CEO of AXES.ai, a cloud-based information management system for the Casino Industry. Earle is the Vice-Chairperson of the International Gaming Standards Association and focuses on ethical AI, blockchain standards,…

Eduardo Gracia

Head of Tax EMEA

US Ashurst

Partner and Head of the Tax Law department of Ashurst Madrid as well as Ashurst's Tax Law practice in EMEA and the USA. Before joining Ashurst, Eduardo was a partner in the tax department of Garrigues, Abogados y Asesores Tributarios. He specializes in M&A, real estate, project finance and distressed…

Efrem Borg

Chief Technology Officer


Chief Technologist at Malta Digital Innovation Authority.  MDIA is the primary Authority responsible for promoting governmental policies that promote Malta as the center for excellence for technological innovation while setting and enforcing standards that ensure compliance with any other international obligations. The Authority seeks to protect and support users and…

Eirik Kristiansen


Pixel Digital

Eirik Kristiansen is the CEO & Co-Founder of Pixel.bet, a frontier in the esports betting market, is consistently speaking and contributing to panels all over the world to educate and share his passion for everything esport and gaming. With a mobile first approach and decades of experience at the highest…

Eloisa Marchesoni

설립자 및 최고 경영자

Def.ai Inc.

불과 20세의 나이에 혁신 분야의 베테랑 전문가들과 함께 Eloisa는 Blockchain International Limited를 설립했습니다. 이 회사는 단 18개월 만에 블록체인 및 AI를 기반으로 하는 프로젝트의 전략 및 기술 개발에서 9자리 수의 수익을 달성한 선도 기업으로 자리 잡았으며 전 세계 여러 지역에 위치한 신생 기업, 중소기업 및 다국적 기업을 대상으로 광범위하고 적극적인…

Elton Dimech

Managing Director


He is currently Managing Director at Moneybite Limited since two years and seven months. Moneybite missions is transacting with cryptocurrency should be as easy as dealing with fiat currency and offer a superior customer experience by leveraging newly available technology.It believe sthat businesses of any size should be able to…

Emil Anton



Alux.com founder and CEO, Emil Anton started Ealuxe in 2013 after already being an active luxury blogger for over 3 years. As a serial entrepreneur, he started his first company at the age of 16 and continued his financial education in the years to come. Graduated with a Bachelor Degree…

Emily Helmer

Head of Compliance & eMerchant Services

Tal Ron Drihem & Co.

Ms. Emily Helmer, Head of Compliance and e-Merchant Services moved alone to Israel from the USA to pursue her dream of establishing a career in the legal, compliance and payment aspects of digital marketing and online projects. So far she has worked with some of the best known digital marketing…

Eneko Knörr

Senior Partner


Eneko Knorr is the founder of AngelClub, a startup investment fund, and Onyze, a crypto assets custodian. He previously started Ludei (San Francisco), Ludei is leading the next wave of mobile app and game development with HTML5. Their unique acceleration technology, cross-platform APIs and cloud-based platform services allow developers to…

Eric Wall

최고 투자 책임자

Arcane Assets

Eric은 투자자이자 암호화폐 연구원으로 심도 있는 비판과 유명한 암호화폐 프로젝트의 시스템적 결함을 폭로하는 것으로 잘 알려져 있습니다. 그는 Nasdaq 소유의 Cinnober에서 블록체인 및 암호 화폐의 전 책임자이며 블록체인 기술을 전공해 룬드 대학교에서 컴퓨터 공학 석사 학위를 취득했습니다. 그는 룬드 대학교 공학부에서 공학, 정보 및 통신 공학 기술 과학 석사 학위를…

Erica Anderson

Director of Marketing

Income Access

Erica Anderson is a experienced Marketing Director with a demonstrated history of working in the marketing technology and services industry. Skilled in Digital Strategy, Performance Based Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Multi-channel Marketing, Marketing Strategy, and Digital Marketing. Also extensive experience managing multiple teams and professionals to achieve revenue targets and brand…

Erika Federis


Erika Federis is an Associate at CMS London. She advises on a broad range of finance transactions and, as part of the CMS fintech sub-practice, works on a range of fintech, crypto and blockchain-related matters for a range of high-profile industry participants. Erika recently took a leading role in helping…

Evan Singh Luthra

Investor and Consultant


“I am Evan Luthra, you can know more about me on EvanLuthra.com I have been building and investing in fast growing technology companies since before I was an adult. The combined market cap of the 100+ companies that I have built and invested in via my Incubator Fund StartupStudio.online is…

Felix Mago



Felix is Co-Founder of Dash NEXT & Dash Thailand. Dash is the leading cryptocurrency for real-life payments. Dash Next is focused on biz-dev and partnerships. Dash Thailand has established the first crypto payment ecosystem in Asia. He published the “Bitcoin Handbook” and is Co-Founder of FUTERIO and the Blocktech Institute.…

Filip Berlikowski



Filip Berlikowski CTO He is a visionary CTO with a 20-year career in various management and IT development roles. With a proven track record of success in designing, developing, and deploying innovative world-class software solutions and is passionate about using emerging technologies to create custom solutions. Throughout his career, he…

Fiona Hickey

영업 책임자

Push Gaming

Push 게이밍에서는 플레이어가 즐길 수 있는 가장 흥미롭고 혁신적인 콘텐츠를 만드는 데 주력합니다! 우리는 최고 품질의 엔터테인먼트를 통해 기억에 남는 순간을 제공하는 데 탁월하며 수량이 아닌 품질을 제공하는 것을 중요하게 생각합니다. 그렇기 때문에 출시와 동시에 잊혀지는 시장의 많은 다른 게임들과 달리, 우리의 오래된 게임들도 출시 후 몇 달이 지나도 여전히…

Flavien Guillocheau

Founder and CEO


Flavien Guillocheau는 배당률 피드를 주요 제품으로 e스포츠 베팅 산업에 서비스를 제공하고 세계의 AI 기반 e스포츠 데이터의 허브로서의 역할을 하는 PandaScore의 설립자이자 CEO입니다. e스포츠에 대한 소규모 그룹의 열정으로 Jonathan과 Flavien가 구축한 PandaScore는 데이터를 통해 e스포츠의 성장을 돕는 것을 목표로 2016년에 만들어졌습니다. 현재 60명이 넘는 PandaScore는 Scientific Games와 유통 파트너십을 맺고 있으며…

Francesco Rodano

Chief Policy Officer


Francesco Rodano, the former Italian online gaming regulator, has joined Playtech’s executive management team as Chief Policy Officer. He will be based in London, and report to Mor Weizer, the group’s chief executive. Rodano will engage with policymakers and advise company executives on governmental policies at local, state, national and…

Frederic Ly

Regional Manager


With a background in artificial intelligence and technology, Frederic Ly heads Jumio’s Southern Europe strategy. Ly has over 20 years of experience building strategies and growth for local and international technology companies. Jumio’s mission is to make the internet a safer place by protecting the ecosystems of businesses through a…

Frieder Backu


Witzel Erb Backu & Partner

Frieder Backu’s areas of specialism are IT law, corporate law, and tax law for IT and technology companies. He advises companies on formations, transactions and contractual negotiations and is their trusted partner for comprehensive, continuing legal advice, including for complex and cross-disciplinary issues. His many longstanding clients include technology companies…

Gagandeep Singh



기업가이자 성장 전문가인 Gagandeep Singh. 그는 프리미엄 NFT 마켓플레이스인 Colexion의 디렉터이자 GDS Consulting의 설립자입니다. 그는 전 세계의 기업가들과 함께 일해 왔으며 비즈니스가 단순한 아이디어에서 수익 창출 비즈니스로 확장되도록 도왔습니다. 현재 그의 초점은 NFT와 웹 3.0입니다. 회사들을 구축하면서 그는 전 세계의 다양한 최고의 투자 및 블록체인 컨퍼런스에서 연설했습니다. 가장 최근에 그는…

Garth Howat

Founder & CEO


Garth Howat is the CEO of Baanx Group & CL Technology Founder. Baanx raises $14m in 2020 as a Digital Asset Friendly Infrastructure Platform where Digital Asset communities can build fully managed services for their communities - focused on borrowing / lending / sending / staking / spending. Over 70…

Genia Gurevitz

Head of Banking & Payment Services

Tal Ron Drihem & Co.

Genia Gurevitz Head of Banking & Payment Services Genia Gurevitz – LLB, graduated from Tel Aviv University, Heads the APAC and Baltics-based operations of Tal Ron, Drihem & Co. in Singapore and in Tallinn, assisting the legal team and its clients with banking, incorporation and regulatory needs in the blockchain,…

George Siosi Samuels

Managing Director


George Siosi Samuels is the Managing Director of Faia, a community-tech consultancy based in Asia-Pacific. He is also founder of Hona, a blockchain-based accountability platform, which received initial investment from Silicon Valley billionaire, Tim Draper. George has more than eight years experience in the Bitcoin and fintech space working with…

Gil Solomon

설립 파트너

Gil Solomon & Co

Gil Solomon은 기업, 상업 및 블록체인 변호사인 Gil Solomon & Co.의 설립자입니다. 이전에는 이스라엘 최대 기업의 변호사이자 선도적인 벤처 캐피털 펀드 및 블록체인 투자 펀드의 사내 법률 고문으로, 수많은 벤처 자본 거래뿐만 아니라 수많은 암호화폐 관련 투자 거래 및 ICO에 대한 협상을 주도했습니다. 배경/경력: 기술, 개인 정보 보호 및 데이터…

Gil White

Managing Parner


Gil White Managing Parner   Gil White is Herzog’s managing partner. Gil is a first port of call for Israeli clients in regard to their commercial objectives internationally, especially in the e-commerce sector, with a focus on regulated industries. As the head of Herzog’s E-Commerce Department, Gil has, for over…

Gordon Einstein

Founding Partner

CryptoLaw Partners

Gordon Einstein is a hybrid Crypto-Attorney, Technologist, and Enterprise Strategist. Gordon received his undergraduate degree in Politics in 1991 from Brandeis University in Boston and then received his JD in 1995 from the USC Gould School of Law in Los Angeles. Initially, Gordon's law practice centered on startup, venture capital,…

Grant Johnson

최고 경영자

Esports Entertainment Group

Grant Johnson은 경제 학사, 최고 경영자 및 Esports Entertainment Group 회장입니다. Mr. Johnson은 금융 서비스 업계에서 경력을 시작한 광범위한 경험을 가진 비즈니스 개발 전문가입니다. Grant는 1996년부터 온라인 도박 분야의 개척자였습니다. 그는 게이밍 및 소비재 산업의 여러 상장 기업의 임원이자 이사직을 맡고 있습니다. 그는 Esports Entertainment Group(이전 Vgambling)의 창립자이며 2015년에 설립된…

Gulsum Ciraci



Gülsüm Çıracı has a comprehensive experience in entrepreneurship. She has developed the first entrepreneurship projects in Turkey in cooperation with the World Bank, has developed and managed many projects about Women Entrepreneurship, Young Entrepreneurship, and Adult Entrepreneurship throughout Turkey. In addition, Gülsüm Çıracı has provided training/consultancy and mentorship to 8,000…

Hassan Bash


Bash Revenue Digital

He spoke at the SIGMA conference about : 2X Your Digital Performance (Ikigai Day 3)

Henric Andersson

CEO and Co-founder


Henric Andersson holds a master’s degree of science focus on Business Administration, Finance, Marketing, Organisation, Law from Stockholm School of Economics. The Stockholm School of Economics (SSE) is one of Europe’s leading business schools, offering a first-class, internationally competitive education in business administration and economics on a bachelor and master…

Henrik Norsk Hoffmann


Nordic Gambling

He spoke at the SIGMA conference about : Regulatory update (II) UK & Sweden (Day 1)

Ido Hachmon


Greenhouz Apps

Since four years and six months, Ido Hachmon is the Co-Founder of Greenhouz Apps. “Our mobile apps give you the ability to hire from anywhere. Never miss a deadline or a step to meet your goals and create a great experience for everyone." The Greenhouse Recruiting app gives you: Keep…

Itsik Akiva

게이밍과 신기술 컨설턴트

American iGaming Solutions

Itsik Akiva는 규제 및 신흥 시장의 도박 및 게이밍 회사를 위한 마케팅 및 제품 전략을 고안하고 실행한 경험이 15년 이상인 i게이밍 전문가입니다. Itsik은 순수 온라인 사업자(실제 현금, 소셜, DFS 및 스킬 게임)와 온라인 및 소셜 게임으로 확장하려는 랜드베이스 및 비게임 사업자를 도왔습니다. 다국어 및 다문화 환경에서 실습 접근 방식과 입증된…

Ivan Filletti


Gaming Malta

Ivan Filletti is the Head of Operations and Business Development for the Gaming Malta Foundation since almost seven years. Together with the GamingMalta team, he stewards the strategic direction of the Foundation ensuring that Malta retains its status as Home of Gaming Excellence. Prior to joining GamingMalta, Ivan was CEO…

Jaap Visser

Managing Director

ESL Benelux

Jaap Visser is the CEO and founder of ESL Benelux. ESL Benelux is a leading esports and gaming platform in the Benelux, with thousands of players and matches played every week, they have the largest esports community in their region. The ESL Benelux team consists of several professionals (outside the…

Jaguar-Adva Gal



Jaguar Lawyers Firm leads international business law consulting, including building companies contractual structure, international licensing, regulatory compliance, and court litigation, as well as legal financial arbitration. The firm's focus sectors are high-tech companies and investors, startups - computer law, internet and apps, and cyber law – Data Privacy and information…

James Bowater

Founder & Editor-at-large

Crypto AM

James is the founder of the London Blockchain Forum, the GlobalAmbassador for World Mobile, an advisor and member of the Foundation board at MELD, an advisor to the Boson Protocol, an advisor to CUDOS, an investor and advisor to Cornucopias “TheIsland”, ambassador for BEQUANT and consultant for Sheesha.Finance He is…

James Kelly

Head of Performance

Blueclaw Media Ltd.

James Kelly is Head of Performance at award-winning digital marketing agency, Blueclaw Media Ltd. With over 13 years of experience working with industry leading operators and affiliates in the iGaming sector, James and the Blueclaw team specialise in SEO, PPC, Content Marketing and Digital PR, and are committed to producing…

James Scicluna

Co-Managing Partner

WH Partners

  James Scicluna Co-managing Partner at WH Partners James is a Malta Advocate and a Solicitor of the Senior Court of England and Wales. He has practiced law in the UK and Malta both in private practice and as in house counsel. James is ranked as one of leading gaming…

James Wo

CEO & Founder


James Wo, CEO and Founder of DFG is an experienced investor and entrepreneur in blockchain technology and digital assets; delivering a 200% return on investment in 2 years. He speaks internationally on blockchain, digital assets, Ethereum Classic, and investing. Most recently, he has spoken at DevCon, ETH Denver, BlockShow Asia,…

Jashwant Patel

Sales Manager


With a degree focused on business and commerce and a background in B2B and B2C sales, Jashwant Patel specializes in helping businesses find the right solutions for their online gambling platforms. He has a strong focus on the Asian market, keeping an especially close eye on an emerging land of…

Jason "Wolf" Rosenberg

최고 경영자

American iGaming Solutions

그는 워크숍에서 경영진 토론: 미국에서 비즈니스를 하는 현실(3일차)에 대해 연설했습니다.

Jason Chess



He spoke at the SIGMA conference about Advertising: can regulation save the affiliate industry, or will it kill it? (Day 1)

Jason Farrugia


Experienced technology expert with a history of working in the gaming industry, Jason Farrugia has skills in software development, project and team management, IT consulting, infrastructure management, IT security and a passion for blockchain. He is a strong IT professional with a Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA) mandate focused on…

Jason Foster

i게이밍 책임자

Chalkline Sports

Jason Foster는 스포츠 베팅 운영 및 온라인 스포츠 베팅 기술 분야에서 20년 이상의 경험을 갖고 있으며 전 세계 스포츠 베팅 운영자와 협력해 왔습니다. Foster는 남아프리카 최초의 온라인 스포츠 베팅 사이트의 공동 설립자이자 Sun International의 온라인 스포츠 베팅 사업의 총괄 이사입니다. 그는 아프리카, 영국, 유럽 및 미국에서 스포츠북, 카지노 및 미디어…

Jaydeep Chakravartty

Vice President Commercials


Jaydeep Chakravartty is a technology, marketing and gaming evangelist with over 18 years of experience in business development, marketing and product development in online gaming, e-commerce, social media, internet and mobile applications etc. Jaydeep is very excited about the gaming industry in India, which is in its growth stage. He has…

Jeremy Kleiman

Gaming Attorney

Saiber LLC

Jeremy Kleiman is a Gaming Attorney and Member at Saiber LLC. He obtained a Bachelor of Arts, Political Science and Administration of Justice from Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey-New Brunswick. Jeremy Kleiman is dual major in Political Science and Administration of Justice. While a full-time student, worked as…

Jerry Lopez

설립자/최고 경영자


Jerry Lopez는 네트워크 마케팅에서 20년, 블록체인 및 암호화 통화에서 6년의 베테랑입니다. 그는 교육, 엔터테인먼트 및 디지털 제품을 통해 부를 재분배하는 동시에 전세계 사람들의 화합을 가져오는 것을 최종 목표로 국제 확장 및 커뮤니티 문화 구축에 중점을 두었습니다. 블록체인 + 기부 = 상호 풍요.   결혼하여 아름다운 세 자녀의 아버지인 Jerry는 네트워크…

Jesper Svensson


Betsson Group

Jesper Svensson is currently CEO of Betsson. He has worked at Betsson for 8 years. From a single slot machine in 1963 to being listed on Nasdaq Stockholm and holding gaming licenses in 12 jurisdictions, Betsson has come a long way. Today, it’s a multi-national company employing some 1,800 people…

Jesus Rodriguez



Jesus Rodriguez is CEO of IntoTheBlock, Chief Scientist at Invector Labs, Founder of The Sequence AI Newsletter, Guest Lecturer at Columbia, Investor, Author and AI Fan. A software scientist by background, Jesus is an internationally recognized speaker and author with contributions that include hundreds of articles and presentations at industry…

JJ Woods

Director Of Operations


JJ has a unique understanding of people who gamble and what their requirements are. He has been immersed in Land-based casino gaming and all of its issues for over 35 years. JJ Woods was born in Ireland but left in the 1970s to live in London and started his career…

Joachim Timmermans



Joachim Timmermans is a leading figure in online casinos having worked in senior positions on both the operator and supplier sides of the industryPassionate about video games, slots and gamification, Joachim preaches the value of gameplay in both product and marketing. He studied Margeting and Communication at Erasmushogeschool Brussel during…

Joakim Stockman

Co-founder & CEO


Joakim Stockman is the Group CEO of Malta based iGaming operator Betit Group which was established in early 2013. Betit Group operates the brands Thrills.com and SuperLenny.com and are rumoured to have a third site in the pipeline. Joakim left the Betsson Group, where he was in charge of Betsafe,…

Johan Styren


Dilanti Media

After working as CEO of LeoVegas from startup to unicorn Johan now started a new venture within affiliate marketing. Johan is also a Board Member at Hero Gaming. Dilanti Media operates on a wide range of markets in Europe, America and Asia and is already, with their technical approach growing…

Johan Zammit

Founder & CEO

Smart Studios

Johan Zammit is the founder and CEO at Smart Studios, a venture at the intersection of blockchain, AI and IOT. A passion for innovation and sharing of ideas coupled with a proven track record in software engineering and the digital sector. Through various roles spanning over 20 years, as an…

John Brackens


Esports Entertainment Group

John has spent the last decade helping companies develop services and scale infrastructures in the Esports and gaming industry – from indie to AAA. Currently, John is responsible for all aspects of the technology strategy for Esports Entertainment Group

John Gordon


Incentive Games

John Gordon is the CEO of Incentive Games, an Edinburgh-based provider of both Free-To-Play and Pay-To-Play games. John has spoken and panelled at conferences such as ‘Betting on Sports’ and ‘Betting on Football’ and various events across Asia. He is often invited for his expertise in streamlining the process of customer…

John Kamau Kungu

공동 설립자

Betconsult Africa

6년 간의 경력 동안 도박 업계에서 입증된 실적을 가진 미래 지향적인 고위직 임원. 수익 향상 및 비즈니스 운영 간소화에 중점을 둔 지속적인 비즈니스 개선에 전념하는 주도적이고 야심찬 변화 관리자. 다방면의 비즈니스 접근 방식을 통해 수익 극대화를 추진하는 데 열정적입니다. 신생 기업 및 신흥 기업을 운영한 경험이 있는 임원급 비즈니스 관리자…

John Marsden

Sales Director

TransUnion (formerly iovation)

John Marsden is the head of fraud prevention and authentication for EMEA at iovation, a TransUnion company. For over 20 years, Marsden has led fraud prevention, anti-money laundering and counter terrorist financing efforts for companies like Barclaycard, Equifax, Experian and now iovation.

Jon Karas

Co-Founder & President


Finance, Entertainment and Technology industry entrepreneur, seasoned capital formation leader, film producer, and talent representative. With over 25 years in the entertainment and finance industries, Jon is a major force at the intersection of celebrity and social good. He is a founding Advisory Board member of Slate Entertainment Group, creator…

Jose Zapatero Rodriguez

CEO & Owner

Goldestate robotics

Jose is a technology executive and technologist with an established history of leading high-impact initiatives in AI, Robotics, Blockchain, IoT, digital transformation, and building data-driven businesses and strategies. He is deeply passionate about responsible development, introduction, adoption, and integration of AI, robotics and blockchain capabilities in industry and society at…


설립 파트너

Goren Holm

현재 직업 : Draper Goren Holm의 설립 파트너.   교육:메릴랜드 대학교 , 학사 , 컴퓨터 정보 시스템 GRAZ 커뮤니케이션 엔지니어. 배경/경력: Josef Holm은 25년 간의 스타트업 성장 해킹, 비즈니스 개발 및 디지털 마케팅 경험을 보유한 글로벌 연쇄 창업가이자 투자자입니다. 그는 파괴적인 아이디어, 틀에 얽매이지 않는 사고에 대한 열정을 가지고 있으며…

Joseph Borg


WH Partners

Joseph F. Borg is an Advocate and Partner at WH Partners, heading the Gaming and Gambling Advisory and Blockchain Advisory sections of the firm. He also practices in the areas of Esports, Corporate, IT, Telecoms and Intellectual Property Law. He also lectures Gaming Law at the University of Malta. Joe…

Josh Goodbody

Director of European and Latin American Growth and Institutional Business


Josh Goodbody serves as Director of European and Latin American Growth and Institutional Business at Binance, where he leads regional growth and develops Binance’s institutional markets in these regions. Prior to joining Binance, Goodbody was Head of Europe and the Americas at Huobi where he helped establish its Global Institutional…

Joshua Ellul

The inaugural Chairperson

Malta Digital Innovation Authority

Dr Joshua Ellul was appointed as the inaugural Chairperson of the Malta Digital Innovation Authority. He is also the Director of the Centre for Distributed Ledger Technologies at the University of Malta which offers a multidisciplinary Masters in Blockchain and DLT.

JP Fabri



JP Fabri is an applied economist and has amassed local and international experience. He formed part of the private office of the former Prime Minister of Malta and Governor of the Central Bank of Malta. He also has international policy advisory experience having been an advisor to 9 governments on…

Julian Perigo

Managing Director

Boston Link

Julian is the founder and Managing Director of Boston Link. He oversees operations in the UK, Malta and the Isle of Man. He was previously a director at Michael Page, a FTSE250 global recruitment firm, where he ran a number of teams covering London and offshore jurisdictions. Julian started his…

Justin Franssen


Kalff Katz & Franssen

Justin Franssen is an attorney at law and partner at Kalff Katz & Franssen, where he leads the Gaming & gambling Practice Group. His comprehensive advisory and litigation practice regularly deals with sector-specific acquisitions and complex public affairs processes. Prior to his admission to the Dutch Bar, Justin acted as…

Justin Mifsud

Founder & CEO

World Pro Racing

Justine Scerri Herrera


MK Fintech Partners

Dr. Justine Scerri Herrera is a young passionate Lawyer, Advisory, Consultancy, licencing and directorships: Financial Services (EMI/PI licencing), Investment Services, and Virtual Financial Assets Sector (Crypto & Blockchain Activities and Licensing). Director of MK Fintech Partners - subsidiary of Michael Kyprianou & co LL.C Her personal Qualities include: Determination, Confidence,…

Kamran Hedjri

설립자 겸 그룹 최고 경영자

PXP Financial

Karl Davies Barrett

WW Cloud Solution Architect


As a champion of disruptive innovation and digital transformation I use my curious passion for technology and business innovation to help me work with customers and partners at a strategic level to transform their business and cloud enable their products and services. Having worked with startups to large multinational enterprises…

Karl Schranz

최고 경영자

E&S Group

직업 회계사인 Karl은 2005년 런던의 JP Morgan Chase에 합류하기 전에 평판이 좋은 감사 회사에서 다양한 감사 역할을 담당했으며 하이브리드 신용 파생상품(Hybrid Credit Derivatives)에서 근무했습니다. 그런 다음 그는 몰타로 돌아와 지역 감사 회사의 기업 재무 부서를 이끌었습니다. 2009년 그는 몰타의 기업 서비스 제공업체의 창립 멤버 중 한 명으로 2010년 E&S Consultancy를…

Kate Baucherel

Digital Strategist


Kate Baucherel is a speaker, author and digital strategist specialising in blockchain and cryptocurrency. In a 30-year career she has held senior technical and financial roles in several enterprises from start-up to FTSE100. Her books include Blockchain Hurricane, What’s Hot in Blockchain and Crypto, and the SimCavalier cybercrime thrillers.

Kavon Soltani

수석 부사장 - 블록체인과 혁신


Kenneth Farrugia

Chief Officer Business Development


Kenneth Farrugia considers himself to be a highly creative, engaging and committed executive able to envision a desired end state, and in the process, uses his leadership skills to inspire and support team members to deliver their respective goals. Kenneth studied at St. Aloysius College, obtained a High School Diploma…

Kersten James Chircop



Current Occupation    Business Development Director   Education   Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Software Development Background/Experience   I am software developer by profession with experience in esports industry based startups. I see myself as a goal-oriented person with deep understanding of digital trends and their business implementation.   Company   GMR Entertainment is…

Kevin Murcko

Founder & CEO


Kevin Murcko is a thought leader in FX, Crypto, and Financial Regulation focusing on bringing real change to capital markets globally. Kevin Murcko does not just talk the talk, he walks the walk, advising regulators and governments on matters relating to regulating novel markets and instruments, regulatory sandboxes, CBDC, and…

Kevin Spiteri

공동 설립자

Level Academy

Kieron Cartledge

Global Sales Director


Kristen Openshaw

디지털 미디어 및 소셜 책임자

William Hill International

William Hill International의 디지털 미디어 및 소셜 책임자, 카지노 및 스포츠북의 다양한 플랫폼에서 다양한 국제 시장에 대한 다중 브랜드 유료 및 유기적 소셜 미디어 및 프로그래밍 전략을 관리합니다. 10년 이상의 유료 및 퍼포먼스 미디어 분야에서 디지털 마케팅 경험을 가지고 있습니다.

Kurt Bonnici

Esports Director

Malta Football Association

Kurt Quartier


Tyche Gaming International s.l.

Kurt Quartier, born in Ostend, Belgium, developed a passion for the gaming business after a journey which started in 1990 when joining Sun City, in South Africa. Having held several management positions with Sun International, he moved to Greece in 1995 to join Casino Magic, a US based operator, to…

Kweski Hayford


Rovermann Production

Since April 2017, Kweski Hayford is Chief Streaming Officer at Rovermann Production. "We are a content production company registered with the Registrar General. Our main objectives are producing quality, fun-filled, family-oriented content on a regular basis. At Roverman Productions, our motto is Be the Difference! We thrive on creativity, setting…

Kym Sleezer


Triple Ripple Group

I am open to Internal Executive roles as well as Board of Director positions. Am driven by commitment, passion, purpose, adventure and integrity. My career in gaming has been at the Corporate, Executive and Operational levels in the United States, Latin America and the Caribbean. I have worked for public…

Lana Kebernyk


Conversion Club

Lana Kebernyk is Chief executive with experience in overseeing the daily activities of affiliate businesses and online marketing. She is an excellent communicator who makes every person feel like they are the only one in the room. With a degree in economics and accounting, Lana has real experience as a…

Lars Rinnan


Lars Rinnan은 노르웨이 오슬로 출신의 선견지명이 있는 최고 경영자, 엔젤 투자자, 이사회 멤버, 대중 연설가 및 미래학자입니다. Lars는 25년 이상의 관리 경험을 가지고 있으며 7년 동안 비즈니스 인텔리전스 및 인공 지능 분야에서 6개 회사를 시작했으며 모두 Amesto NextBridge에 합류했습니다. 그는 Amesto NextBridge의 최고 경영자이자 Amesto 그룹의 AI 및 로봇 공학…

Lauren Daitsh


Laurent Reysbosch

VP of Sales


After 8 years working as sales for the biggest Belgian phone/Mobile operator, Laurent decided to continue his career in the payment industry. From mobile payment (Allopass) to cards payment (Hipay), he created a successful dedicated IGaming vertical. With 14 years’ experience in the IGaming payment sphere, Laurent has a global…

Lee-Ann Johnstone

최고 경영자 및 설립자

Affiliate Insider

AffiliateINSIDER는 수상 경력에 빛나는 어필리에이트 관리 에이전시 및 구글 뉴스 콘텐츠 허브입니다. 수십 년에 걸친 업계 전문 지식을 활용하여 어필리에이트 프로그램을 시작, 확장 및 성장시키고 당사의 에이전시, 미디어 및 교육(AMPP) 프로그램을 통해 최신 디지털 마케팅 트렌드를 앞서 나가게 도와드립니다. www.affiliateinside.com에 방문하세요.

levgeniia Derbal

Chief Legal Officer


Ievgeniia is Chief Legal Office at Parimatch and is responsible for the coordination of the legal function at Parimatch Holding. Ievgeniia is based at Parimatch's head office in Cyprus being responsible for corporate structuring, tax planning, building cash flows, protecting intellectual property rights of the group and coordination of legal…

Liesbeth Oost

Sustainability Manager

Aspire Global

Loretta Tuell


Tuell law P.C.

Luis Carbajo

최고 경영자 겸 설립자


Luis는 기업의 새로운 비즈니스 모델을 위한 강력한 솔루션을 제공하는 블록체인 불가지론적 플랫폼인 Vottun의 설립자입니다. 일부 제품에는 다음이 포함됩니다. 블록체인의 데이터 인증, 공급망 및 지속 가능성에 대한 추적 데이터, 자기 주권 자격 증명, 규제된 암호화 결제 또는 다양한 사용 사례에 대한 NFT 생성. VOTTUN은 다국적 기업을 위한 B2B 암호화 결제 솔루션을…

Luís Carvalho

Senior Legal Counsel

Clever Advertising

He is a Senior Legal Counsel at Clever Advertising in Portugal, experienced in the gambling, IP, M&A and data protection fields. With a profound knowledge of the European market regulation and compliance landscapes, namely in the Spanish, Italian, German and Greek markets. He studied at Universidade Católica Portugesa from 2011…

Luiz Felipe Maia

Founding Partner

FYMSA Advogados

Luiz Felipe Maia is a founding partner of FYMSA Advogados, and is the head of the Technology and Gaming Area. He mainly counsels clients in corporate, contracts and regulatory matters, including mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures, internet law, gaming law, and strategic negotiations in related fields. He has worked as…

Luke Adebiyi

비즈니스 개발 관리자, 은행

Capital International Group

Luke는 현재 Capital International의 새로운 은행 제안을 위한 비즈니스 개발을 다루고 있지만 5년 이상 동안 정신 건강 및 다양성 관련 부분에서 일했습니다.

Magnus Leppäniemi

President of Esports

Esports Entertainment Group

Marc Burroughes



Marc Ellinger



Marc Ellinger is a founding partner of the firm of Ellinger and Associates, LLC, and represents businesses, individuals, organizations and committees in disputes. Marc focuses his practice in election law, legislative and rulemaking practice, municipal finance and structuring, infrastructure transactions, issues of state and federal constitutional law, gaming law, and…

Marcel Sema

Founding Partner

Wolfpack Management

Marcelo Garcia

UN Smart Cities Expert

UN Smart Cities

Smart Cities Expert with the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe and IESE (pppcities.org). Co-founder of CryptoExplorers.org and WisdomAccelerator.org, as well as full member of Explorers.org”

Marcin Zarakowski

Director of Legal and Public Policy Management

Bitcoin Association for BSV

Marcin Zarakowski는 BSV의 비트코인 협회의 법률 및 공공 정책 관리 이사입니다. 스위스 추크에 기반을 둔 폴란드 변호사로 IP 법률, IT 법률, 데이터 보호(CIPP/E) 및 AML/KYC를 전문으로 하며 블록체인 기술 및 암호화 자산의 다양한 법적 측면에 대한 깊은 지식을 갖추고 있습니다. INATBA의 Privacy WG 공동 의장이기도 합니다.

Marco Pagnini

Senior Investment Manager


Marco Pagnini는 신용 및 금융 위험 분석에서 알고리즘 포렉스 거래 시스템 및 새로운 CFD 기반 제품 구축에 이르기까지 금융 분야에서 10년 이상의 경험을 가진 SwissBorg의 양적 투자 관리자입니다. 2010년부터 FX 거래, 2016년 암호화 거래 그리고 디파이(2020)로 발전한 Marco는 시장 행동을 연구하는 것을 좋아합니다.

Marek Suchar

Head of Sales


Marek Suchar, Head of Partnerships at Odding.gg started his career in financial services where he held senior and managerial roles in various areas including business development and sales. His passion for esports brought him to the industry, specifically to the betting vertical. Leveraging the newest technologies at Oddin, Marek aims…

Mariana Gospodinova

G Manager


Mariana Gospodinova is the General Manager of European Operations for Crypto.com, where she leads the market strategy, operations, business development and partnerships, and product commercialisation for the company across the continent.

Marie Louise Theobald


Hero Gaming

Marie is the Chief People Officer at Hero Gaming. She is responsible for organisational development, talent acquisition, retention and formation of the company’s culture as the company ramps up for significant growth in the gaming industry. With a combination of an academic background in Business and People Management, over 12…

Mario Di Florio

Events Director Company


Mario Nawfal

Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer

NFT Techonologies

Mario Ovcharov

최고 경영자


UltraPlay는 스포츠 및 e스포츠 베팅, 라이브 베팅, 화이트 라벨, 온라인 카지노 및 블록 체인 기술에 중점을 둔 고급 베팅 솔루션을 제공하여 온라인 게임 산업에 혁신적인 접근 방식을 제공하려는 핵심 야망을 가지고 2010년에 설립된 모던 테크놀로지 회사입니다.

Mark Blandford


Burlywood Capital

Mark Blandford는 온라인 글로벌 스포츠북 및 카지노인 Sportingbet Plc의 설립자이자 디렉터였으며 이 분야의 최초 상장 기업 중 하나였습니다. Mark는 현재 회사의 디렉터이자 성공적인 벤처 캐피털 투자자로 일하고 있습니다. Mark Blandford는 2002년 AIM 기업가상을 수상했습니다. Mark는 Burlywood Capital의 공동 설립자로서 광범위한 도박 및 지원 산업을 포함한 기술 분야의 개발 자본 투자…

Mark Galea



Mark Galea is the founder of Techlgnite. TechIgnite is a group that aims to organise conferences, workshops and technical meetings to help our community learn and share skills to write and build better software. This group is for people who want to learn and keep up with the latest techniques,…

Mark O'Sullivan

Industry Specialist


Mark Tipping

공동 설립자/컨설턴트


아프리카, 유럽 및 남아메리카의 도박 및 베팅 업계에서 15년 간의 경험을 가지고 있습니다. 이전에 소매 및 온라인의 여러 영역에서 운영되는 두 개의 베팅 비즈니스에서 공동 설립 및 매니징 디렉터 직책을 역임했습니다. 이제 풀타임 컨설턴트로 기업이 아프리카에 진출하고 성장할 수 있도록 지원합니다.

Matthew Scerri

Associate Director, Digital Solutions


Matthew Scerri joined KPMG in 2014 to develop bespoke software for KPMG in Malta having already successfully delivered a number of projects in both the local and international markets. He now forms part of the Digital Software team where he leads a number of client facing projects across the whole…

Matthias Spitz

Senior Partner


Melissa Blau


iGaming Capital

Ms. Blau는 2004년부터 온라인 게이밍 및 기술 분야에서 활발히 활동하고 있습니다. 그녀의 회사인 i게이밍 캐피털(iGaming Capital)을 통해 Blau는 미국 및 기타 신흥 시장에서 온라인 게이밍 산업에 진출하려는 회사에 컨설팅 및 개발 서비스를 제공합니다. 전 세계의 많은 주요 게이밍 회사에 전략적 대안과 진화하는 규제 환경의 영향에 대해 조언하는 것 외에도 Blau는…

Michael Bauer



Michael Chobanian



Michael Malarkey



Michael Saylor

Entrepreneur & Speaker


Michal Glowacki

최고 운영 책임자

SB Betting Software

Michal은 2005년부터 베팅 업계에서 일해 왔습니다. 2012년에는 SB 베팅 소프트웨어 플랫폼을 아프리카에 도입하여 2년 만에 나이지리아에서 가장 인정받는 스포츠북 소프트웨어가 되었습니다. 현재 주요 아프리카 및 유럽 마권업자들을 지원합니다.

Michelle Chivunga


Global Policy House

Michelle Chivunga N has vast experience in designing government policy frameworks; analyzing corporate finance packages and sourcing investments for global projects. Michelle is also recognized worldwide as a blockchain professional and major influencer with access to an extensive network of global stakeholders in the digital economy and financing space. In…

Mickael Marceau



My name is Mickael Marceau and I am currently heading payment solutions for Kindred Group. I have started working in the I gaming industry in 2007. I just love it! Definitely consider myself as a true gaming vertical ambassador! My main area of responsibility is about payment solutions. Delighting our…

Micky Watkins


World Mobile Chain

Mike Costache

투자자 및 기업가


Mike Tankel

최고 마케팅 책임자


Mikeal Hansson



Mikael Hansson is the Founder and CEO of Enteractive, the leading player reactivation company driving revenues for iGaming brands across the world. He graduated from LIU, Sweden, with a Masters of Science in Industrial Engineering and Management, and previously held the position of CFO for a large Swedish company. He…

Mitja Goroshevsky


Monica Rangel

PT 마켓 책임자


Morten Klein

소유자, 최고 경영자 및 이사회 의장

Klein Group AS

Klein 그룹 AS의 설립자이자 이사회 의장입니다. Klein 그룹은 게이밍 산업, 전자 상거래 회사, 부동산에 다양한 투자를 하고 있는 기업 그룹과 뛰어난 전망을 가진 다양한 벤처 기업으로 구성되어 있습니다. Klein 그룹은 또한 제3자 고객에게 경영 컨설팅 및 디지털 혁신 분야의 컨설팅 서비스를 제공합니다. Klein은 다른 11개 회사의 책임자였으며 세계적으로 잘 알려진…

Motie Bring

Chief Commercial Officer


As Chief Commercial Officer of Nuvei, Motie Bring drives the commercial strategy and leads the commercial team, while evolving its digital go-to-market channels.  Motie has over 18 years of experience in payments, holding various management and leadership positions in related industries. He served seven years in senior management roles at…

Motti Gil


Aspire Global

Motti Gil i a Financial Executive with vast experience as a senior member of management at publicly traded and privately held Hi-Tech companies. Gained extensive experience in corporate finance in Public and Private companies, control and budget planning, strategic decisions, financial forecasts, SOX compliance, contracts, legal, IR and PR activities.…

Nabil Ael Aichaoui


3WM Group

Neil Patel

Co-Founder & CEO


After living 11 years in Canada with a family of four kids with his wife of 15 years, Nina Jane Patel and Neil recently returned to the UK. A family of entrepreneurs, with a deep passion for leaving a legacy - their four kids run a project Give A Free…

Nicholas Aquilina


Brandl Talos

Nicholas Chapman

Casino Gaming Consultant


Nicholas Chapman is currently consulting to the industry worldwide based in the UK. He has Board level experience and this extends to the various facets of Casino operations including but not limited to Slots, Tables and Marketing. He has a wealth of experience in the industry, opening and managing units…

Nicholas Levenstein


Nicholas Levenstein & Company

Nicholas has a working history in Information Technology, Consulting, Running two financial companies and arranging and managing two buyouts. He has been trading crypto-derivatives through is Crypto Money Fund Dollar Hedge (“CMFDH”) Hedge Fund Since 3rd quarter, 2019. His company also manages TigerEx.net crypto exchange. Interest in climbing, surfing, squash,…

Nick French


Launchsite Capital & Monetize Agency

Nick Feench는 2020년부터 Ozow의 최고 상업 책임자였습니다. 남아프리카 공화국의 약 4천만 명 이상이 디지털 경제에서 제외되었습니다. 코로나19 팬데믹으로 인해 간편하고 현금이 필요 없는 비접촉식 결제 수단에 대한 국가적 요구가 크게 가속화되었습니다. Ozow.com은 소비자와 판매자 간의 은행 간 EFT 거래를 자동화합니다. 전화와 은행 계좌가 있는 사람은 이제 여행, 현금 또는 노출…

Nick Nocton


Mishcon de Reya

Nick Spanos



Nick Spanos is a pioneer in the bitcoin and blockchain technology space. In 2013, Spanos founded Bitcoin Center NYC -- the world's first-ever cryptocurrency trading floor, which initially opened directly across from the NYSE in 2013. Spanos is also CEO of Blockchain Technologies Corp., which patented VoteWatcher, the first-ever blockchain…

Nick Tonna

Chief Customer Success Officer


Nick은 2012년 BMIT에 합류하여 회사의 야심찬 혁신 전략을 통해 상업 팀을 이끌었습니다. 그의 리더십 하에 팀은 회사가 전년 대비 강력한 매출 성장을 달성하고 고객 수를 두 배로 늘리도록 도왔습니다. BMIT 이전에 Nick은 몰타에서 마이크로소프트(Microsoft)의 엔터프라이즈 및 파트너 그룹 부문을 이끌었습니다. 여기서 그는 몰타에 있는 마이크로소프트의 기업 고객과의 관계를 관리하고 발전시키는…

Nicola Massella

Legal Partner

STORM Partners

Niko De Jonghe


Blockchain Valley

Niko De Jonghe, the CEO and Founder of Blockchain Valley, is a natural leader and visionary. With his extensive expertise in conceiving and successfully expanding innumerable businesses, the convergence of his knowledge and vision led him to identify Blockchain Valley as his most spectacular creation to date. Niko De Jonghe,…

Nils Tharandt Ortiz


Pay Politan

Oleg Ivanov

CEO and Co-Founder

Berezka DAO

Focused on blockchain since early 2017 with Serial Hacking hackathons; over 100k subscribers across Telegram, Youtube, Instagram accounts; Cayman-based venture fund with over 60 early stage investments (Fantom, 1Inch, The Graph, Hashgraph, Mina, CasperLabs, and more); Berezka DAO as the leading asset management in DeFi in the region Author of…

Olga Bencini

Founder and CEO

AcceptLocal Online Ltd.

Olga Bencini is an Electronic Payments Specialist and FinTech company founder with over 20 years of global industry experience. Her subject matter expertise encompasses a number of key industry sectors including Gambling Regulatory Compliance in Europe, USA and Canada, payments processing, fraud prevention and chargeback management, PCI DSS, PSD2 compliance. Olga…

Olga Finkel

Founder & Partner

WH Partners

Olga Finkel is widely regarded and respected for her knowledge of gambling and technology law, as well as corporate governance and AML compliance matters. She is consistently highly ranked by Chambers & Partners as a top-tier global gaming law expert. Olga provides advice on strategic, commercial, intellectual property, and regulatory…

Oliver De Bono



Oliver de Bono는 i게이밍, 전자 상거래, 팀 관리, 어필리에이트 마케팅, 미디어 구매, SEO 및 판매 분야에서 15년의 경험을 가진 최고 경영자입니다. 그는 2021년 8월 Wikibet.com의 최고 경영자가 되었습니다. “우리 기술 팀은 오늘날 업계의 요구를 능가하는 고급 AI 기반 카지노 및 스포츠북 플랫폼을 개발하기 위해 24시간 노력하고 있습니다. 우리의 FAQ 중심…

Oliver Niner

Head of Sales

Panda Score

Ollie Ring


Regulus Partners

Ollie Ring은 시장 데이터 분석가이자 e스포츠 전문가입니다. Ollie는 빅 데이터에서 e스포츠와 도박의 교차점에 이르기까지 다양한 영역에서 경험이 있습니다. 그는 KPMG에서 이전 가격 분야에 관한 일을 시작하기 전에 버밍엄 대학교에서 경제학 학위를 받았습니다. KPMG에 있는 동안 Ollie가 연마한 기술은 다음과 같습니다. 버밍엄 대학교 캠퍼스에서 KPMG를 홍보하기 위해 3명으로 구성된 팀을 이끔.…

Oscar Chambers

Co-founder & Co-lead developer


Oscar Chambers is passionate about cryptocurrency, blockchain protocols, cryptography, algorithms, scalable web applications, ethical hacking, cryptocurrency compliance and regulation and how cryptocurrencies tie into modern finance. He is responsible for the development of the Umbria protocol and takes an active role in all facets of the project from key deployments…

Özge Öz


QNBeyond Ventures

Özge Öz has been a Partner at QNBEYOND Ventures since January 2020. “We partner with audacious teams to take financial services beyond. As a strategic investor, our aim is to collaborate at the earliest stage in order to contribute with our insights and explore the potential opportunities within QNB Group.…

Paris Smith


Pinnacle Gaming

Paris Smith is the US-born, Caribbean-based Globe-Trotting CEO of Pinnacle Bookmakers. Paris Smith started her gaming career in 1995 by taking bets at WWTS, an offshore sports betting company that was later sold to Betcorp Ltd. Having worked her way up the business to become COO, she joined Curacao-based Pinnacle…

Patrick Massa

Senior Associate

WH Partners

Patrick Massa Patrick is a senior associate with WH Partners, primarily involved in the technology, gaming, and financial services industries. Patrick's main practice areas are data protection, general commercial, and employment law. He also advises on regulatory matters and has been involved in multiple cross-border mergers and acquisitions over the…

Paul Burns

President & CEO

Canadian Gaming Association

Paul Burns was instrumental in establishing the Canadian Gaming Association (CGA) in 2005, recognizing the need for a unified voice for the gaming industry in Canada. Under his leadership as the CGA’s Vice President, the association grew to include the industry’s leading operators, manufacturers, and supplier’s nation-wide. Mr. Burns was…

Paul Dolman


G Games

Paul Dolman is the CEO of G Games since 2015. G Games is a real money games producer with registered entities in the UK, Spain, Germany, Gibraltar, and Malta. With overall responsibility for the company, Paul creates a stable platform for my team to deliver breakthrough products, delight customers, and…

Pavel Prigolovko

TON Labs

Pavel Prigolovko is Co-founder and chief strategy officer at TON Labs. Founded in May 2018, TON Labs is the core developer of Free TON, comprised of a decentralized team focused on developing the infrastructure and free software for TON OS. “We are committed to building a truly decentralized internet that…

Pavel Vaisero

Head of marketing

MSL National Lottery Operator

Pedro Quiros

Director of European Sales


Peter Higgins

Mediator, Conciliator & Business Director

Cassionpeia Services

Peter Murray

게이밍 책임자


Peter는 Veriff의 글로벌 게이밍 팀을 이끌고 있으며 특히 도박 부문에 중점을 둔 신원 및 기술 전문가입니다. 그의 경험은 새로운 데이터를 조정하고 기술 솔루션을 발전시켜 참여를 늘리고, 비즈니스 성장을 주도하고, 규제 채택을 가능하게 하고, 모두를 위한 안전한 환경을 보장하는 데 있습니다.

Pham Dinh Ngoc Thuy

Head of Regional Business Development


Thuy is an explorer and a business developer dedicated to helping organizations, companies, and enterprises in emerging and frontier markets to achieve social and economical values through strategic management tools and human-centric solutions. She's had experiences consulting for start-ups in Vietnam, India, the US, and Africa in areas of management…

Philip Bugeja



Philip currently serves as an independent consultant and co-founder of IGAML Ltd. and provides specialized consultancy within the field of the prevention of financial crime, Bribery, and Corruption, Risk, and financial analysis. He was involved within the financial crime unit and has been engaged to consult, set up, provide training,…

Philippe Bednarek

최고 경영자


프랑스에서 태어나 정치학과 공법을 전공한 Philippe는 다양한 성장 단계의 비즈니스에 투자하는 25년 된 사모펀드 회사인 Atlas Group of Companies의 공동 창립자이자 회장입니다. 그는 또한 그룹의 포트폴리오 회사 중 하나인 GoldFinX의 최고 경영자이기도 합니다.

Phillip Shoemaker

Executive Director/CEO


Phillip is a hands-on leader with over 20 years of experience in the mobile space. Phillip helped build the Apple App Store including building the review operations team to over 300 people, writing the guidelines with Steve Jobs, and working with global government authorities. More recently, Phillip has been focused…

Piret Ploom

Head of People to Chief People & Culture Officer

Head of People

Pradeep Goel



Pradeep Goel은 Solve.Care의 설립자이자 최고 경영자입니다. 블록체인, 금융, 기술 및 의료 분야에서 30년 이상의 경험을 가진 Pradeep은 다양한 보험, 기술 및 의료 회사에서 최고 경영자, 최고 운영 책임자, 최고 정보 책임자 및 최고 기술 책임자를 역임했습니다. Pradeep은 Medicaid 자격 및 등록, Medicare 청구, 아동 건강 보험 및 SNAP(영양 보충 지원…

Prof. Alexiei Dingli

Professor of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Head of the Department of AI

University of Malta

Profs Gordon Pace

Professor of Computer Science

University of Malta

Quincy Raven

Managing Director – US

Aspire Global

Quirino Mancini



Rakele Cini


WH Partners

Rakele is a consultant with many years of experience in AML/CFT, regulatory and compliance advisory. She primarily advises local & international firms / practitioners operating within the regulated industries on matters relating to the prevention of money laundering & funding of terrorism, due diligence, risk management, good governance, and other…

Ramona Azzopardi


WH Partners

Ramona is heading the Tax and Private Client Department of WH Partners. She regularly advises corporate clients in the gaming & gambling, financial services, digital services industries on their cross-border tax implications. She also assist HNWI families in estate and tax planning. Ramona holds a Doctor of Laws Degree and…

Reece Delia

Head of Business Development

KSi Malta

Reece, a certified public accountant by profession, has been working as Head of Business Development with KSi Malta as from January 2019. With a special interest in raising finance and financial management, Reece regularly assists local and international clients of the firm to tap into various streams of financing.

Rémy Ozcan

Tozex Managing Director


Renaud Baudry

Marketing & Product Manager iGaming


Rhi Burns

Chief Commercial Officer


Richard Buettner


Ruby Family Office

Richard Schuetz



Rickard Vikström

설립자 및 최고 상무 책임자

Internet Vikings

Rico Pang

Founder & CEO

Sanctum Global Ventures

Rico Pang is a Multi-Family Office Advisor, Venture Partner, Futurist, Serial Entrepreneur and active advocate that believes in giving back to the society. He founded SANCTUM with Dunstan Teo with the vision of creating a holy place that empowers people towards their freedom in sovereign wealth.

Rikard Vikstrom


Internet Vikings

Robert Brassai

대표 컨설턴트/소유자


Robert Brassai, 컨설턴트, 전략가 및 게이밍 전문가. Robert는 게이밍 컨설팅 회사 "Sense4gaming"의 창립 대표입니다. 이 회사는 카지노 개념 및 관리에서 랜드베이스 및 온라인 도박 시설 모두에 대한 마케팅 및 운영에 이르기까지 프로젝트를 수행합니다. Robert는 도박 업계에 광범위한 경험과 전문 지식을 제공합니다. 그는 또한 Totally Gaming Academy의 Table Games Academy의 이사이기도…

Robert Edward Grant

설립자, 최고 경영자

Crown Sterling

Robert E. Grant는 캘리포니아주 뉴포트 비치에 기반을 둔 성장형 주식 지주 회사인 Strathspey Crown LLC의 설립자, 회장 및 매니징 파트너로서 의료, 청정 에너지, 소셜 미디어, 금융 기술에 걸친 광범위한 회사 및 자산 보유 포트폴리오를 보유하고 있습니다. 또한 그는 기하학 및 수학 연구에서 발견한 내용을 기반으로 하는 차세대 암호화 회사인 Crown…

Robert Montgomery

최고 경영자

First Maximilian Associates

Robert Zammit


WH Partners

Robert Zammit is a regulatory, licensing and litigation lawyer and practices in the Gaming and Transport industries.   His principal areas of expertise are licensing of gambling businesses and regulatory compliance in the area of gambling, intellectual property, information security, privacy and data protection. He assists clients with the preparation…

Roberta Genovese

SEO Manager


Robin Eirik Reed



15 Years of experience from senior management in private and listed entities within digital entertainment and Sports. Strong experience with Strategy, M&A, Marketing and Product Development. Passion for culture, innovation and execution models.

Ron Millow



Ron Segev

설립 파트너

Segev LLP

Ron Segev는 기술, 상업, 규제, 규정 준수, 인수합병, 금융 및 증권법 분야의 전문 지식을 갖춘 최고의 게이밍 및 베팅 법률 회사로 전 세계적으로 인정받는 종합 솔루션 비즈니스 회사인 Segev LLP의 설립 파트너입니다. Segev LLP의 게이밍 실무은 비디오 게이밍 산업의 모든 분야에서 e스포츠 회사, 스튜디오, 퍼블리셔 및 기타 벤처를 지원하는 더…

Rone De Beauvoir

Founder & CEO

XCEL Crypto Partners

Rostislav Kishenkov



CEO Melbet Africa (Nigeria, Zambia, Uganda, Kenya, Ghana, Ethiopia, Angola, DRC) Rostislav Kishenkov

Russell Wain

Sales Manager

Tola Mobile Ltd

Sadie Hutton

Founder & co-CEO


The Freeway Platform by AuBit is the first in the world where investments grow from the redistribution of revenues,meaning 10 shares can become 11, 12, 13 — no matter what happens to asset price. The AuBit team hails from Goldman Sachs, HSBC, Credit Suisse, IBM, Google, and more.

Santiago Asensi

Asensi Abogados

Sarunas Legeckas


Connect Pay

Experienced business executive with a demonstrated history of building and growing businesses. A wide range of experience working with an incumbent Barclays bank, a digital N26 bank as well as advisory of disruptive fintechs. Named one of the TOP100 digital challengers (NEWEUROPE100) in the CEE region by Google and Financial…

Savak Limbuwala



Scott Trowbridge


BlockSwap Network

Scott has supported technology companies in diverse areas of growth for over a decade. He entered the blockchain scene in 2014. Prior to co-founding BlockSwap he was leading WeWorks Fintech and Blockchain focused incubator launching Labs into 86 locations across 19 countries. Before this he held the role of Director…

Sean Mac



Sean Salloux



Sergey Bidzan


Eden Esports

Sergey Portnov

최고 경영자


Sergey는 2015년 Parimatch Holding의 최고 경영자가 된 이후로 실제 매장에서 거래하는 북메이커에서 최첨단 온라인 스포츠 베팅 플랫폼으로 변모하고 인정받는 국제 라이프스타일 브랜드로 Parimatch를 변화시켰습니다. Parimatch에서 Sergey의 주요 책임에는 상위 수준 전략의 개발 및 구현, 주요 기업 결정 내리기, 전반적인 거래 운영 및 자원 관리, 이사회와 더 넓은 비즈니스 간의 주요…

Shay Shany



Sheraz Ahmed

Managing Partner

STORM Partners

Shirly Valge



Simon Burell


Over 25 years in sports data, media, gaming and sports betting - a proven product, business & strategic developer, he has extensive experience working across established and emerging markets with brands, rights holders, gaming operators and media companies. From launching the first ever pan-European live score service in the late…

Simon Planzer


Planzer Law

Simon Planzer has specialised in EU/EEA and Swiss gaming law for approximately 15 years. Through his legal practice, publications, teaching and work with regulators and the media, Simon has substantially contributed to the cause of empirical-based and sound gaming regulation. He has been recognised by the gaming industry, colleagues and…

Šimon Vincze

Projects Manager

Casino Guru

Šimon Vincze Responsible Gambling & Sustainability Lead Šimon leads the responsible gambling and sustainability program of Casino Guru. He oversees all activities related to these areas and runs the company’s social responsibility projects. Šimon’s agenda and activities include communicating with industry professionals and vulnerable players, as well as advocating for…

Simon Wrightson


GreenUp Malta

Simon is a production engineer, expert project manager and sustainability leader with nearly thirty years delivering major projects and sustainable programmes in: Africa; EU; Middle East; United States; and, United Kingdom. With GreenUp he is committed to removing the barriers to sustainability and sustainable investment in Malta and this region.

Sir. Verlin Sanciangco


Ruby Family Office

Sir. Verlin Sanciangco worked as Real Estate Specialist at California Department of Real Estate. The regulation of licenses is an important function of the California Department of Real Estate. The DRE was established in 1917 with the formation of the first-ever Real Estate Law in the country. With this law,…

Solomon Godwin

아프리카 대륙 관리자

Pragmatic Play

Solomon Godwin은 비즈니스 성장 전략의 시작 및 구현을 통해 비즈니스 성장과 수익 증대를 주도하는 데 10년 이상의 전문적인 경험을 가지고 있으며, 효과적으로 연구를 수행하고 새로운 시장과 고객 요구를 식별하고 새로운 비즈니스 인수를 주도했습니다. 컨설팅 및 파트너십 판매 전략을 배포 및 구현하고 제품 활동의 모든 측면이 회사 정책을 준수하도록 하는 브랜드…

Stanislav Silin



Stanislav Silin is highly skilled in software development and online games. Stanislav is the CEO of Altenar, a provider of sportsbook services to licensed gaming operators. Ranging from "software-only" product offers to the provision of a fully managed sports betting platform stack, Altenar offers proven stability coupled with flexible and…

Stefan Beyer


Oak Security

Stefan Beyer is a member of the European Union (EU) Blockchain Observatory and Forum Policy and Framework Conditions Working Group, working on blockchain innovation and the development of the blockchain ecosystem within the EU. He advises and consults to numerous blockchain and DLT projects throughout Europe and the rest of…

Stefan Haenel



Stefan Haenel is the co-founder and CFO of FinXP. FinXP Limited, an E-Money Institution, licensed in Malta and passported within the EU/EEA, was founded by Jens Podweski, Michael Kramer and Stefan Haenel. They hold their shares thru Paymentworld GmbH, Germany, the group's holding company.Join FinXP, a strong growing, highly profitable…

Stefania Barbaglio

Director & Founder

Cassionpeia Services

Stefania Barbaglio is a London-based entrepreneur, business strategist and PR expert focused on new technologies and high-impact projects. As the founder and CEO of the boutique Investor & Public Relations agency Cassiopeia Services, she has worked with a range of private and listed companies across numerous sectors, and facilitated multiple deals globally. In the technology space, she has advised a variety of international blockchain application…

Stephan Schmidt



Stephan Schmidt is the CCO of SALAMANTEX since September 2021. SALAMANTEX is an Austrian FinTech company pioneering a new era of payment with digital assets. With smart, trusted and secure software solutions, SALAMANTEX enables merchants to accept cryptocurrencies, loyalty points and other digital or tokenized items as alternative forms of…

Stephen Aupy

VP of Strategic Partnerships


Stephen Aupy is Vice President of strategic partnerships at Gamban. Gamban blocks access to online gambling across Windows, Mac OS X, iOS and Android devices. Since 2015, Gamban has gone from strength to strength, setting the standard in gambling blocking software. Gamban is the smartest and most effective software for…

Stephen Ketteley


Wiggin LLP

Steve Ketteleyis a partner and the co-head of the Betting & Gaming Practice at Wiggin. Steve is a commercial, regulatory and technology lawyer and he concentrates on advising clients on all operational and regulatory aspects of their businesses, with a particular expertise in the infrastructure of on-line gambling and gaming…

Stephen Shoemaker


Win Group

Stephen Shoemaker is the CEO of WIN Group. He is an accomplished senior executive with over 35 years of global financial and operations management experience. He has experience building and leading finance teams in global companies with high growth profiles and significant operating scale and complexity. Steve was most recently…

Steve Good

Business Development Executive and Bestselling Author


Steve is a digital and business growth strategist, entrepreneur, public speaker and Bestselling Author, Be Left Behind. He has been featured in CNBC, Buzzfeed and How-To Geek and has spent 20 years in Fintech providing IT services to Tier 1 banks and been working with disruptive technology start-ups to help…

Steve Tendon



Steve Tendon is the Managing Director of ChainStrategies, a consulting firm providing strategic blockchain advisory services. Steve is a world class blockchain strategist. In 2016 he was the Strategic Advisor for the Maltese Ministry of Economy, developed the vision of “The Blockchain Island” and designed Malta’s National Blockchain Strategy. In…

Susan Breen


Mishcon de Reya

Susan Breen은 혁신 부서 내 Mishcon de Reya의 최상위 베팅 및 게이밍 그룹의 파트너입니다. Susan의 업무는 기업 및 인수합병뿐만 아니라 도박 업계 고객을 위해 20년 이상의 경험을 가진 규제 및 상업 자문에 걸쳐 있습니다. Susan 업무의 특별한 강점은 그녀의 기업 지식을 규제, 인프라 및 영국 및 국제적으로 업계 최고의 사업자,…

Susan Hensel


Hensel Grad P.C

Susan Hensel was named one of the Ten Most Influential Women in gaming by iGaming Business in 2020. She is Past President of the International Association of Gaming Regulators having served in that position for two terms. Susan is co-founder of Hensel Grad P.C.,  a gaming law and advisory firm…

Tania Marinich

설립자 겸 최고 경영자

Imaguru Ventures

Tania Marinich는 TechMinsk 펀드 총괄 파트너이자 IMAGURU 설립자입니다. Imaguru는 스페인 마드리드에 본사가 있는 범유럽 스타트업 허브입니다. Imaguru는 유럽에서 몇 안 되는 스타트업을 위한 구글의 파트너 중 하나입니다. Tania는 가장 잘 연결된 기술 기업가 인플루언서이자 여성 펀드 매니저 중 한 명입니다. 그녀는 마드리드의 IE 비즈니스 스쿨과 VC 펀드 매니저를 위한 500개…

Tayo Atoloye

국가 관리자 나이지리아


Tayo Atoloye는 일반 관리, 영업, 마케팅, 고객 서비스 기능 및 게임 콘텐츠 솔루션 분야에서 17년 이상의 경험을 가진 노련한 게임 컨설턴트입니다. 통신, OEM 모바일 장치, 컨설팅, 유료 TV, 게이밍 콘텐츠 산업 및 스포츠 베팅 운영 관리 전반에 걸친 경험을 가지고 있습니다. 그는 현재 Panserve Limited – Marathonbet(영국 기반 마권업자)의 나이지리아…

Theodor Kristensen

Head of Finance

Betpoint Group Ltd

Theodor Kristensen is currently Head of Finance at PressEnter Group since almost three years. Headquartered in Malta, PressEnter Group is a company that specializes in the online casino industry by providing entertainment through its gaming products. PressEnter Group takes a mobile first approach, targeting the .com market while investing significantly…

Thierry Arys Ruiz

Chairman & CEO


Mr. Thierry Arys Ruiz is a Mexican, Belgian and French national. He spent most of his career in Consulting, Banking, and Commodity Trading. His finance experience ranges from private banks, interdealer brokers, and investment banks such as Scotiabank (Mexico), TP ICAP (London/Geneva) and Credit Suisse (Zurich). His passion for commodity…

Thomas Rosander


Real Luck Group Limited

Thomas Rosander is an experienced igaming executive with +20 years of successful user experience focused deliveries including digital transformations, various startups, building new payment solutions, games, gaming platforms and global launches. He has +17 years as a digital leader specialised in building, operating and optimising 24/7 online services and +12…

Thomas Vermeulen

Affiliate & Internationalisation Manager


Tiffany Xingyu Wang


Spectrum Labs

Tiffany Xingyu Wang은 싱가포르 최초의 정부 지원 블록체인 액셀러레이터인 Tribe Accelerator의 벤처 파트너이며 Tribe의 미국 사업을 이끌고 있습니다. 최근에 그녀는 전략적 기관 투자자 및 가족 사무소로부터 1차 자금 조달을 주도하고 성공적으로 마감했습니다. 현재 샌프란시스코에 기반을 두고 있는 그녀는 블록체인, AI 및 퀀텀 컴퓨팅 스타트업의 개인 투자자이기도 합니다. 그녀의 주목할만한 투자에는…

Tim Heath

총괄 파트너

Yolo Investments

Tim Heath는 게이밍, 블록체인 및 기술 분야에서의 경험을 활용하기 위해 2017년 Vereeni를 출시했습니다. 그는 소프트웨어 개발 및 전자 상거래 솔루션인 Heathmont.net의 창립자이기도 합니다. Tim Heath는 비트코인의 얼리 어답터이자 게이밍 브랜드 Bitcasino.io, Sportsbet.io, Slots.io 및 혁신적인 애그리게이터 Hub88.io를 운영하는 Coingaming Group의 설립자이기도 합니다. 여가 시간에 Tim은 포커 및 스쿼시를 즐기며 에스토니아…

Tony Evans

공동 설립자

FGC Group

Trevor Sammut

Chief Regulatory Officer


Trevor Sammut worked during nine years and half as Police Inspector at Malta Police Force. “I Spent the majority of my career in the Malta Police Force handling Police/EU/Europol ICT Projects, ICT Department and IT team management within a high-security ICT Infrastructure and environment” . He also drove and guided…

Tsachi Maimon


Aspire Global

Tsachi Maimon is a professional adviser. He certainly thinks very methodic and works with his process in so many ways. He has a master’s degree in Marketing from The College of Management Academic Studies and an undergraduate degree from The Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Tsachi worked as Internet and Customer…

Tuomas Kanervala



Tuomas Kanervala is an experienced management consultant with a burning passion for sports. His likes to figuring out how the digital revolution can help different stakeholders in sports and other parts of entertainment industry and during the evenings ensuring sports predictions are used for a good purpose. His specialties are…

Umberto Corridori

SVP 세일즈 유럽연합


SafeCharge는 이제 뉴베이입니다! 우리는 번성하는 브랜드의 결제 기술 파트너입니다. 우리는 하나의 통합을 통해 지역 및 전 세계에서 더 빨리 성공하는 데 필요한 인텔리전스와 기술을 제공합니다. 결제 컨설팅과 결제 기술을 통합하여 기업이 결제 장벽을 제거하고 운영 비용을 최적화하며 현지 및 전 세계적으로 수용률을 높일 수 있도록 지원합니다. 우리는 완벽한 결제 경험을…

Valentyn Kyrylenko

Business Consultant


1979년 1월 21일 우크라이나 키예프에서 태어난 Valentyn Kyrylenko는 영국에서 대학생으로 국제 금융 및 기술 분야에 참여하여 다양한 성공적인 스타트업 프로젝트를 구축하는 데 도움을 주었습니다. 그 이후로 Valentyn은 기술 혁신, 예리한 전략 및 공격적인 전술을 통해 비즈니스를 구축함으로써 수많은 국제 기업의 CBDO 및 비즈니스 컨설턴트로 근무했습니다. Valentyn Kyrylenko는 Ternopil 국가 경제…

Vasilije Lekovic

Director of Gaming


Vasilije Lekovic is a payments and fin-tech expert with significant experience in business and product development, sales and account management across multiple industries (Gambling, Gaming, eCommerce), with a strategic mindset and proven track record of successfully helping companies grow by optimising the way their consumers pay. He studied at The…

Venus Brown


Brown은 1980년대 후반에 음악 산업에서 일하기 시작하여 워싱턴 D.C. 방송국 WKYS에서 자신의 라디오 쇼를 진행했습니다. Brown는 이 라디오 쇼를 통해 나중에 D.C.의 블랙 엔터테인먼트 텔레비전(BET) 본부에서 텔레비전 제작 및 인재 조정 분야에서 인턴십으로 일했습니다. 인턴쉽을 통해 Brown은 BET의 Video Soul 프로그램에 글을 쓸 수 있었고 그곳에서 R&B 아티스트 Patti LaBelle을…

Vlad Mercori

Co-founder Stakeborg & Jack of all trades


Vlad Mercori is the Co-Founder of SkateBorg for one year and eight months. StakeBorg is the perfect place for crypto asset investors who are looking to participate in emerging digital economies. We provides an enterprise-level Proof-of-Stake infrastructure that aims to create a powerful bridge between investors and the best blockchain-based…

Vladimir Malakchi

최고 사업 개발 책임자


Vlastimil Venclik



Vlastimil Venclik started his career as IOS, Android programmer at KSWR, KAKTUS Software (KSWR) is a dynamic and technically advanced Czech based software company founded in 1997. It’s focused creating custom solutions combining internet, enterprise, and mobile applications to fill the customers’ requirements. His job was to create business applications…

Vyacheslav Ermakov



Vyacheslav Ermakov has many years of experience in investment attraction and consulting both in public and private sector. Attracted more than $200M of capital investments to Tatarstan in one year. He is a Project Manager of 15 successfully implemented investment projects and start-ups. Worked with large IT companies (Facebook, NNG,…

Vytautas Karalevičius



Vytautas Karalevičius is a science-driven entrepreneur with a strong financial background. He is currently working on Bitcoin and virtual payment card ventures, also interested in academic projects. Vytautas studied at University of Durham, obtained a bachelor’s degree of Arts with honors in Business Finance. He holds a master’s degree of…

Warren Russell

최고 경영자

W2 Global Data Solutions Ltd.

W2는 단일 API 통합을 통해 모바일 및 디지털 거래에 대한 글로벌 규정 준수 요구 사항을 단순화하는 실시간 솔루션을 제공합니다.SaaS 플랫폼을 통해 우리는 기업이 고객을 확보하고 유지하는 데 필요한 입증되고 혁신적이며 신뢰할 수있는 규정 준수 솔루션을 사용하여 원활한 디지털 활용 경험을 제공하기 위해 최선을 다하고 있습니다.

William Scott

비상임 이사

SA National Lottery Operator

William Scott은 게이밍 업계에서 18년 이상의 경험을 갖고 있으며 20개 이상의 국가에서 비즈니스를 구축 및 개발한 실적이 있습니다. William은 M&A, JV 및 유기적 기업 신생 기업에서 상당한 자본의 수익성 있는 적용을 감독했습니다. 전략, 인수합병, 기업 재무, 사업 개발 및 상업 운영에 대한 광범위한 경험을 가지고 있습니다. 그는 세인트 앤드루 컬리지에서…

Yael Tamar

최고 경영자 겸 공동 설립자


Yael은 그녀가 공동 최고 경영자이자 공동 설립자인 SolidBlock을 통하여 접근 가능하고 투명하며 간소화된 부동산 투자를 만들기 위해 노력하고 있습니다. 그 이전에 Yael은 금융 시장에서 거의 20년을 일했습니다. 그녀는 월스트리트의 브로커-딜러에서 분석가로 시작하여 인수합병 및 사모펀드, 금융 엔지니어링, 연금 펀드 및 패밀리 오피스를 위한 상품 및 지수 구조화로 그녀의 경력을 넓혔습니다.…

Yahaya Adamu Maikori

대표 파트너

Law Allianz

Yahaya Adamu Maikori는 나이지리아의 엔터테인먼트 변호사입니다. 그는 게이밍, 미디어 및 기술 분야의 핵심 전문 지식을 갖춘 법률 회사인 Law Allianz의 설립 파트너입니다. 카지노, 스포츠 베팅, 복권, 포커 및 일반 법률 및 규제 게이밍 컨설팅에 관심이 있는 아프리카에서 가장 다각화된 게이밍 회사이자 레코드 레이블인 Chocolate City의 공동 설립자입니다. Obafemi Awolowo University…

Yahya Mohamed Mao



Yahya Mohamed Mao는 마케팅 전문가, 저자, 고문 및 스타트업 멘토입니다. 기술 전문가로서 그는 다양한 분야(마케팅, 핀테크, 의료, IT 등)의 최신 기술 동향에 대해 읽고 쓰는 것을 좋아합니다. 그의 기술 열광은 그를 다양한 플랫폼에서 전문 회원이자 작가로 자리매김할 수 있게 해주었습니다. 소규모에서 대규모 기업을 위한 성장 마케팅 팀을 구축하고 이끄는 데…

Yanica Sant

General Counsel


Yanica Sant is a General Consil for Malta Gaming Authority. Since 7 years she works for MGA. She worked as Legal Trainee - Family Law at Sciriha, Attard Montalto, Galea & Associates - SAGA Juris. SAGA JURIS is a set of chambers, bringing together Advocates from diverse fields and expertise.…