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The MEGAPARTNERS team has developed an autotesting feature that allows checking the payment systems 24/7, removes the human factor from the testing process, and notifies you if something goes wrong. If previously affiliate managers ran advertising campaigns and saw conversions, but payment systems did not work, now we have found a solution for our partners! The system works every hour, checks payment systems for each country, and notifies you via chat in case of an error. MEGAPARTNERS cares about your traffic and income and optimises the processes that allow you to work effectively. You can read more about the autotests in the video at MEGAPARTNERS autotests let businesses quickly become aware of potential issues and enable us to address and eliminate defects swiftly. This can help prevent financial losses for our company and affiliate partners. Additionally, the real-time alerts provided by these autotests can assist affiliates in maintaining traffic integrity and minimising any potential loss of earnings due to payment errors or delays. At your request we can connect a feature that is available on all our brands:,,,,, and Notifications come to Skype or Telegram. MEGAPARTNERS is more than just an affiliate program. We are a product-oriented IT company with our own development department. It offers a range of tools and services to help online businesses grow and succeed. We are looking for traffic for our iGaming brands, and an ever-expanding audience increases ROI. All brands included in MEGAPARTNERS have legal permission to conduct online gambling based on Curacao and MGA licenses. For more information, please visit Join the thriving Balkans/CIS Community in Limassol Join us at SiGMA Balkans/CIS for an unparalleled experience in Europe’s first integrated resort, the City of Dreams!
Maria Debrincat
2 months ago
JDB Gaming's fish shooting games series has dominated the market and received high praises from players, making it a trailblazer and a leading brand in Asia’s online gaming industry. The fish shooting games series is best known for its exhilarating and superior gaming experience. Its exciting, fast-paced and unique gameplay has captured the hearts of countless players. One of the most popular games under JDB is DRAGON MASTER, which is the first of the 3D fish shooting games. Developed using JDB Gaming’s professional technologies, bringing an unprecedented gaming experience that allows players to immerse themselves in the thrilling and captivating world of dragons. With its 3D game visuals, “MASTER DRAGON” brings a heightened sense of depth and visual immersion, showcasing the exquisite technical expertise to create immersive and captivating scenes for players. Players will encounter various types of dragons, with each dragon representing different levels of rewards. Among them, the Flying Dragon and T-Rex are particularly challenging Bosses and the keys to obtaining the highest rewards. It’s worth mentioning that these two challenging Bosses provide an invincible gameplay, offering continuous payouts and giving all players the chance to obtain hefty rewards in points; furthermore, players also have the chance to trigger the wheel multiplier to double their rewards! This exciting gameplay feature allows players to enjoy even greater surprises and rewards, making the game even more thrilling and fun. The fast-paced, thrilling and engaging gaming experience of “MASTER DRAGON” has also garnered the favour of newer players. With its simple and intuitive controls, as well as the user-friendly interface, players can easily get started. Meanwhile, the game's high user retention keeps players deeply immersed and reluctant to let go. JDB Gaming’s “DRAGON MASTER” will provide players with an unprecedented gameplay experience. It doesn’t matter if you're seeking a captivating adventure or simply looking to enjoy entertainment during your leisure time, this game can fulfill your needs. Join us now to embark on an exhilarating and thrilling journey of dragon hunting! JDB Gaming has been setting foot in the international markets and taking the markets by storm, one after another. JDB can provide our partners with comprehensive and professional services, including round-the-clock technical support, as well as secure and dependable API integration, while using big data analysis to boost players ’gaming experience. JDB believes that working with our partners to develop more outstanding products and services together will bring players even more exciting gaming experiences and further create greater possibilities for business expansion. JDB Gaming is committed to providing players with the highest quality gaming experience and reliable high-quality services. We will continue to innovate and optimize, bringing players more exciting game series. Please stay tuned for more of our exciting games coming soon!
Katy Micallef
2 months ago
Rootz Ltd., a pioneering force in the iGaming industry, is pleased to announce a significant transition in its executive leadership Lasse Rantala, the esteemed CEO and co-founder of Rootz Ltd. will be stepping into the role of Chair of the Board, passing the torch to Sam Brown, who joined the company one year ago as Chief Commercial Officer. Since its inception in 2018, Rootz Ltd. has firmly established itself, offering cutting-edge iGaming platforms that captivate consumers across multiple markets. Under the visionary leadership of Lasse Rantala, the company has laid a solid foundation and witnessed remarkable success. As Rantala transitions to Chair of the Board, he will leverage his insights and expertise to guide Rootz Ltd.'s initiatives and steer the company towards continued prosperity. Stepping into the role of CEO is Sam Brown, an accomplished executive with over 15 years of experience in various C-level positions within the iGaming industry. Brown's impressive track record includes transforming the fortunes of several iGaming organizations, positioning him as a highly respected figure in the field. His industry knowledge and expertise will enable Rootz Ltd. to consolidate its position as a significant player on the global iGaming stage. "As I pass on the mantle of CEO to Sam, I am filled with immense pride and confidence." stated Lasse Rantala. “Sam's commitment to excellence, strategic mindset, and passion for innovation make him the perfect fit to lead Rootz into its next chapter. I have full faith in his ability to steer our company to even greater heights and the Board is fully dedicated to offering him unwavering support every step of the way.” Sam Brown expressed his enthusiasm for the new role, saying, "After an exciting first year at Rootz my passion for the business has only grown stronger. We have a great vision for the future, and have the people, technology, and ambition to deliver it. It’s an honour to be entrusted with the next phase of the Rootz journey." The transition in leadership ensures a seamless continuation of Rootz Ltd.'s commitment to innovation, customer satisfaction, and the pursuit of new market opportunities. Join in on SiGMA Group’s next adventure to the Philippines As the inaugural SiGMA Americas and BiS Summit in São Paulo, Brazil concludes with resounding success, the journey into the captivating world of iGaming continues with the highly anticipated . Set your sights on Manila this July as we invite you to immerse yourself in a PAGCOR-endorsed event that promises an extraordinary exploration of the Asian and Philippine gaming markets. Prepare for an exhilarating experience as we delve into in-depth discussions on gaming regulation, industry trends, and the boundless possibilities that lie ahead.
Maria Debrincat
3 months ago
SPRIBE, the development house behind Aviator, the world’s number one crash game with more than ten million monthly active players, has strengthened its senior management team with the appointment of Giorgi Tsutskiridze as Chief Commercial Officer. Giorgi is an industry veteran having held senior roles at BetConstruct, VBet and Adjarabet and is also a serial entrepreneur.
This includes founding and leading HawX, an iGaming-focused CRM company that helps online casino brands retention and reactivation to the next level that boosts online casinos KPIs.
As SPRIBE’s Chief Commercial Officer, Giorgi has been tasked with working closely with the various departments across the organisation for budgeting, sales processes and marketing strategies including branding and advertising. This includes leading and scaling the sales, business development and customer success teams, creating accountability within the company by deploying appropriate metrics and coordinating compensation and promotion within these metrics. He is also responsible for defining sales objectives and driving the team to achieve targets, while also working with the marketing team to develop strategies that ultimately boost product and company awareness. Giorgi joins SPRIBE at an exciting time for the organisation as it continues to grow its portfolio of Turbo Games off the back of the run-away success of Aviator, which is now live with more than 2000 casino brands in markets from Europe to America, Asia to Africa. The company has also just rolled out its next-generation poker client, offering unrivalled engagement and player interaction. David Natroshvili, CEO at SPRIBE, said: “Giorgi is an incredible talent, and we are thrilled to welcome him to SPRIBE as Chief Commercial Officer. He has the experience and skills required to take the organisation to the next level and will take a hands-on approach to share his expertise across our teams.
SPRIBE is known for Aviator, but we have a growing portfolio of Turbo Games and other titles such as poker that offer a fun, social experience, and Giorgi will ensure that more operators and players are aware of our full portfolio of titles than ever before. That we have been able to secure such a talent shows that SPRIBE has reached the top tier of content providers and I look forward to working with Giorgi as the business goes from strength to strength.
Giorgi Tsutskiridze, Chief Commercial Officer at SPRIBE, added: “SPRIBE is flying high right now and I am delighted to join such an innovative, cutting-edge company and to share my knowledge and experience with its incredible team.
This is an important role for SPRIBE to fill and I am honoured to have been offered the position and to help drive growth and further establish the company as a pioneering content provider to online casino operators and sportsbooks.
Jake Graves
3 months ago
The NetSolid Investments fund invested in the SETAFF project funds and resources along with their expertise. The Ukrainian investment fund NetSolid Investments and SETAFF became partners to create a powerful project. The goal is confident leadership in the iGaming niche. SETAFF is an iGaming affiliate marketing company specializing in SEO traffic. It works in Western markets. NetSolid Investments provides expertise in affiliate, traffic, and operational processes as a partner. It also helps with infrastructure and resources. Oleksandr Lysak, Founder and CEO of the SETAFF project, notes:
I had many offers, but I've chosen NetSolid for three reasons: 1. The Fund's approach to business is impressive. 2. Our values in creating teams are very similar to NetSolid's. 3. By combining our efforts and expertise, we significantly increase the speed of achieving high results. I believe this is one of the most powerful partnerships in our industry. When people with great experience unite, success is only a matter of time 🙂
The SETAFF project positions itself as a Trust Affiliate Partner. The company builds its business around two pillars — the team and partners. The team adheres to the healthy principles of remote work. There is a transparent organizational system, and the company appreciates its specialists. From the partners' perspective, SETAFF is a reliable business companion with an individual approach. They always aim to reach a win-win decision. NetSolid Investments is an investment fund with Ukrainian founders and European values. It focuses on projects in affiliate, traffic, and digital marketing. The fund offers business investment combined with operational and marketing expertise plus mentorship.
It was one of the easiest decisions. When a team comes with such tremendous experience and is ready for new reinforcing achievements, we make a decision on cooperation and conditions quickly enough. Oleksandr's vision of NetSolid Investments as an irreplaceable partner that can implement a project with desired direction and scale indicates the correctness of the developed business culture and strategy. Nowadays, teams, projects, and businesses focus on investments not only in the form of money but mainly in the form of expertise, data, and infrastructure to accelerate their growth. And they get it from us to a sufficient extent. We are happy to start working together and expect outstanding achievements.
comments Stanimir Dobrev, Managing Partner of NetSolid Investments.
Jake Graves
3 months ago
The online gambling company, MegaPari, is keeping up with the times by actively incorporating various tools into its operations, including the widespread use of AI tools. Established in 2019, MegaPari has rapidly expanded its presence worldwide, covering regions such as Latin America, the Middle East, Asia, Eastern and Western Europe, and Africa. The brand has gained international recognition from independent and authoritative agencies in the iGaming industry, including SBC, EGR, BSG, and Affpapa. Over the past three months, the creative department of MegaPari has experienced significant changes in their workflow. The team now utilizes the Midjourney neural network, which, according to the Art Director of MegaPari, is responsible for generating up to 80% of all creatives. Furthermore, the team has greatly reduced the time required to create creative materials for marketing and affiliate tasks. Dennis, the Art Director of MegaPari, stated, "With the implementation of AI in our work, we have practically forgotten about stock platforms, where we used to spend a considerable amount of time searching for the right elements. Thanks to AI, we have reduced the search time for creative elements from 10-15 minutes to 2-3 minutes." In addition to the in-house team, partners connected to MegaPari Partners, the brand's affiliate program in the gambling and betting vertical, also benefit from these innovations. Partners are offered deals based on RevShare, CPA, and Hybrid models, along with weekly payouts, personal account managers, and the opportunity to request individual designs and banners from the MegaPari team. With the integration of AI, the speed of creating such materials has increased almost threefold. Interestingly, even the cover for this press release was created using the Midjourney neural network. MegaPari takes pride in the level of flexibility exhibited by its team and expresses gratitude to its partners for their trust in the business. For those interested in joining the team or exploring new tools in their work, the company can be reached at [email protected].
Jake Graves
3 months ago
Fujitsu, one of the world’s largest global IT service delivery companies, wants to help companies in the iGaming space change their approach to IT and cloud infrastructure. Its aim is to provide sustainable, flexible, long-term hybrid-cloud integration solutions that help iGaming companies take the next steps on their cloud journey. A combination of different infrastructures, including co-location, private and public cloud, and managed services known as hybrid cloud, has become the way forward for iGaming companies as the wider industry continues to grow and evolve. This model provides companies with a lot of flexibility and allows them to adapt to industry changes as and when they need to. Sustainability and ESG initiatives are an essential part of the modern-day business plan. Companies looking towards a greener future must first assess their IT infrastructure and data storage. A study by the Borderstep Institute commissioned by Bitkom 20222 in Germany found that servers accounted for almost 40% of the overall data centre energy consumption. An alarmingly high number but one that companies have the power to change. Modern servers are much more efficient, with a single server capable of managin the tasks of several older ones. Making this switch will significantly reduce your carbon footprint, as well as make your entire IT infrastructure more efficient. To make these kinds of changes, companies must have the right partners and expertise in place. PRIMEFLEX is Fujitsu’s leading hybrid-cloud integration system. It combines traditional cloud services with on-site IT infrastructure, allowing businesses to experience the best of both worlds. A hybrid-cloud environment gives the company the chance to take advantage of the security and benefits of the cloud while also maintaining compliance with strict industry regulations. Companies can build a data architecture and system that works for their needs. It is fully scalable and allows companies to expand at their own pace, with ongoing support being provided by one of the tech industry’s most knowledgeable teas. This fully flexible system offers operators the choice of different platforms to integrate their on-premises architecture with public and private cloud systems. This is regardless of whether you use VMware, Microsoft, or Nutanix. This is all supported by Intel, one of the world’s leading tech companies. PRIMEFLEX is perfectly complemented by Fujitsu’s unique uSCALE product. This is a scalable, as-a-service IT solutions model that allows companies to scale when needed while also keeping up to speed with market demands and industry regulations. The service offers flexible on-premise aaS solutions with monthly and consumption-based billing, meaning companies only need to pay for the services and resources they use. In turn, this saves companies a lot on investments, ensuring that they are not spending funds on unused IT resources every few years. The idea of estimating costs on a monthly basis could be new for some iGaming companies, but Fujitsu lightens the load with the uSCALE price estimator. This estimates the cost of consumption-based services, allowing businesses to see the benefits before changing. Companies will also be able to spend less time worrying about their IT costs and set-up, meaning they can focus their energy on other parts of the business to stimulate growth. Having the correct infrastructure in place will not just benefit a company financially. The gambling industry is one of the most regulated in the world, and keeping up to speed with all of the latest industry regulations and standards can be extremely difficult. The right architecture will allow companies to securely store and analyse their data, allowing them to adapt to any industry changes, as well as monitor player behaviour effectively and adhere to regulations. Fujitsu works closely with Intel and an ecosystem of partners to help operators put sustainability and ESG initiatives at the front of their business models. We have established our own net zero goals and want to work with like-minded companies that can help make the iGaming industry as a whole more sustainable and environmentally conscious. We are constantly looking for new technology and techniques to help make our products more efficient and reduce our carbon footprint. The iGaming industry is growing rapidly, and Fujitsu is here to help companies play a different game. Our fresh approach to hybrid cloud integration allows iGaming operators to transform their IT infrastructure with confidence.
Jake Graves
3 months ago
BETBY, the innovative sportsbook supplier, is set to make its debut Asian tradeshow appearance at SiGMA Asia, bringing its top-notch sportsbook package which covers a wide range of sporting events including virtual and esports. The brand has recently upgraded the product, with the addition of Cricket markets to its Bet Builder product range, which provides unique betting experiences which enhances BETBY’s differentiation within the industry. Cricket has become one of the most popular sports to bet on in recent years and with the 2023 Ashes currently taking place, players are seeking engagement with the sport in many forms. The integration of Cricket markets into Bet Builder 2.0 will allow players to create customised bets on the popular sport and enjoy even more flexibility when placing wagers. BETBY’s Bet Builder, which significantly boosts engagement and activity for clients, now boasts other sports including Ice Hockey and Basketball, with more sports soon to be added to widen BETBY’s content offering. This is the latest in product developments from the brand, with the array of opportunities within its product meeting the needs of operators in the region. SiGMA Asia will be held at the SMX, Manila’s largest expo centre, and the BETBY team will be located at Stand B04 from July 19th – 22nd to speak to partners about its modern B2B solution. Aglaja Geta, Senior Product Owner at BETBY, said: “We are incredibly excited to be attending SiGMA Asia and to make our debut in such a vibrant market.” “Our products are constantly evolving, bringing differentiation that appeals to players across regulated markets and we can’t wait to expand into Asia and are sure our content will resonate with players as our brand continues to grow.” To get in touch or arrange a meeting with Betby, please email .
Katy Micallef
3 months ago

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PointsBet penalised $25,000 for sports betting violations in New Jersey

PointsBet, the online sports betting platform, found itself in hot water as New Jersey gambling regulators identified three distinct violations of the state's sports betting laws. The company was subsequently slapped with a $25,000 fine.

The fine and violations

Although the penalty was officially imposed on August 23rd, it wasn't until nearly two weeks later, following a request from The Associated Press, that the New Jersey Attorney General's Office disclosed the details of the case.

As outlined on the website of the state's Division of Gaming Enforcement, an agreement was reached wherein PointsBet, headquartered in Denver, agreed to settle the matter by paying the $25,000 fine.

One of the infractions involved PointsBet accepting what are known as "pre-match" bets in August 2021 for games that were already in progress. Interestingly, all five of these bets originated from a single customer, who staked $13,500 and received $28,275 in winnings.

Upon discovering this error, the bets were promptly voided, and the initial bet amount was duly returned to the customer, a resolution facilitated by the gaming enforcement division.

The company told regulators “that it did not have an automated process in place to review the accuracy and timeliness of published markets,” according to the division.

“PointsBet stated that the ‘overwhelming’ number of matches offered through PointsBet made it ‘unrealistic’ to check and verify each event and the market offered for wagering,” the division wrote in a document outlining the charges against the company.

The division added that PointsBet attributed the problem to “an unresolved communication issue” between itself and a third party data feed provider.

As per the 2023 ICLG Gambling Laws and Regulations Report, New Jersey regulates sports betting through the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement and the New Jersey Racing Commission.

Admitting the mistakes

PointsBet, the online sports betting platform, found itself in a bit of a pickle due to two distinct betting mishaps.

Firstly, on March 25, 2022, they allowed bets on the St. Peter's men's basketball team, despite this underdog team's legendary "Cinderella" run through the NCAA tournament making them ineligible for betting in New Jersey. Remarkably, the St. Peter's betting market was open for just 55 minutes, and only two bets, totalling $60, were placed before being promptly cancelled.

PointsBet attributed this oversight to human error, as conveyed by the gaming enforcement division.

In another incident on October 29, 2021, PointsBet offered bets on a "League Of Legends" Esports competition. However, one of the players involved was only 17 years old, falling below the legal minimum age of 18 for betting. Four bets, amounting to $1,225, were initially accepted but were later voided.

The company admitted to regulators that they had neglected to verify the ages of the competitors before including the video game event on their betting platform. Since then, they have implemented a robust process to ensure such oversight doesn't recur.

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Efforts to expand gambling in North Carolina abandoned

Republican legislative leaders in North Carolina have abandoned their efforts to expand legal gambling within the state. 

They are instead, poised to pass a final budget forgoing the gambling expansion proposals which will instead trigger Medicaid coverage for hundreds of thousands of individuals.

GOP failings

GOP representatives in both the House and Senate have faced a plethora of challenges when attempting to acquire the necessary votes to authorise new casinos as well as regulate video game machines.

Attempts to include this gambling expansion in the forthcoming budget or the inauguration of a separate bill have faced heavy opposition.

Gaming in North Carolina

The Tar Heel State already has 3 operational casinos run solely by tribal entities, namely the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians and the Catawba Indian Nation.

This gambling proposal would create what were planned to be named “rural tourist districts” where gambling venues could have been constructed along with numerous other developments.

Legislators initially included provisions for the three casinos in Anson, Nash and Rockingham but the language included suggested further options that could have been explored such as one operated by the Lumbee tribe. 

Senate leader Phil Berger believing this to be the most prudent way forward, has cited a nearby casino in Danville, Virginia’s success as a serious consideration when weighing up the cost and benefits of casino expansion.

The benefits of expansion

It was agreed among developers that each location would have generated at least 1,750 jobs and over half a billion dollars in private investment.

Efforts to expand gambling in North Carolina abandoned.
Charlotte City, North Carolina, USA.

Additionally, owners of the video gambling machines authorised in the proposal would have been licenced and legalised under the state lottery commission. 

What’s more, is that fiscal analysis from General Assembly staff displayed that state funds would have been several hundreds of millions of dollars better off on an annual basis.

Opposition to expansion

Democratic Governor, Roy Cooper, has been a notable opponent of this expansion while also pushing his own agenda for Medicaid growth. 

The coming budget is set to bring Cooper’s goals to fruition and any hindrance to this success such as the inclusion of this gambling expansion proposal is seen as this very type of threat.

The position Cooper and his allies hold is one which was built when he signed an agreement in March that stated legislation inaugurated with a budget is required for any gambling expansion to occur.

At the time the expansion efforts had not gained nearly enough traction to pose an opposition. 

John Rustin, a member of the North Carolina Family Policy Council praised these legislative movements stating:

“The legislators stood their ground, under extreme pressure, to protect our state from the ravages of gambling, gambling addiction, and the predatory gambling industry.”


This shows the strong opinion held by many legislators across the US against the expansion or even legalisation of the gambling industry.

In light of the massive benefits being forgone, however, Berger made a statement heavily criticising the decision by the legislators in charge saying: 

“It was just pretty clear that the facts were almost beside the point as to what those proposals would do for rural areas. I’ve learned that in an environment like that, you’re unlikely to make any progress."

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Betting operators admit to restricting bettors in Australia

Multiple gambling companies in Australia have enacted restrictions on a particular type of bettor.

These restrictions target individuals who bet in a way which is seen as commercially unviable, such as profiting at an unusually high success rate when using promotional offers. 

A great deal of evidence has already surfaced as a result of a parliamentary inquiry conducted earlier this year which found that bookmakers have been limiting successful gamblers while encouraging high-risk and high-loss customers. 


These restrictions come in lieu of gambling companies becoming aware of the phenomena of groups of bettors exploiting discounted promotions.

This predominantly comes in the form of bettors creating multiple accounts to manipulate certain markets. 

Unfair use of promotions

Although this is a concern for gambling companies, a slowing or discontinuance of these types of gambling inducive promotions is not likely as they are most certainly an important tool for the industry.

It has been heavily suggested that gambling companies have been increasingly using these promotions to keep gamblers with a poor success rate betting.

This practice has been admitted to by the gambling companies in question who have claimed this has been used as a tool to combat the higher tax rates. Offsetting lost revenue from the new tax measures by continuing to entice gamblers who lose money at a higher rate to continue using their services. 

Restriction specifics

In 2021, operator Sportsbetting blocked a bettor's access to promotions and limited their regular market betting amounts.

Another instance saw Betr a News Corp-backed operator, restrict a bettor’s account from accessing a select number of promotions with several other smaller companies also following suit by bringing several restrictions from bettors that are deemed by company standards to be exploiting promotions.

A much larger operator in the Entain owner Ladbrokes has also stated that promotional offers were intended for recreational gamblers only and stated that the company would be willing to disqualify any individuals taking advantage of these promotions. 

Further to this statement, Ladbrokes also confirmed that the company does restrict certain accounts bet clarified that it does not block winning bettors.

Excessive use of promotions was also cited as a reason for restrictions by Australia’s largest betting company, Sportsbet. 

Clear intentions

From the statements given by numerous industry leaders, the stance of these companies has been clearly defined. 

As with any other aspect of their business model promotions are used to entice bettors but inevitably these are useless without restrictions of the nature described in order to maintain profitability and retain engagement.

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SiGMA Curaçao is right on the horizon, and in less than a week, it’s all set to kick off. Mark your calendars for September 25th to 28th, as this exciting event is brought to you by the Ministry of Finance in collaboration with SiGMA Curaçao.

Don’t miss out on this fantastic opportunity to become a part of something truly exceptional at SiGMA Curaçao. During this event, you’ll have the chance to gain priceless insights into the latest developments in gambling regulations, immerse yourself in the dynamic world of iGaming, and forge connections with influential figures within Curacao’s thriving industry.

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Curacao Minister of Finance and World Poker Tour® Unveil Inaugural Event in Celebration of New Gambling Legislation

Curacao, 15th September 2023 – A ground breaking collaboration between Javier Silvania, Curacao’s Minister of Finance, and the prestigious World Poker Tour® (WPT®) is set to kick off Curacao’s first ever major gambling industry event.  The "Minister of Finance in association with SiGMA" conference marks a pivotal moment for Curacao, highlighting its emergence as a revitalised jurisdiction on the international gaming stage.

The World Poker Tour is set to host the WPT Curacao Invitational Poker tournament on September 25th at the Dreams Curacao Resort , providing a fitting prelude to the SiGMA event. Drawing over 100 players from various avenues, including invited players, qualifiers from online satellite tournaments, and individuals from Curacao's own poker room, the tournament promises an evening of skill and drama.

“As a global-facing brand, we are happy to be a part of the gaming industry development in Curacao,” said WPT CEO Adam Pliska. “This event is set to be a great steppingstone for the expansion of poker in Curacao.”

The focal point of the tournament, the "main table," will include professional poker players from the WPT team in a captivating battle for the winner’s trophy and the prize pool estimated at up to $85,000. Importantly, the tournament's reach extends to the local community, granting them the chance to participate directly and experience the thrill firsthand.

Visit for information and registration.

The Minister of Finance extends a warm welcome to the World Poker Tour and this exclusive and exciting event. This landmark serves as a show of support from WPT in favour of Curacao's evolving gambling regulations which will improve the economic and reputational value of the island.

For media inquiries, registration, and further details, please use the following details:

General Contact: [email protected]
WPT Global: Catarina Jorge - [email protected]

About the World Poker Tour®

World Poker Tour® (WPT®) is the premier name in internationally televised gaming and entertainment with brand presence in land-based tournaments, television, online, and mobile. Leading innovation in the sport of poker since 2002, WPT ignited the global poker boom with the creation of a unique television show based on a series of high-stakes poker tournaments. WPT has broadcast globally in more than 150 countries and territories, and is currently producing its 21st season, which airs on Bally Sports in the United States. Season XXI of WPT is sponsored by is a unique online membership site that offers inside access to the WPT, as well as a sweepstakes-based poker club available in 43 states and territories across the United States, Australia, Canada, France, and the United Kingdom. WPT also participates in strategic brand license, partnership, and sponsorship opportunities. For more information, go to

©2023 WPT Enterprises, Inc. All rights reserved.

WPT, World Poker Tour and Spade Card Design are registered trademarks of WPT Enterprises, Inc. All rights reserved.

WPT Global is not available to persons physically located in the United States nor is there any intention to induce you or any other person located in the U.S. into engaging in any gambling with WPT Global or violating any local, tribal, state, federal, or national law or regulation. Recognizing that the laws and regulations involving online gambling are different everywhere, you expressly acknowledge and agree that it is your sole responsibility and obligation to ensure that any online gambling activities that you undertake are legal in your relevant jurisdiction.

Katy Micallef 2 days ago
Gambling Scams Worse Than Drugs – Philippine crime body

The head of the Presidential Anti-Organised Crime Commission (PAOCC) in the Philippines has issued a warning that local scam syndicates connected to online gambling now pose a threat to law and order on par with illegal drug use.

PAOCC Executive Director Gilbert Cruz said that online scammers, due to their higher earnings and greater difficulty in tracking, present a more challenging problem than drug dealers. He stated that “the problem with online scams is now worse than drugs”.

Cruz referred to data from the police Anti-Cybercrime Group, which indicated that in the year leading up to August, authorities had rescued 4,092 Filipinos and foreigners who had been deceived into working under conditions of slavery by scam syndicates.

During the first eight months of the year, there were 397 arrests related to cybercrime out of 16,000 police investigations, with more than half involving online scams. Most of the rescued victims were involved in activities linked to licensed foreign-facing online gaming operators (POGOs), a trend that has grown alongside the prevalence of online scamming in mainland Southeast Asia.

Cruz said that the risk of online scammers being caught was lower than for drug traffickers, since the former hide behind fake identities. Additionally, online operations are harder to trace and chase.

Philippine gaming regulator PAGCOR recently warned against the proliferation of websites using the PAGCOR logo without permission to mislead the public that their activities are connected with licensed offshore gaming in the Philippines. PAGCOR Chairman and CEO Alejandro H. Tengco said he strongly advised the public to exercise caution when accessing such online gaming websites because of the risks posed by identity theft and financial scams.  

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Shirley Pulis Xerxen 2 days ago
Bookmaking scandal casts doubt on MGM Resorts’ prospects in New York City casino licence race

The chances of MGM Resorts International (NYSE: MGM) winning two of the three highly sought-after full-scale casino licences in New York City have become complicated due to an unfolding bookmaking scandal in Las Vegas.

The bookmaking scandal

MGM Grand and Resorts World, operators of the Empire City Casino in Yonkers and the Resorts World Casino at the Aqueduct Race Track in Queens, were considered frontrunners in the state-run licensing process, which is expected to conclude next spring.

The uncertainty surrounding these licences emerged after Scott Sibella, the former head of the MGM Grand casino in Las Vegas, was compelled to resign as president and operating chief of Resorts World

The report noted Resorts World said Sibella's sudden exit from the company on Friday was "effective immediately" over "failing to disclose certain information required under company policies."

This news arrives at an inopportune and challenging moment for MGM, as they are presently recuperating from a recent cyberattack spree aimed at casino giants.

A deep-rooted story

According to a recent report, federal agents are investigating whether employees at MGM Grand, where Scott Sibella was president in 2017 and 2018, had been syphoning off company assets to pay gambling debts to bookie Wayne Nix. Nix had pleaded guilty in 2022 for operating a massive, illegal gambling operation and filing false tax returns.

The report also noted that this scandal could be a bigger problem for MGM Resorts International (NYSE: MGM) than Resorts World, as the former was allegedly involved in the conduct. However, Resorts World would still need to get rid of the stain.

This news could be beneficial for MGM’s rivals in the casino race. Some of the strong contenders include Bally’s Corp (NYSE: BALY), Caesars Entertainment Inc (NASDAQ: CZR), Las Vegas Sands Corp (NYSE: LVS), and Wynn Resorts Limited (NASDAQ: WYNN).

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Matthew Calleja 2 days ago
SiGMA Podcast explores Curacao’s gaming transition

In conversation with industry expert Aideen Shortt, the Founder and CEO of Lilywhite Consulting, who teamed up with SiGMA reporter Maria Debrincat, SiGMA's latest podcast unravels the intricate details of Curacao's latest regulatory transformations. Part 1 of this two-part series focuses on understanding the driving forces behind these pivotal changes, crucial dates in the regulatory calendar, and the anticipated effects on operators and the broader gaming ecosystem.

Aideen Short delving into Curacao's gaming transformation during the enlightening podcast session.

As Shortt delved into the motivations behind the legislative changes, it became evident that one of the key topics discussed in the podcast, is the urgent need to stimulate the island's economy and address the stark contrast in revenue generation when compared to other global gaming jurisdictions.

Aideen Shortt began by outlining the threefold motivation behind the legislative changes. First and foremost, the aim is to stimulate Curaçao's economy, which has not been fully capitalising on the potential revenue from the gaming sector. Currently, the government collects a relatively small license fee of 10,000 guilders per month per license, equivalent to approximately 250,000 Euros per annum, a stark contrast to other global jurisdictions, which generate hundreds of millions, if not over a billion Euros annually.

Secondly, the legislation seeks to foster local skills and employment opportunities within the gaming workforce. While there won't be immediate drastic changes, the long-term goal is to build expertise and make Curaçao a center of excellence in the high-tech gaming industry.

The third objective revolves around Anti-Money Laundering (AML) standards. The existing legislation falls short of the necessary international financial regulations, despite the majority of operators voluntarily complying with these standards. The new laws will mandate adherence, ensuring better financial transparency and security.

Shortt emphasised that the legislation isn't intended to destroy the gaming industry but to restructure it, aligning it with global gambling regulations and benefiting both the government and the people of Curaçao.

Key dates:

Switching gears, Aideen Shortt provided valuable information on key dates and application processes under the new legislation. September 1st marked a significant milestone in the process of regulatory changes in Curaçao. On this date, the Gaming Control Board (GCB) opened itself up to new license applications, signaling the beginning of a major transformation in the jurisdiction. It's worth noting that these applications are still being processed under the existing law, ensuring continuity for master licenses and sub-licenses. This portal is providing access to application forms and essential information. Notably, the portal has already garnered significant attention, with over 3,000 unique visitors and an average of 15,000 daily page views.

The introduction of direct licenses for operators is a notable change. While these direct license holders won't be permitted to issue sub-licenses, it presents a new avenue for operators seeking a more direct relationship with the gaming authority.

The registration process for existing sublicense holders is set to begin on November 1st. This registration serves as a census to identify who will continue operating under the new Gaming Authority when the legislation is enacted.

Crucially, the portal will open for direct operator license applications on November 15th. It's essential to clarify that this process falls under the current legislation and doesn't require complex local substance requirements. The application involves having a Curaçao-based company with a registered address and at least one local director. Supporting documentation includes standard forms, corporate disclosures, and personal disclosures for Ultimate Beneficial Owners (UBOs) and key personnel.

Aideen stressed that these requirements are straightforward and should not be a cause for concern. Successful applicants will receive a provisional license within approximately two months, allowing them to operate. They will then have six months to submit audited policies and procedures, completing the application process.

Staying current with regulatory changes:

Shortt emphasised the importance of staying up to date with regulatory changes, given the evolving nature of the gaming industry. The discussion centered around the impact of these changes on operators and the overall gaming ecosystem.

Operators moving to other jurisdictions:

Aideen addressed the speculation surrounding some operators considering relocation to other jurisdictions such as Anjouan and Canadian tribes. While acknowledging that businesses must make decisions that align with their interests, she pointed out the increased value of a Curaçao license in light of ongoing reforms.

The government's commitment to improving the jurisdiction's reputation and aligning with global standards is evident. It's clear that the Ministry of Finance and the Gaming Control Board are working diligently to make Curaçao an attractive and responsible gaming destination.

Government's expertise and support:

In response to concerns about the government's ability to navigate these legislative changes, Aideen assured that Curaçao has the necessary expertise and support. The legislation has undergone extensive input from industry stakeholders and experts, a process that has spanned months and, in some cases, years.

The legislative journey, while challenging, is progressing steadily. The legislation is now at the stage of the Council of Advice, the final step before it goes to Parliament. Aideen emphasised that while the process may be standard, it is essential to ensure that the resulting legislation is workable and attractive for all stakeholders.

Operational effects:

Regarding the operational effects of the new legislation, Aideen provided assurance that there will be no surprises for operators. The government's objective is to restructure the industry, not reinvent it. The upcoming regulations aim to align Curaçao with international gaming standards and practices.

Stay tuned for Part 2 of this series on SiGMA News where we'll provide you with practical insights into the operational effects of these regulatory changes, address concerns about AML, KYC, and responsible gaming, and explore the transition from the Gaming Control Board (GCB) to the Curacao Gaming Authority (CGA). Keep an eye out for the next piece where we'll continue to decode the intricacies of this evolving landscape.

Watch full podcast here:
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Maria Debrincat 2 days ago
PAGCOR signs MOA, moves closer to privatisation

PAGCOR (The Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation) yesterday announced another major move towards the privatisation of its casinos by partnering with the Development Academy of the Philippines (DAP) in facilitating its reorganisation process.

PAGCOR Chairman and CEO Alejandro Tengco said they tapped DAP’s technical assistance to comply with the requirements of the Governance Commission for GOCCs (GCG) in the implementation of its Compensation and Position Classification System or CPCS which is needed prior to privatisation.

“We thank the Development Academy of the Philippines for being a prime mover of competency building in government,” Mr. Tengco said. “We need their help to comply with the (documentary) requirements of the GCG and in our efforts to eventually implement the CPCS that our employees have been eagerly waiting for,” he said.

Mr. Tengco made the remarks after he and DAP President & CEO Atty. Engelbert Caronan, Jr. signed the Memorandum of Agreement for PAGCOR’s reorganisation. PAGCOR Vice President for Human Resource and Development Group Angelito Domingo and DAP Vice President for Mindanao Dr. Mark Lemuel Garcia also signed the agreement.

Mr. Tengco said he also wants to engage DAP in the facilitation and conduct of trainings for PAGCOR officers and employees to enhance their skills and competencies.

Mr. Caronan for his part expressed gratitude to PAGCOR for believing in DAP’s capability to help implement organisational changes that would be beneficial to the state gaming firm’s workforce.

“We would like to thank PAGCOR for their trust and confidence in this partnership; we are ready to provide the necessary technical services to make the agency GCG-compliant and help it carry out its reorganisation efforts,” he said.

The DAP is a government-owned and controlled corporation mandated to assist agencies and local government units in their development efforts by acting as a change catalyst and as capacity builder.

It helps facilitate the shaping of new government policies, crafting development programs and modernizing the management structure of government agencies and private enterprises alike.

Speaking to SiGMA Magazine in his first sit-down interview as PAGCOR Chairman and CEO, Alejandro H Tengco had said “the new management believes that as a government entity, it should have a clearly defined function. Having a dual role – as an operator and a regulator at the same time – is contrary to business ethics.”

Join the upcoming SiGMA event in Curaçao

SiGMA Curaçao is less than a week away. It will be held in from the 25 – 28 September. The event is hosted by the Ministry of Finance in association with SiGMA Curaçao

Don’t miss this exclusive opportunity to be part of SiGMA Curaçao, where you can gain valuable insights into the new gambling legislation, explore the thriving iGaming industry, and connect with key players in Curaçao. Check out all the details here.

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Shirley Pulis Xerxen 2 days ago
Trust is key in the gaming industry – Matthew Agius Mamo

In a recent SiGMA podcast, host Trevor Di Giorgio discussed anti-money laundering (AML) compliance and licensing in the gaming industry with Matthew Agius Mamo, CEO at AML/CFT compliance Solutions by Diligex.

Irrespective of the industry, the view that compliance is burdensome is outdated. Agius Mamo says that “there has been a culture change – from something which is misunderstood, to something that is intrinsic and a core part of any business, including gaming.”

A trust builder
Matthew Agius Mamo, Diligex
Matthew Agius Mamo speaking during the SiGMA podcast.

The gaming industry “has evolved drastically fast, starting from non-regulation to having a number of regulated markets to increasing regulation.” Regulation, adds Agius Mamo, needs to be viewed as a “trust builder” and once regulation is implemented in a way that benefits both the operators and the whole gaming ecosystem, the industry will continue to respond favourably.

The podcast host posits the possibility that current stringent regulations are deterring start-ups from setting up shop within EU jurisdictions, with the result that the market misses out on potential innovation. Agius Mamo replies that if regulation is in place for the purpose of establishing a favourable ecosystem, this, in turn, allows trust. This might be at the expense of losing out on operators who might be put off by the exigencies of stringent rules and regulations.

Bad apples in every industry

Agius Mamo dispels the myth that the gaming industry attracts more illegal operators than other sectors. The host asks how regulators can control and protect the market and customers from rouge operators. A two-pronged approach is necessary where deterrence and enforcement are in place, says Agius Mamo. “The focus needs to be on building trust and an efficient system”, where operators can regulate their policies, and compliance becomes a “business tool”. Agius Mamo adds that it is important for regulation to include incentives that make it “attractive” for operators to be compliant. From a responsible gaming perspective, licences and AML setups become a way for operators to protect their players, and “trust becomes a currency.” He adds, “if we have a system that is managed well, that is sustainable and that makes sense for what it is set out to achieve, there will be enough deterrence.”

Agius Mamo welcomes regulation that is set in place where parameters and standards are clear and not overly ambitious. This allows operators to obtain licences where they trust that fraud is taken seriously, and the jurisdiction does not pose any risk to the business. At the end of the day, Agius Mamo says, this is an entertainment industry where customers should be able to enjoy themselves with the peace of mind of an ecosystem that protects its users. In comparison to other industries, the gaming industry poses other complexities when it comes to manage elements such as cross border or transnational payments, since customers may not be aware when signing up of the necessity to provide personal and banking details.  

Maturity of the sector

Di Giorgio asks how regulation has evolved to encourage operators to maintain a balance between profit and compliance. Unlike other industries, the gaming sector is one where initially, operators were navigating an unregulated market. Over the years, the industry evolved to one that has several regulated jurisdictions. Agius Mamo says that the role of companies offering AML compliance solutions such as Diligex is “to understand, listen what are the business processes, what are the challenges being faced and what businesses want to achieve.”

Jurisdictions raising the bar

“Essentially if you have a number of jurisdictions looking to raise the bar, then you are going to end up with a situation where you have B2Bs who are unwilling to collaborate with underground operators.” The risk to their reputation and exposure to commercial and legal risks will eventually lead to heavy client loss. Agius Mamo continues, “if that bar is then set, it must become difficult enough for those that are in the underground sector to access the benefits of being part of the regulated ecosystem. If you have industry players that are allowing this to happen, then that is defeating the scope and it sinks the whole effort.”

The future of the industry

Agius Mamo predicts that any sort of EU level harmonisation is years away. In the immediate and short term, jurisdictions will “each have their own regulations and requirements ... in line with what they think is best for the jurisdiction.” He believes that eventually EU level initiatives, such as an AML Authority will be set up that will complement national jurisdictional powers.

Watch the podcast here.

Join the upcoming SiGMA event in Curacao

SiGMA Curacao is less than a week away. It will be held in from the 25 – 28 September. The event is hosted by the Ministry of Finance in association with SiGMA Curacao

Don’t miss this exclusive opportunity to be part of SiGMA Curacao, where you can gain valuable insights into the new gambling legislation, explore the thriving iGaming industry, and connect with key players in Curacao. Check out all the details here.

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Shirley Pulis Xerxen 2 days ago
Okta executive reveals wider scope of hacking incidents beyond MGM and Caesars

A security executive with knowledge of the situation revealed that the hackers who recently infiltrated the systems of prominent casino giants, MGM Resorts International and Caesars Entertainment, have also targeted three other companies operating in the manufacturing, retail, and technology sectors.

The wider scope of the cyberattack strings

David Bradbury, the Chief Security Officer of Okta, an identity management company, disclosed that since August, five of Okta's clients, including MGM and Caesars, have fallen victim to hacking groups known as ALPHV and Scattered Spider.

While Bradbury did not disclose the names of the other affected companies, he emphasised that Okta is actively cooperating with official investigations related to these security breaches.

These cyberattacks have once again drawn attention to ransomware attacks, which impact numerous companies each year, spanning industries from healthcare to telecommunications. As a result of these breaches, both MGM and Caesars witnessed a decline in their market value, and MGM continues to grapple with operational disruptions at its hotels and gaming establishments across locations, including Las Vegas and Macau.

Okta, headquartered in San Francisco and boasting a global clientele of over 17,000 customers, specialises in providing identity services, such as multi-factor authentication, to enhance the secure access of users to online applications and websites. The detection of multiple breaches among its clients prompted Okta to issue a warning last month, according to Bradbury, who emphasised the need to share insights with the broader industry due to the rapid occurrence of these incidents.

Details of the cyberattack - Caesars joins the list besides MGM Resorts

Recently, Caesars Entertainment, a prominent player in the casino industry, made headlines alongside its Las Vegas counterpart, MGM Resorts International, as they both disclosed being targeted in a cyberattack. In their official report submitted to the federal Securities and Exchange Commission, Caesars assured the public that, fortunately, the attack had not disrupted their casino and online operations.

Cyberattack string shakes casino giants Caesars and MGM
Established in 1996, Caesars Entertainment, previously known as Eldorado Resorts, is a Reno, Nevada-based American company specialising in hotel and casino entertainment. MGM Resorts International, on the other hand, is a prominent American hospitality and entertainment conglomerate. They manage destination resorts in key locations.

However, there's a catch. Caesars, headquartered in Reno and publicly traded, expressed their inability to provide an ironclad guarantee regarding the safety of personal information belonging to tens of millions of their valued customers. This vulnerability emerged following a data breach on September 7th, raising concerns about the exposure of driver's licence and Social Security numbers belonging to members enrolled in their loyalty rewards program.

It's worth noting that, even as this cybersecurity incident unfolds, Caesars has been actively expanding its horizons. In May, they launched the temporary Danville Casino, a strategic move while they work on the construction of a grand $650 million resort in the Schoolfield area.

“We have taken steps to ensure that the stolen data is deleted by the unauthorised actor,” the company said, “although we cannot guarantee this result.”

“Unofficially, we saw a group called Scattered Spider claimed responsibility,” Callow said. “They appear to be native English speakers under the umbrella of a Russia-based operation called ALPHV or BlackCat.”

“Scattered Spider also is known as UNC3944,” said Charles Carmakal, Chief Technical Officer at cybersecurity firm Mandiant. He called the group “incredibly disruptive and aggressive” in recent targeting of hospitality and entertainment organisations.

“They leverage tradecraft that is challenging for many organisations with mature security programs to defend against,” Carmakal said in a statement.

Mandiant said in a blog analysis published Thursday the group uses SMS text phishing and phone calls to help desks to attempt to obtain password resets or multifactor bypass codes.

“This relatively new entrant in the ransomware industry has hit at least 100 organisations, most of them in the U.S. and Canada,” Mandiant said.

Caesars and MGM Resorts respond

Caesars, a global casino behemoth, proudly holds the title of the world's largest casino owner. Boasting over 65 million Caesars Rewards members and a vast presence spanning 18 states and Canada, they operate under well-known banners like Caesars, Harrah's, Horseshoe, and Eldorado. Their portfolio also extends to mobile and online gaming, along with sports betting. Notably, company representatives remained tight-lipped, declining to respond to inquiries sent by The Associated Press via email.

In response to the breach, Caesars took swift action. They informed the SEC that they were actively offering credit monitoring and identity theft protection to their loyal customers enrolled in their rewards program. Fortunately, there is no evidence to suggest that the intruder gained access to member passwords or sensitive financial information like bank accounts and payment card details. Caesars affirmed that both their casino and online operations remain unscathed by this incident, continuing without disruption.

Caesars' disclosure closely followed MGM Resorts International, the largest casino conglomerate in Las Vegas, publicly sharing its own encounter with a cyberattack. The company detected the breach on a Sunday, prompting them to swiftly shut down computer systems at their properties nationwide in a bid to safeguard sensitive data.

This proactive measure had repercussions felt by customers; Las Vegas casino floors and reservations were impacted, with social media abuzz about credit card transaction failures, inaccessible cash machines, and locked hotel room doors. Even video slot machines sat dormant.

MGM Resorts boasts approximately 40 million loyalty rewards members and oversees tens of thousands of hotel rooms across Las Vegas, including iconic establishments like the MGM Grand, Bellagio, Aria, and Mandalay Bay. Their reach extends beyond U.S. borders, with properties also operating in China and Macau.

Ongoing fallout

In a company report filed with the SEC on Tuesday, they referred to their Monday news release regarding the cyberattack. The FBI confirmed an ongoing investigation but provided no further details.

As of Thursday, several of MGM Resorts' computer systems remained offline, including those handling hotel reservations and payroll. Despite this setback, company spokesperson Brian Ahern assured that their workforce, comprising 75,000 employees in the U.S. and overseas, would receive their pay on schedule.

Speaking from British Columbia, Canada, Callow emphasised the speculative nature of most media reports regarding these incidents. He noted that the information seemed to originate from the same entities claiming responsibility for the attacks. Callow highlighted that recovering from cyberattacks could be a protracted process, spanning months.

Callow also drew attention to reports he deemed "plausible," suggesting that Caesars Entertainment might have been asked for a $30 million ransom to secure its data and possibly paid $15 million. Notably, he pointed out that the SEC report from Caesars did not detail the measures taken to ensure the safety of the stolen data.

The largest known ransom paid to cyber attackers to date stands at $40 million, involving insurance giant CNA Financial. This payment followed a data breach in March 2021.

“In these cases, organisations basically pay to get a ‘pinky-promise,’” he said. “There is no way to actually know that (hackers) do delete (stolen data) or that it won’t be used elsewhere.”

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Matthew Calleja 3 days ago
UK Gambling Commission sets the record straight

The UK Gambling Commission yesterday penned an open letter to Racing Post readers, signed Andrew Rhodes, CEO. The Commission felt compelled to do so amid what it claims to be blatant publication of “imbalanced stories” by the digital newspaper on a daily basis. The letter was initially intended for the Racing Post readers page, to allow the Commission to clarify their position on the ongoing consultation and clear up any misunderstandings. The newspaper refused to publish the letter.

The letter, addressed to Racing Post readers, acknowledges that readers may have concerns about potential privacy issues regarding the Government and the Gambling Commission proposals in the ongoing consultation about proposed financial risk checks.

99.7% of customers not affected

The first misconception the letter clarifies is the assumption, fuelled by “the volume and nature of the coverage” by the racing post, that under the current proposals a good proportion of gambling consumers would have to be handing over payslips or bank statements when they want to place a bet. The reality is, continues the letter, the estimation is that just 3 percent of accounts would undergo financial risk assessments. Additionally, the Commission estimates that at most just 0.3 percent of account holders would ever be asked to directly provide the additional financial information that operators are already requiring of some customers. “This means 99.7 percent of customers would not be asked to directly provide any information.”

The letter continues with an invitation to the readers to have a say in the process. The financial risk checks consultation offers Racing Post readers the opportunity to engage in policy development, and the Commission invites the readers to submit their views on how the 0.3 percent of account holders could have their financial risk assessed without being asked for additional information.

Under the proposed changes, approximately 90 percent of financial risk assessments would be conducted through credit reference agencies and open-source banking via a regulated third-party provider. The Commission stressed that the checks would not grant gambling companies access to customers' complete bank account data. Any information received by operators can only be used for evaluating risks of harm, not for identifying or restricting winners.

Proposals exclusive to online gambling

The letter’s second clarification is that these proposals pertain exclusively to online gambling. They would not apply to betting in brick-and-mortar bookmakers or at the racetrack. While high street bookmakers may decide to conduct checks based on social responsibility or anti-money laundering concerns, the changes under consultation apply solely to online gambling.

Andrew Rhodes, CEO, UK Gambling Commission.
Final misconception

Lastly, the letter specifies the common misconception that credit checks impact credit ratings and could harm credit scores. However, the open letter stressed that these soft credit checks will not affect credit scores, and data on a customer's gambling behaviour will not be shared with the financial sector under these proposals.

The letter concludes with a reminder that with only four weeks remaining in the consultation, the Commission welcomes all responses to ensure a balanced approach between safeguarding individual gambling freedom and protecting the most vulnerable from gambling-related harm.

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SiGMA Curaçao is less than a week away. It will be held in from the 25 – 28 September. The event is hosted by the Ministry of Finance in association with SiGMA Curaçao

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Richard Brown steps down as CEO of GiG

Gaming Innovation Group (GiG) has officially announced the expected departure of Richard Brown from his position as CEO, effective from 18 September 2023. Mr. Brown will transition into a Board advisory member, lending his expertise and support until 31 December 2023. This transition marks an expected pivotal moment in GiG's strategic transformation.

GiG's path to enhanced growth

GiG, a major player in the gaming industry, initiated a comprehensive strategic review this year. The primary objective of this study was to split GiG into two separate entities. The move aims to maximize growth opportunities and provide each business with the strategic and financial autonomy required for its unique operational model. The result will be the creation of two industry-leading enterprises poised for accelerated growth.

Richard Carter, assuming the role of CEO for Platform & Sportsbook in August, has been entrusted with leading this business unit during this critical period of transition. Simultaneously, Jonas Warrer will continue his leadership as CEO of GiG Media. Petter Nylander, Chairman of the Board, will step into the role of Executive Chairman during the interim phase, overseeing the transition and strategic review process.

Richard Brown's non-operational support

Brown's departure from the CEO position signifies a strategic shift, allowing him to assume a supportive, non-operational role. His primary responsibility during this phase will be to facilitate the seamless handover to Richard Carter and provide continued support to the board of directors until the year's end. This transitional arrangement ensures that both new CEOs can lead their respective business units effectively, with the assurance of background support from Brown.

Commenting on these developments, Petter Nylander expressed the board's satisfaction with the progress made in splitting GiG into two distinct entities to gear the way forward for future expansion and enhance shareholder value. He acknowledged Richard Brown's instrumental role in this transformation and thanked him for his invaluable contributions to GiG over the years. Brown also shared his thoughts, highlighting GiG's strong strategic and operational position and his intention to support the company in a non-operational capacity until the close of the year.

The transition of leadership at GiG signifies a strategic repositioning aimed at propelling the company into a new era of growth and opportunity. The expertise and dedication of the departing CEO, Richard Brown, and the incoming leaders, Richard Carter and Jonas Warrer, promise an exciting future for GiG as it continues to evolve in the dynamic gaming industry.

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