A driving force for success

Maria Debrincat 1 year ago
A driving force for success

Ahead of this year’s summit, Anastasia Bauer, Head of Account Management, Betsoft Gaming, sat down with SiGMA to discuss the role a dedicated account management team plays in delivering success and what plans Betsoft has for the future.

As a long-established provider of slot games, what do your clients appreciate about Betsoft and how do you keep delivering?

Betsoft is probably one of the most well-known brands for instantly recognisable, high-quality slots. Founded in 2006, our original mission was to be the ultimate provider of exciting and immersive gaming. Betsoft is also known for quality over quantity as we release one to two new slots per month. This ensures our games are always fresh and maintain our high standards of narrative, gameplay, innovation in features and high win potential. In this way, player anticipation is assured and operator churn is reduced, creating a win/win for both. I think clients like our style, innovation and reliability – across everything we do – and that we provide guaranteed entertainment and delivery.

As Head of Account Management, my job is to guide and support the team so that Betsoft’s world-class service and customer support constantly retain and expand our existing customers’ exposure to the Betsoft product portfolio. In this way, we ensure that working with us is mutually beneficial.

Managing a remote working team based across multiple locations, I am also responsible for the success of my division in delivering and tracking profitable growth for our clients as well as providing a continuous learning environment for the account management team.

What are your strategies for staying organised and keeping the team on target?

Time management, planning and keeping on schedule – especially in meetings – is critical. These are learned skills and the more you practise, the better you get. Time management is probably the most essential skill to ensure a successful outcome, especially when people are working in different time zones and without the benefit of shared space except online.

Remote collaboration digital tools are a huge part of our work. Regular meetings, an open forum for discussion and a sense of mutual trust in both management and the team are key to keeping communications free flowing. We hold one-to-one video calls with each team member and regular group video calls so that we make the most of the digital space to create a sense of belonging – both within the team and across the department.

We also focus on team building through regular brainstorming and group discussions over digital space. Keeping everyone on target then becomes less complicated.

What are the most important skills for building good client relationships in our industry?

Building a rapport with clients is the keystone to good client relations. Effective account managers usually are both analytical and personable. This means that clients can rely on the person who is managing their business and trust them to understand their criteria for success.

My role is to help my team build this rapport with customers, to think strategically about partnership opportunities and solutions and how to collaborate and communicate with high-level stakeholders.

Clear communication, internally and externally, is vital. Our customers need to be completely confident that the account managers are there for them through any challenges. Full understanding of the customer’s pain points and goals in order to identify opportunities for added value and collaboration is how we demonstrate that we go above and beyond and that we are invested in their success.

What new trends are you seeing and how are you responding?

iGaming is possibly one of the fastest-moving and most innovative industries so change is continuous. We expend considerable resources on market research and player feedback. In addition, our design team is both global and highly imaginative. This combination of feedback and creativity ensures that we not only respond to trends, but that we are also at the forefront of them.

As more markets regulate and open, we see a mix of older, more experienced players looking for constant improvement in the experience – whether through increased gamification or higher win potential. However, many players are also looking for simplicity. This makes them lean towards traditional table/card games; or vintage style such as 80s’ fruit-themed slot machines for example. Our table games have also seen a recent uptick alongside our more ‘traditional’ slots. Releases such as Fruit Bat Crazy™ (2019) to our July 2022 release, Wilds of Fortune™, are a perfect fit for this trend. There is also a growing player base of women who are new to iGaming and that is having an impact on our game design, including narrative and volatility levels.

Our in-game promo tools Take the Prize™ and, more recently, Tournament, have been launched to enhance the player experience. Take the Prize™ offers surprise wins or prizes without interrupting gameplay or affecting the RTP. Tournament appeals to the more high-risk players as it brings a new dimension to immersive play through boosting promotions with real-time gamification for substantial win opportunities.

How successful has the release of your latest in-game products been?

Very. We launched two network promos this year. The first was Take the Prize™ Mystery Drops .Ten daily promotions across 27 Betsoft games included our top performing release Gemini Joker™, plus old favourites Take Olympus™ and Primal Hunt™. A total Prize Pool of €60,000.00 for 800 cash prizes saw bets up by 25% and player participation by 30%.

Our second network promo saw bets up by 40%+, rounds played up by 40%+ and a staggering 50%+ uplift in player participation across more than 40 slots. The line-up included newer releases such as Winds of Wealth™ and Wilds of Fortune™ as well as older releases Tiger’s Claw™ and Quest to the West, plus the total prize pool was increased to €70,000 across 1,000 cash prizes.

Operator participation has also been excellent throughout our promotions and helped ensure their success.

What would you say is the driving force behind Betsoft’s success?

Betsoft has over 16 years’ experience in iGaming and is renowned for its consistent delivery of high-quality slot releases. However, innovation is critical. We have incorporated significantly revised and improved features into our recent and upcoming releases. Whether it is the impressive jackpot in the Halloween themed release Rags to Witches™, the design of a real life/personalised casino experience in Wilds of Fortune™ or the exciting split symbol win potential in our newest release Trinity Reels™, we ensure our clients and players always enjoy experiential gaming with Betsoft.

What can we next expect from Betsoft?

More fantastic slot releases, more innovation in our designs and a new direction in 2023. Our next scheduled releases are Sleighin’ It™, our Christmas themed game which offers a progressive jackpot as well as an innovative walking reels feature; and Golden Dragon Inferno™, part of the Red Dragon™ series, which brings a ‘Hold and Win’ feature for extra excitement. Added to the almost unlimited winning symbols combination potential, Golden Dragon Inferno™ will be one of the most exciting releases around so we are expecting a positive reception from our clients.

We are currently working on some new, experimental styles of game. This is a different direction for us and we are looking forward to mixing things up whilst still delivering our signature quality experiences.

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