A look at SiGMA’s previous trailblazing think tanks and industry heavyweights

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A look at SiGMA’s previous trailblazing think tanks and industry heavyweights

SiGMA’s conferences are packed with systematic, organised and insightful content from inspirational speakers. Throughout the years, SiGMA’s expo has seen various famous figures make their way on stage. For the coming year, expect bigger, expect better

As an events company, SiGMA has always had a keen focus on bringing people together. Since its inception in 2014, the SiGMA Summit has served as a nexus for a rapidly expanding and broadening network of gaming enthusiasts and visionaries.

Our previous SiGMA Conferences have drawn policymakers, influencers, thought-leaders, and C-Suite executives from the gaming space across the globe and connected them to our audience.

The SiGMA Americas conference will begin with a full day of networking and conference debates for delegates with events ranging from the popular Esports and Poker Tourney as well as the Gaming Awards evening.

In this post, we’ll look at some of the pioneers in the industry who were more than willing to share their insights and vision through keynotes, panel discussions, and fireside chats with our delegates throughout the years.

Nolan Bushnell:

Atari founder and Pong Creator Nolan Bushnell is rightfully regarded as the father of electronic gaming. Bushnell created his first computerized video game, “Computer Space,” in 1970, after being fascinated by the combination of computers, visuals, and fun. Bushnell has started over 20 businesses. He has experience in a variety of industries, including computers and robots. The games made by Bushnell’s firms during the next few years, such as Asteroids, spawned not only the video arcade but an entire industry that thrives today. Bushnell’s contribution to the SiGMA ecosystem is critical and well valued.

Calvin Ayre:

Calvin Ayre, a well-known figure in the gaming business, is as genuine a success story. Ayre rose through the ranks of global entrepreneurship through his determination and a good eye for opportunity. Calvin saw the Internet’s promise early on and became one of the first digital millionaires of the twenty-first century. Ayre founded the online gambling startup Bodog in 2000, and its success made him a billionaire. As the popularity of online gaming grew in the mid-2000s, Ayre’s fame grew, landing him on the cover of Forbes magazine’s annual Billionaires edition in 2006 and on Star magazine’s “Most Eligible Billionaire Bachelors” list in late 2007. Ayre’s dedication to the business has won him a distinct place in the industry.

Roberto Carlos:

The 2002 World Cup and three-time Champions League winner Roberto Carlos has made a visit to SiGMA’s conference. Roberto Carlos spent 11 seasons with Real Madrid, earning numerous major awards, including three European Cups. He left Madrid in 2007 after helping the club win another La Liga title. He holds the Whites’ all-time record in games played by a foreigner. The football legend attended the summit followed by an exclusive dinner as the guest of honour with some of the most prominent innovators and regulators in the gaming and blockchain space.

Djibril Cisse:

SiGMA’s event in Europe in 2021 featured another significant football star who has had an outstanding career playing for some of the world’s best clubs, including Liverpool and Marseille. Cisse’s overcoming serious injury setbacks was an embodiment of persistence and character, and he joined the Betiton team as a partner in its marketing and growth drive. Cisse announced during his participation at SiGMA Europe that he is surrendering his football shoes for a job as a DJ and is looking forward to his new adventure.

Queen Diambi Kabatsuila:

Even The Royal Highness of Congo herself has made it to SiGMA’s events. Activist and businesswoman Queen Diambi is the traditional queen of the Order of the Leopard of the Bakwa Luntu tribe in Central Kasaï once part of the historic Kingdom of Luba. Apart from her ruling, Queen Diambi is also the Founder and Board Director of the Elikia Hope Foundation, New York, USA. The Queen is Vice President of FONKABE non-profit in Kinshasa, D.R. Congo and the Director of Public Relations of the PanAfrican Council of Traditional and Customary Authorities, Cotonou, Benin. In London, United Kingdom the World Indigenous Forum is also chaired by the respectable Queen herself.With an excellent personality, very open, and in the best of moods, Queen Diambi promotes Africa’s ideals and works for mankind and the conservation of the planet around the world on SiGMA’s stage.


Andrea Domingo

In her opening keynote, Philippine gaming regulatory body (PAGCOR) Chairperson and CEO Andrea Domingo set the tone for SiGMA’s show with a strong message of support for SiGMA’s initiatives, saying, that she believes that what SiGMA is doing is extremely important to the industry. Her advocacy for leadership on the grounds of the Philippines’ gaming potential added a powerful overtone to the SiGMA’s Summit in terms of both hope and regulatory insight. Andrea Domingo has previously also been featured as the cover story of SiGMA magazine’s 12th issue. Read the digital edition here. She also headlined the SiGMA Asia Digital Summit back in  June 2020. 

A number of well-known faces have already been confirmed to join our upcoming expos. Join the fun, enticing topics and heated debates in every corner of the globe with SiGMA World’s Gaming Festival.

Join us for SiGMA Americas – Toronto:

Toronto is the perfect hub for SiGMA’s growth in North America, making it a nexus of networking and business development in the region with regards to land-based, iGaming, sports betting, and more. Playing host to a massive iGaming industry, Toronto will be the home for the SiGMA Group’s initiative to link the industry pioneers of the continent together for 3 days of networking, workshops, and awards. To learn more about sponsorship and speaking opportunities or to inquire about attending the event, please contact Sophie on [email protected].

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