Are slots still king? – Introducing new products in a slot-heavy market

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Slots remain the most popular product in online casinos around the globe with studios developing new games on a weekly basis to help operators attract and entertain players.

In the last few years, we have however seen an increase in non-traditional content hitting the market, including crash and multiplayer titles. SiGMA spoke to FunFair Games to find out more about the challenges and benefits of launching new verticals in a competitive space.

1] What are the challenges in launching new verticals in the RMG sector?
From a development perspective, innovation involves tackling some complicated maths and the potential for error increases the more complex the maths gets. Meanwhile, the inherent volatility of some new formats can cause concern. Developers may for example feel that their maths model is broken if players seem to be winning too much after the initial release.

It can be quite difficult to convince operators and distributors to back a new format because of the element of risk, as there is no previous history of success to rely on and no one can guarantee how players will react. Additionally, something that we have come across is that online casinos don’t always have a defined space for new content. New verticals create new territory for most operators, and they have to decide how they want to present these products on their sites.

With the above in mind, it’s crucial that suppliers take time to inform and educate companies about who they are and what they do. By informing operators, you’re allowing them to prepare and better educate their existing player bases. At FunFair Games, we’re keen to build a closer relationship with casino operators, where we can present our suite of non-traditional and arcade style content in a useful manner and ensure our partners understand the full potential it has to offer.

2] Can suppliers ‘survive’ on these products only or do you think some slot products in the offering are a must?
It’s no secret that there is now a considerable supply of slots in the market, with the vast majority being reskins of old mechanisms and hackneyed themes. By not providing an authentically different gaming experience, studios are seeing new slot titles fail to resonate with players who want something new and exciting. A few years back, you could make a strong argument that slots were a must have for all developers, however that isn’t the case anymore.

We believe that if we build the suite of games that we have in mind, then we’re confident that these products will be successful and can survive on their own merit and compete with premium slot products. This isn’t to say that FunFair Games won’t produce slots in the future, but right now, our primary focus is on creating tailor-made content for the non-traditional and arcade vertical.

3] Is it difficult to convince the industry to adapt to new concepts?
History will show that this has always been challenging and it often takes some time for new formats to be accepted in the marketplace. We believe that the time for change is upon us and we’re focused on creating a unique and diverse portfolio of new products that will reinvent the industry and appeal to both new and existing players.

In order to progress more swiftly and tackle the challenge of selling new concepts, it’s critical to work closely with operators. Our commercial mindset and sales approach includes educating online casinos about our pioneering titles, and this will definitely improve the process of convincing the wider industry in accepting new concepts.

4] What are the benefits of offering something different?
It’s beneficial to everyone. Operators gain something unique which helps them build out a more diverse portfolio, while players get to play more modern and innovative titles. As a supplier, it means that we can stand out from the crowd by offering products that are hard to come by. As we’ve seen in other gaming sectors, being first to market with a new type of game can be extremely lucrative and gives you an advantage.

Moreover, having a product portfolio that revolves around different products can be a catalyst for further innovation, which could potentially generate more breakout hits and evergreen formats. Recycling the same fundamental ideas can be quite demotivating for mathematicians, artists and coders, but if there is a genuine commitment to develop something new, it promotes curiosity and keeps the creative juices flowing.

Carlo Cooke.

5] How much innovation can we expect to see in this space with more and more suppliers now developing non-traditional content?
There’s still a lot more to come. The non-traditional vertical offers more creative freedom to try new things and explore fresh ideas and therefore there’s a great opportunity for more innovation.

A new gaming vertical demands new game formats, hence our desire to create such content and hopefully become a leading supplier in this vibrant space. With the prospect of creating ground-breaking games, we’re excited with what the future might hold.

If you want to find out more about FunFair Games and its non-traditional content offering, Carlo Cooke will attend SiGMA Europe in Malta November 14th – 18th where he will be available for meetings to showcase the studio’s product offering.

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