Barbara Bang: How to conquer LatAm  

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The Barbara Bang brand is thriving in LatAm. What makes this possible?

Today, the casino market in LatAm is actively developing, so providers are striving to get as much share as possible. Also, this is an excellent chance for young companies to outperform eminent competitors, thanks to their enthusiasm and ambition.

The most crucial issue developers needed to understand was the players’ mentality and the market’s peculiarities. And those who hit the target are now successful in this region. Barbara Bang spared no expense for the big-data platforms for in-depth monitoring and analytics, research, data management, and application of neuromarketing in LatAm, which paid off. Therefore, localisation is one of the most vital points of this provider.

As a result, Barbara Bang’s Team was able to find ways to integrate qualitatively into the region, thanks to:

Data in marketing technology. The company can track the efficiency of content and capture metrics such as retention, engagement, session length, session frequency, and screen flow.

Using data from Google. The provider analyses and applies Google requests from residents of the region.

User engagement. The Team focuses on effective onboarding and maintains a balance between an abundance of features and an intuitive interface for retaining customers from the first contact and increasing product value.

Merging psychology and marketing. The participation of a psychologist in game development and product promotion through neuromarketing is a must-have for Barbara Bang.

Get the most out of internet speed in LatAm. Barbara Bang managed to speed up the launch of slots.

Cooperation with sound producers. The company allocates a budget to work with music consultants who help to choose the right tune or create it from scratch.

Mathematics. Experienced mathematicians create unique algorithms that form the basis of the slots engine and, as a result, suit the operators and players of LATAM.

Deep analysis of target audience preferences. For instance, the provider’s analysts found that users from LatAm are more interested in rockets than airplanes. So the company’s first Rocket Bang crash game uses a missile.

Currencies. If a partner needs to add a new currency, they just need to make a request to the Team, and it will be implemented quickly.

It is worth noting that the figures for LatAm have risen in eight months. The Team plans to increase brand presence in these markets before the end of the year and, in 2023, move to deeper integration into Europe via the obtainment of local B2B licenses and certification of games, using its successful approach.

€500,000 Big Bang Tournament

Let’s start with the basic facts:

  •       Barbara Bang covers all costs 
  •       The provider’s API adds prizes automatically
  •       Tournament continues all year round
  •       Positive impact on raising LTV, increasing the average bet, and maximizing ROI

That is why the event requires special attention. 

So, the €500,000 Big Bang Tournament is the company’s most significant and premier event, helping operators keep players’ attention. Although the event was created to entertain gamers and boost casinos’ activity, it affected the average bet. Before the start of the Tournament, this figure was around €0.28, but today, it sometimes reaches €0.52 for partners.

Thus, we can conclude that the Tournament has become not just entertainment for the players but also a profitable tool for operators. By the way, Barbara Bang Team is ready to create a unique branded event for a specific casino platform.

One more fascinating fact 

And finally, an interesting fact about the name of the company. When the provider is asked why the name is Barbara Bang, they reply that all punters have been dreaming about a symbol with BAR on a slot machine screen since the days of land-based casinos. When the three characters got together, the BANGing winning line gave the desired win! So, they decided to implement retro ideas into a modern title Barbara Bang.

It can be assumed that cooperation with this company is like putting together BAR symbols in one line.

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