Best strategy for acing betting and gambling ads in the new iGaming season

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Best strategy for acing betting and gambling ads in the new iGaming season

Gambling and betting ads have always been a goldmine for digital marketers, and that won’t change any time soon.

To help you to capitalize on this ripe-for-the-taking market, we asked Mikhail Zhukov, Adsterra’s sport betting analyst, to share his insights on how to create the perfect iGaming campaign.

General Tips — How to Amplify Any Betting/Gambling Campaign
Before we start talking about the specifics, here are some general tips that can skyrocket your profits without any further adjustments:

  • Focus on the major events — start your promo about 2 weeks prior to their start and raise the rates 3 or 4 days before the event.
  • Don’t forget about A/B testing.
  • Don’t go too hard on the bids — try to outbid your competitors but don’t double their bids, especially at the start.
  • Mind the timezones when setting up time range targeting.
  • Start with CPM — this pricing model is a lot more stable and reliable.

Ad Formats
There are quite a few options to choose from but we found two ad formats to be the most effective for gambling and betting: popunders and in-page pushes.

Great for all GEO tiers, this format is a sure-way of creating a profitable iGaming campaign. Popunders let you immediately redirect users to the offer’s landing page. A good landing page weeds out passerbys but motivates your target audience to go one step further.

This is perfect for gambling and betting but requires having a strong pre-lander/landing — they should be very specific and contain some motivation, like the odds of primary betting outcomes or some bonuses from the bookmaker (preferably, both).

In-page pushes
In-page pushes are also great at driving iGaming traffic. There are many variations of them but our favorite is Adsterra’s Social Bar — it is highly customizable, which is perfect for gambling and betting ads, which, as we have mentioned previously, greatly benefit from being focused on specific events.

While you don’t really need them for Popunders, creatives are vital when using the in-page pushes and Adsterra’s Social Bar. Here are some templates we found to return high CR for gambling/betting offers:

In-Page Push templates
Skin type: Social → Style: All styles
Skin type: Custom → Style: Compact

Icon Notifications
Skin type: Simple Bubble → Style: all styles

Custom Widgets
Skin type: Classic Widget → Style: Big
Try to include more info about specific events, betting odds, and bonuses like promo codes. You can also experiment with fancy mechanics like gamification but we recommend starting simple, with basic templates.

Targeting and limits

Finally, let’s talk about the cornerstone of your campaign: targeting. Daily limit is very important — $50-100 can give you a great start — and so is the hourly one (we recommend setting it at around $4.16). For frequency, go for 2/24, 1/18, or 1/12.

Advertising during the 2022 FIFA World Cup (Qatar)
So many articles and predictions have been rolled out about the 2022 FIFA World Cup, but I’d like you to look at this event from a different angle.

Everyone is expecting two epic stars to show their best. It won’t be an exaggeration to boldly claim that lots of spectators will watch the World Cup to catch Lionel Messi’s kicks. “A tribute to Messi,” that’s what they call it. Those who don’t say that, wait for Ronaldo’s thunderbolt shots =)

One thing about this long-awaited World Cup: players’ and fans’ emotions are ramped up. They’re expecting great, legendary struggles. That’s why staying on the same wave in your ads is critical. Make your narrative as native as possible: if you’re a fan, show it by speaking your heart out. But keep your mind cold, nevertheless.

This time, everybody will be watching the epic battles of Poland and France squads. One of the most promising matches is Spain vs. Germany.

Ok, I’ve looked through the fixtures and marked the hottest matches I recommend you spotlight.
And here are the top geos to drive traffic from: FR, DE, CH, AT, BR, AR, MX, GH, NG, MX, PE, CL, KE, CO, IT, BG, RO, GR, VN, TH, PH, BD, IN, ID, PL

NOV 20
Qatar – Ecuador

NOV 21
England – Iran

NOV 22
Argentina – Saudi Arabia
Mexico – Poland
France – Australia

NOV 23
Germany – Japan
Spain – Costa Rica
Morocco – Croatia
Belgium – Canada

NOV 24
Brazil – Serbia
Portugal – Ghana

NOV 25
England – USA

NOV 26
Poland – Saudi Arabia
Argentina – Mexico
France – Denmark

NOV 27
Spain – Germany
Croatia – Canada

NOV 28
Brazil – Switzerland
Portugal – Uruguay

NOV 30
Poland – Argentina
Tunisia – France

Costa Rica – Germany
Japan – Spain
Croatia – Belgium

Cameroon – Brazil
South Korea – Portugal

The roaring… UFC fights
Our next stop — if one ever dares to call it “a stop” — is UFC. Get ready 2-3 days before the fight. On weekends, unleash your limits and make money! I expect all this set to send you excellent profits if you set up and optimize your campaign with zeal.
Geos to target: US, CA, RU, KZ, UA, BG, ES, IT, FR, DE, BR, AR, CO, DO, MX, PE

NOV 19
UFC Fight Night: Lewis vs. Spivac
Location: UFC APEX, Las Vegas, NV

UFC Fight Night: Thompson vs. Holland
Location: Amway Center, Orlando, FL

DEC 11
UFC 282: Procházka vs. Teixeira 2
T-Mobile Arena, Las Vegas, NV

DEC 17
UFC Fight Night: Cannonier vs. Strickland
UFC APEX, Las Vegas, NV

Good luck, and don’t forget that you can always contact Adsterra managers if you have any questions!

Saying goodbye to 2022, facing fully-forward towards 2023

That’s a wrap on 2022, and what a terrific year it has been! We at SiGMA Group are incredibly grateful to all the delegates, collaborators, sponsors and of course, the core team itself whose hard work and support is crucial to hosting the landmark quality events everyone has come to associate with the name SiGMA.

That being said, the world keeps on turning, and so shall the wheels of this event-hosting machine that was kickstarted in 2014. Coming right up is SiGMA Group’s premier event into Africa, with Nairobi 2023 set for next January. Visit our webpage for more information!

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