Betlabs emerges victorious at SiGMA Africa Startup Pitch

Katy Micallef 1 month ago
Betlabs emerges victorious at SiGMA Africa Startup Pitch

In a thrilling showdown at the SiGMA Africa Startup Pitch taking place in Cape Town’s SunWest Exhibits, Betlabs secured a resounding victory, clinching the coveted trophy for their groundbreaking sports betting innovation, Boost Bets. 

Speaking to SiGMA News, Founder and CEO, Johnny Coetzer, shared his experience, remarking on the nerve-wracking yet immensely gratifying nature of pitching to a room brimming with enthusiasts.

Coetzer attributed their success to the exceptional potential of their product, describing it as a game-changer set to revolutionize the sports betting industry. Drawing parallels to the popular concept of crash games, he expressed pride in Boost Bets being likened to the “crash game of the sports industry.”

Hailing from South Africa, Boost Bets injects a surge of excitement into conventional wagering, offering a unique sports betting experience. Unlike traditional markets, Boost Bets dynamically adjusts payouts based on the margin of victory, creating a slot-like betting atmosphere. Coetzer emphasized the adaptability of their product to various live and virtual sports, designed for both punter enjoyment and operator profitability.

Key Features of Boost Bets:

  • Innovative Market Approach: Unlike traditional sports betting, Boost Bets focuses on the margin of victory, offering punters larger payouts for significant wins by their chosen teams or players.
  • Versatility: Boost Bets transcends the boundaries of a single sport or event type. Their API seamlessly integrates with various sports, including soccer, NFL, NBA, and Virtual Sports.
  • Reliable Margins: Behind the scenes, Boost Bets employs a sophisticated, patented algorithm, verified through extensive Monte Carlo simulations, ensuring a trustworthy margin for operators.
  • Engagement: Unlike conventional markets that may lose appeal before the final whistle, Boost Bets keeps punters engaged until the end, as each goal for their team potentially results in a bigger payout.
  • The Slot Machine of Sports Betting: Introducing the Variable Rate of Return (VRR), Boost Bets pioneers the first fixed odds market with VRR in the sports betting industry, adding an enticing and unique dimension for both operators and bettors.

As Betlabs celebrates their victory, the industry eagerly awaits the transformative impact of Boost Bets, anticipating a new era in sports betting with this innovative and engaging platform.

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