Beyond the Gold. What’s sparking buzz at SmartFastPay?

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Beyond the Gold. What’s sparking buzz at SmartFastPay?

If you’ve been following SiGMA events, you might have crossed paths with the SmartFastPay stand in Malta in November 2023. SiGMA Malta 2023 marked their debut as an exhibitor, showcasing a campaign centered around their White Label technology and Instant Pay In and Pay Out solutions for Brazil and Colombia.

Imagine the surprise for those who encountered SmartFastPay in Dubai during the SiGMA Eurasia Summit in February, only to find a stand announcing expansion into 5 new countries in Latin America, Australia, 11 countries in Africa, and 12 in Asia.

Just three months separated one event from the other, and in that time, Smart not only had much more to show the community but also hosted a raffle that stirred SiGMA’s corridors.

With their “Networking is Gold” campaign, they gathered hundreds of individuals who exchanged their business cards for a chance to win a 24k Gold iPhone 15 Pro. In the middle of many significant exhibitors, Smart found a way to stand out, reinforcing what SiGMA does best: the opportunity to connect with the people driving the iGaming market worldwide.

In a conversation with Luann Peixe, CTO of Smart, we discussed the challenge of integrating so many countries with different legislations and preferences into a single API. He told us that Smart, while being a technology company, designs its products with the people they affect in mind. A unified integration API simplifies and speeds up the integration for their merchants and clients eager to enter these emerging markets. Similarly, when customers interact with platforms like Digital Casinos and Sports Betting, finding payment methods they know and trust helps break down barriers of distrust and increases transaction success rates.

And Smart knows about success rates. In a report released with their 2023 figures, they revealed that with over 6 million transactions, they maintained a success rate of 98.5%. Luann gave us a heads-up that the 2024 numbers are on track to break all those records.

One thing is for sure: Smart promised in Dubai that another 24k Gold iPhone would be waiting for its new owner in São Paulo during BIS SiGMA Americas. But more than that, they’re preparing a special gift that we don’t want to spoil. However, I can confidently say it will change the winner’s world.

As we approach SiGMA São Paulo, one thing is certain: SmartFastPay is set to make something memorable. Be sure not to miss stand D100 and be part of it. After all, Networking is Gold!

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