Bitcoza is Saving the Planet One Spin at a Time

Maria Debrincat 2 years ago
Bitcoza is Saving the Planet One Spin at a Time

The world’s first charity casino, Bitcoza, ensures the survival of the world’s most severely endangered species through 50% income donations

Bitcoza has launched the first charity bitcoin online casino in the world, ensuring the survival of the world’s most severely endangered species.

Several people prefer to donate to organisations that help endangered animals, some choose to live an environmentally responsible lifestyle, and others choose to actively volunteer. Bitcoza is giving you the option to do your part while entertaining yourself on its platform.

The World's best charity casino
The world’s best charity casino – Bitcoza.

Many of us are enthralled by the natural world that surrounds us. We can help repair some of the damage that has already been done and ensure that wonderful species do not become endangered by making some small changes. 

The team is currently collaborating with more than 10 charities some of which include the Worldwide Fund for Nature and the International Fund for Animal Welfare. 

Through this collaboration, the casino is helping in creating a recovery plan when it comes to identifying species on the edge of extinction and bringing them back. 

Bitcoza donates a significant portion of 50% of its profits to partner organisations such as the WWF, which are fighting to protect habitats, improve laws, and assist captive breeding initiatives. These aren’t one-time payments or modest acts of kindness; they’re regular and continuous promised contributions. This casino is also the first to advocate the future of the planet. 

Bitcoza offers a completely unique and original loyalty program, with the greatest bonuses in the gaming industry. When joining this casino, players realise that the platform offers a 12-level loyalty program, in contrast to other casinos, which usually award colors, stars, or virtual elements online. Each of Bitcoza’s 12 levels represents an increasingly endangered species to which gamers can donate.

By playing at Bitcoza, gamers can help fund conservation programs, reform laws, protect ecosystems, and reintroduce animals back into the wild, making the future of these critically endangered species a little brighter. 

Not just by being fairly fully licensed with a Curacao Gaming Licence and obtaining games from licensed suppliers, but also by delivering provably fair games, the site strives to make the gaming business fairer and more trustworthy. 

Although this is a charity casino, it is no different than any other casino when it comes to bonuses and game offerings. Players can enjoy the most popular games from well-known gaming providers in the industry. From slots, mega ways, and live casino titles there are more than 1000 offerings available. Become a VIP player and get unique offers and special gifts from Bitcoza. When joining the Loyalty club players have a Welcome no wagering bonus of up to €30150. A casino welcome bonus is offered upon registration, usually against a deposit, to all new players. Bitcoza also offers a Welcome no deposit bonus of up to €5.

Being the first casino that provides no-wager real-money bonuses, the platform also accepts deposits and withdrawals of funds in cryptos. This is the first casino to offer real money bonuses in such large numbers that players can withdraw their winnings without having to complete onerous and frequently near-impossible wagering requirements.

Bitcoza’s aim is to make the world a better place while at the same time still providing a safe and fun environment for players to discover their favorite games. 

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