Brown’s Camino de Santiago challenge powered by SiGMA Foundation raises funds for school complex in Ethiopia

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Brown’s Camino de Santiago challenge powered by SiGMA Foundation raises funds for school complex in Ethiopia

SiGMA Foundation’s challenge proved to be a massive success as team members worked and trained together whilst keeping the fund-raising cause at the forefront of their mission

Another edition of The Brown’s Camino de Santiago challenge, organised by the SiGMA Foundation came to the fore earlier this month. All 27 members set off from Sarria converging on the fabled Santiago de Compostela cathedral, having trekked 120km of Spanish farmlands and forestry to get there. Emotions ran high, tears were shed, hugs exchanged and beautiful memories forged across newfound friendships. Funds raised through the challenge are now being used to finance the building of a 3-in1 complex (kindergarten, primary and secondary school) in Bonga, Ethiopia.

Keith Marshall from the SiGMA Foundation had these words to say -“Actually witnessing a group of people who were virtually strangers to one another till a few months ago come together in such fashion, working and training together to get into shape whilst keeping the cause and fund-raising at the forefront of things is special and we have been privileged to attest to this many times over, first through the Kilimanjaro challenge and of late, through the Camino expeditions. Long may they continue”.

Speaking to the SiGMA Foundation, team member, Michelle Debono said “The outstanding Camino de Santiago scenery frees the mind and adds twice the value to everything! A most rewarding experience”.

Speaking about the Camino De Santiago challenge, Jon Dalli elaborated saying that this has been a very enriching experience; “no matter the reason why you’re doing it! The feeling when you get to Santiago de Compostela is not a winning feeling; its a feeling of deep internal satisfaction”

Claire Mifsud also told us “What a journey this has been, I laughed, I cried, I walked a lot, I made some fantastic friends, I cleared my mind, I made a distinction between what’s worth worrying over and what’s worth being happy for. This has been amazing, thank you to everyone who has contributed to this amazing cause”

The Camino is a unique experience, hard to put into words, said Stefano Mallia. “The scenery is fantastic but what really made it special was the wonderful camaraderie across the group and the fact that we were doing this for a really worthy cause, keeping the memory of Becs alive”.

Josianne Zammit told the SiGMA Foundation that besides doing something for a good cause and achieving a personal challenge, it’s an opportunity to enjoy beautiful nature, bond with great teammates, and converse with your soul. “You’ll be surprised how some things may change you”.

Loranne Pace also found this journey to have a lifelong impact bringing freedom to just be and value the friendships with others. “Knowing that the challenge through generous donations will now have a lifelong impact on other lives makes it all more enriching”.

Team member, Darrin Zammit Lupi noted that the Camino was a deeply meaningful and fulfilling experience. “Though travelling with the group, I also made it a point to also walk alone quite often. I wanted, needed, the solitude when it could just be me and the very real presence of my late daughter Becs.”

The Foundation will be organising another “Brown’s Camino de Santiago” challenge in September but this is full up. Interested parties for the following event, scheduled for April of next year should contact us sometime soon. For more information visit our Facebook page ‘SiGMA Foundation’ and if this intrigues you or should you require more info, do not hesitate to get in touch with Austin Cachia on Facebook or Keith himself, they would love to hear from you.

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