Building a winning iGaming company culture

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Building a winning iGaming company culture

In the ultra-competitive iGaming sector, the culture and values of a business can be the deciding factor between its success or failure. As a leader, fostering an environment where your team feels valued, supported, and appreciated is crucial.

Tanya Shevchuk, CEO of IGAMINGHUNT, a leading recruitment and HR consultancy specialising in iGaming, firmly believes that the right culture can help attract and retain the best talent. She says, “Looking after your employees is paramount. The sector is full of talented and enthusiastic professionals who create brilliant products and services. To retain talent, companies must look beyond salary expectations and provide a culture that encourages employees to thrive.”

Shevchuk highlights several key aspects of a winning culture that she has observed in many of the leading companies in the online gambling space:

Values Alignment: The most successful iGaming firms align their company ethos with the values and aims of the broader industry, including creativity and responsibility. This alignment goes beyond simply publishing a set of values on the company website. It involves engaging with employees and helping them live out these values through their work.

Diversity and Inclusion: Given the multinational nature of most companies in the online casino and sports betting space, embracing diversity and difference is essential. Employing team members from different countries with unique cultures fosters interest and inclusivity, benefiting teams within iGaming companies by providing multiple cultural perspectives.

Collaboration and Teamwork: Success in iGaming requires collaboration between experts in numerous fields, from design to marketing. Recognising the importance of teamwork, many companies incentivise performance and offer team bonuses for reaching specific goals throughout the year.

Employee Well-being: Ensuring staff well-being is important to prevent burnout and attract good people. This can be achieved by offering benefits like gym membership discounts or flexible working hours.

Growth and Development Opportunities: Offering clear opportunities for growth and development is crucial. Upskilling via training courses, development plans, and team promotion opportunities can help employees envision their potential career trajectory.

Celebrating Achievements and Successes: Celebrating success, both big and small, shows your team that you care about their success. This can range from product launches and awards ceremonies to smaller team milestones.

Transparent and Open Communication Culture: Effective communication is fundamental to any successful organisation. This doesn’t mean revealing all tech, marketing plans, and operations to everyone in the business, but ensuring departments are well-informed and can communicate effectively.

In conclusion, Shevchuk believes that a company’s culture can significantly impact its ability to thrive in the iGaming sector. By focusing on these key aspects, companies can create a winning culture that attracts and retains top talent.

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