Don’t crash and burn

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Don’t crash and burn

David Natroshvili, Managing Partner at Spribe, says that online casino operators have yet to provide millennials with a compelling entertainment product, but Crash games can open the door to this lucrative demographic

Online casino operators are locked in a fierce battle with other entertainment options when it comes to capturing and securing the attention of consumers. This certainly true for the lucrative millennial and generation z demographics.

These consumer groups spread their attention across social media, streaming, ecommerce and video and mobile games. But to date, online casinos have not offered a compelling reason for them to ditch other entertainment options in favour of traditional slots and table games.

This is because traditional slot and casino games do not offer the levels of engagement, involvement, interaction, entertainment and reward that they can get from playing a multiplayer mobile game or sharing gifs with friends on Telegram.

The online casino industry knows this, and attempts have been made to rework online slots to make them more appealing to millennials and generation z. But adding levels into slots or allowing players to buy bonus features does not go far enough.

david natroshvili transparent1
David Natroshvili, Managing Partner at Spribe.

To develop casino games that do appeal to these demographics requires an entirely new approach to development and, ultimately, the introduction of never seen before game formats. These games must combine key elements of video games with skill development and social interaction.

The ability to wager on the outcome of these games is almost secondary to delivering a highly engaging and entertaining experience. Crash games offer exactly this and are becoming increasingly popular with players in markets around the world.

The way they work is super simple. They feature an “increasing curve” that can crash at any time.  There is a multiplier that continues to increase as the game plays out and players must decide when to “cash out” their winnings.

If they cash out too soon, they will only receive a small prize, but if they wait too late and the curve crashes, they will not receive any winnings. This is the quick-fire gameplay that millennials and generation z have come to expect from mobile games.

Of course, it goes without saying that Crash games have been developed specifically for mobile play. The user interface is clear and simple and is incredibly intuitive. Players can control the game and places bets with just one hand – just as they would with a mobile game.

Crash games also offer social interaction. Our Aviator game, for example, has in-game chat as well as live bets and statistics for all players. They are also multiplayer, so again providing a similar player experience as found on popular mobile games such as PUBG Mobile.

The speed of gameplay is rapid, and this is critically important for engaging millennials and generation z players. As mentioned previously, they split their attention across many forms of entertainment so short, snappy gameplay fits perfectly with their consumption behaviours.

A growing number of operators are now offering Crash games – we are live with more than 1000– but some are struggling to leverage the full potential they provide when it comes to attracting new audiences and providing existing players with new casino experiences.

Because Crash games are an entirely new game format, they really require a dedicated lobby and tab. Operators should also look to run marketing campaigns to help drive awareness among players as to what these games are, how they work and the fun experience they provide.

It is also important for developers to help drive awareness and educate players about Crash games. This includes working closely with affiliates as they are deeply connected to player communities and provide a channel through which to directly connect with players.

Operators that are willing to embrace Crash games and give them the positioning they deserve will ultimately be able to engage millennial and generation z players. They will also be able to provide these consumers with a product that not only meets but exceeds their entertainment needs.

And this will stop them from crashing and burning in the battle for consumer attention.

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