European and North American regulators agree partnership

Jake Graves 4 months ago
European and North American regulators agree partnership

The Gambling Regulators European Forum (GREF) and the North America Gaming Regulators Association (NAGRA) have announced a partnership to strengthen connections between gambling regulators across Europe and North America.

This link will involve the exchange of knowledge and information on regulatory matters among approximately 100 regulatory bodies on both continents.

This will manifest in the form of joint meetings for relevant groups of interest, support for each other’s annual conferences, and hosting seminars on emerging regulatory risks among the numerous other actions being part of the collaboration.

Benefits and significance

Isabelle Falque-Pierrotin, chair of French regulator ANJ and GREF, has highlighted the importance of global collaboration in addressing concerns about excessive gambling and protecting consumers. 

She stated on the matter:

“With public opinion across the globe more and more concerned about the risks related to excessive gambling offer and with the increase of gambling markets and innovations, exchange between regulators worldwide is crucial.”

She also expressed adamance that the issues facing the regulatory bodies with both the GREF and NAGRA are similar if not the same and thus collaboration is powerful from this standpoint as well.

Similarly, NAGRA president, Ryan Winfield, welcomes the partnership, placing emphasis on its significance in an ever-evolving industry and the need to reach out to other organisations to remain informed and serve communities.

The organisations

NAGRA comprises federal, state, local, tribal, and provincial government agencies primarily responsible for regulating gambling across the North American markets.

GREF brings together European gambling regulators to exchange views on issues related to the regulation, supervision, and control of operators along with the more expansive gambling industry as a whole.

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