Fast Track and Lovelace create joint venture Greco

Tina Dimitrijevic 2 years ago
Fast Track and Lovelace create joint venture Greco

They are partnering to bring a Gameplay Risk Engine (GRE) to the iGaming industry through their new platform: Greco

Their aim is to fill the gap in risk management processes and provide operators with a single view of all risk indicators in the player journey. Currently, most operators rely on solutions for identifying risk and fraud during registration and verification and have few protections beyond this. However, these are not comprehensive solutions for protecting operators from the huge cost created by risk behaviours exhibited during gameplay.

Greco will provide real-time analysis of players’ gameplay and betting behaviour supported by AI. This can be used to identify risks such as casino advantage play, sport advantage play, collusion, undermining bonus engines and the abuse of exploitable slots, and will enable operators to automate the identification of abusive players.

Lovelace Consultancy is known for their expertise in bonus abuse and multi-accounting, and are the leading authority in the industry on how to identify high risk gameplay behaviours and the people who take advantage of them. They have helped a large number of operators improve their risk processes and built a strong reputation over the last few years.

Fast Track delivers a real-time engagement platform designed specifically for iGaming operators (FT CRM). Since launching the platform, Fast Track has continued to innovate and maintain its position at the leading-edge of technology in the iGaming industry.

“We are very excited to be turning our vision of a utopian product solution for risk management into a reality with such an innovative partner.”

“Vulnerabilities exist in the void between siloed departments and are cemented by technological, resource, and knowledge barriers. The Gameplay Risk Engine will be the last piece of the puzzle in forming a full risk management process for operators.”

ozric vondervelden
Ozric Vondervelden, Co-founder of Lovelace Consultancy.

“Risk can be measured at all stages of a player’s journey. As well as identifying risk where it has so far been overlooked, we will provide a single view of risk, facilitating true lifetime and evolving risk segmentation for the first time. This will open up a whole new area of automated and customised marketing and player journeys,” said Ozric Vondervelden, Co-founder of Lovelace Consultancy.

Greco will use knowledge and insights that Lovelace Consultancy have collected over their years of exploring this topic in combination with Fast Track’s powerful tech stack.

The product will not only allow operators to identify each player’s risk level more efficiently; centralised gameplay data has many applications for iGaming operators. For example, they will also be able to more accurately assess player value, send marketing based on a player’s risk profile and customise verification pathways.

simon lidzén
Simon Lidzén, CEO and Co-founder of Fast Track.

“We are thrilled to partner with Lovelace on this new venture. Fast Track’s primary objective is to help operators scale, and with this new GRE we can put gameplay analysis and player risk management on auto-pilot. Together we will eliminate the abusers from the crowd which will allow operators to deliver a far better experience for legitimate players. This is a key investment to realize our vision, and deliver the industry-first self-learning engagement platform,” said Simon Lidzén, CEO and Co-founder of Fast Track.

Greco is currently in development with selected partners who have been invited to participate in the process. Contact Lovelace to find out more.

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