Female professional gamers team to compete for esports brand

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Female professional gamers team to compete for esports brand

Esports and entertainment brand FaZe Clan has launched its first all-female professional esports team. It is a great initiative by the brand to give exposure to marginalised gamers. The pro team will compete under the brand’s ‘Valorant‘ banner.  FaZe Clan made its announcement in time for International Women’s Day.

Signing this group of talented women is just the beginning of bringing female gamers to the forefront at FaZe, and I can’t wait to watch them play as a team.” Erik Anderson, head of esports, FaZe Clan

The Team

FaZe’s new female team will make its debut competing in the upcoming 2023 Valorant Champions Tour Game for the Changers Series season. It will take place in Los Angeles on 1 April at the Riot Games Arena. The competition was launched in 2022 to create opportunities and exposure to women with diverse backgrounds.

FaZe Clan’s naming system is quite particular and follows the gaming title. The professional team of five females includes:

Jennifer “refinnej” Le  who resides in Dallas and joined FaZe’s Valorant team as Sentinel Agent. She has been playing professionally for Complexity GX3 and was a CS:GO pro for Counter Logic Gaming Red.

Emma “emy” Choe is from New Jersey. She is a Valorant Initiator and her previous player experience includes CS:GO for Counter Logic Gaming Red in 2022.

Vannesa Emely “panini” Emory is from California and a resident of Los Angeles. She is Smoker for the Valorant team. Her professional esports career includes playing for Complexity GX3 and Shopify Rebellion GC.

Madison “maddiesuun” Mann is Duelist Agent for the FaZe Clan female Valorant roster. She is a highly skilled gamer and played for Complexity GX3 and GenG. Maddissuun champions female professional players and aims to make more central in esports.

Diane “di^” Tran was born and brought up in Seattle. She is an experienced esports gamer and has been playing CS:GO for Counter Logic Gaming Red prior to joining FaZe Clan’s female Valorant team as a controller/initiator agent.


FaZe Clan’s Valorant male team was announced in June 2020. Its naming system typically includes ‘FaZe Clan’ followed by the gaming title. Since there are two teams in the VALORANT category, the new team will be the FaZe Clan VALORANT Women’s Team.

FaZe Clan is considered to be one of the most innovative gaming and content creator brands. It has expanded significantly since its inception in 2011 with Call of Duty.

FaZe Clan

FaZe Clan today boasts of a massive following with over 510 million fans. It offers entertainment that includes a number of influencers and teams in gaming and esports.

The esports division has developed some competitive world championship level teams in Fortnite, FIFA, PUBG, PUBG Mobile, Rainbow Six, Call of Duty League, Rocket League, VALORANT and CS:GO. The power of FaZe Clan’s influence has been likened to the heady hip hop 90s and it is perceived as an iconic fashion and lifestyle brand today.

Award-winning FaZe Clan manages 14 professional esports teams and has won 37 championship titles. Until now most of its significant gamers have been male with the exception of Kalei Renay, a Twitch content creator who has been working under FaZe’s brand for the last two years.

Kalei Renay

Kalei Renay is an American TikTok influencer and Twitch streamer. Her videos went viral on TikTok and she has more than a million followers spread over a number of social media platforms.


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