GDPR and Compliance in Gaming: Insights from Adriana Minovic, Betsson Group

GDPR and Compliance in Gaming: Insights from Adriana Minovic, Betsson Group

Joseph F Borg talks to Adriana Minovic, Director of Compliance and DPO at Betsson Group during a recent Sigma podcast. In this first of a two-part article, the focus is on issues of GDPR in the industry.

The effectiveness of GDPR

Asked about the effectiveness of the introduction of GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) in the gaming industry, Minovic is of the opinion that “in general, it was definitely the way forward because the use of data is definitely becoming one of the key regulatory issues and key concerns particularly with the development of new technologies.”

According to Minovic, the introduction of GDPR was definitely necessary to raise the awareness and to start dealing with the protection of personal data and privacy. This was particularly needed in order to integrate GDPR into business practices because, she adds, data protection was “quite theoretical and not something that was tangible for every company”.

A long road ahead for GDPR

Minovic points out that the implementation of EU- legislated GDPR was put in force in 2018 and there is still much to be achieved.  Her main concern is that data protection regulation “is one of the few laws in Europe that reaches outside European territory in the sense that wherever you are located if you want to offer a service to a European resident you need to comply with GDPR.”

She is of the opinion that compliance of non-EU companies is “quite difficult”, which puts regulated operators based in Europe at a disadvantage if no action is taken against non-EU operators that do not comply. On a positive note, Minovic notes that non-EU countries are replicating and implementing a similar GDPR framework in a “copy and paste” scenario.

EU vs US approach to GDPR

Minovic points to the substantial difference in the US approach to GDPR compared to the European stance, noting that the “American approach is more pragmatic”. On the other hand, European regulators are stricter with formalities “without understanding the practical implications”. GDPR, according to her is “one of the most complex regulatory compliance mechanisms” for two main reasons. Firstly, because it is a principle-based regulation which does not explicitly lay out what should be done – the choices are few and difficult to make. Secondly, Minovic explains that GDPR is “very factual based, deeply connected to how a business operates, where it stores data and who has access to the data. She adds that this is becomes very complicated, indeed “practically impossible” to manage in large organizations that are manipulating large amounts of data.

GDPR and EGBA code of conduct

GDPR came into force within the EU in May of 2018, marking an evolution in data protection. The legislation places strict demands on the industry in terms of accountability for the use of personal data collected, adding to the rights of individuals. Following the introduction of GDPR, the burden is on companies to understand and mitigate the risks involved in the use of personal data.

Subsequently, in 2020, the European Gaming and Betting Association (EGBA) published a Code of Conduct on data protection which establishes dedicated sector-specific rules and best practices to ensure compliance with the EU GDPR and promotes the highest standards of data protection in the online gambling sector.

Adriana Minovic joined Betsson Group four years ago. She is the Director of Compliance and DPO (Data Protection Officer), a lawyer by profession specialised in various regulatory & compliance issues.

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The Best and Brightest: SiGMA-AGS Awards Night nominees
A gala night like no other, SiGMA-AGS Asia 2022 brings together a 300-strong hand-picked audience of the biggest movers and shakers of the international gaming and marketing community. Hosted in the Al Bahara Ballroom in Festival City's Intercontinental Dubai, the awards are a celebration of excellence where we shine a light on the rising stars that left their mark on a truly global industry for a night of good drinks, fine dining and celebrations for some of the most innovative and groundbreaking pioneers in their field. This article highlights our excited nominees, ready to claim the 21 prizes that constitute the Awards Nights.

Online Operator of the Year:

This award recognizes the best online operator who has kept technological innovation, fast payments, solid support systems and beautifully designed games close to heart as the foundation of a great experience for clients. Our judges are looking for the online operator that has gone above and beyond in both their products and in their work for the industry as a whole. Sponsored by TigerPay. Our nominees are:
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  • Magical Spin Casino
  • Betsson Group 
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  • Mountbet

Affiliate program of the year

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  • FPM Global
  • Campeon Affiliates
  • Betsson Group Affiliates
  • CPX Affiliate
  • NetoPartners

Affiliate of the year

We’re rewarding affiliates who have their fingers on the pulse of this ever evolving industry. As regulatory environments shift and new markets emerge, there are plenty of opportunities that stand out from the crowd when it comes to cyberspace. Our judges are looking for the best and the brightest when it comes to innovative traffic propositions, great SEO strategy, and creative use of new technologies. Sponsored by SoftConstruct.
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  • Catena Media
  • Traffic Lab
  • HasTraffic
  • LCB

Online Payment Solution of the Year

We’re rewarding affiliates who have their fingers on the pulse of this ever evolving industry. As regulatory environments shift and new markets emerge, there are plenty of opportunities that stand out from the crowd when it comes to cyberspace. Our judges are looking for the best and the brightest when it comes to innovative traffic propositions, great SEO strategy, and creative use of new technologies. Sponsored by Solitics. 
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Marketing Agency of the Year

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  • RevPanda
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  • UnikSeo

Marketing Technology of the Year

As this sector of the economy grows exponential, the skill gap in the market is being filled by young, specialised agencies that use the latest techniques and technologies to spin a story that lasts. Our judges are looking for the marketing agencies that have gone above and beyond in making their name known in the digital ecosystem. Sponsored by Hirequarter.
  • iAge Technologies
  • So Farm
  • Converting Team
  • Symplify
  • Optimise Media

Affiliate Network of the Year

With networking being the fuel that drives the economy forward, affiliate networks create clusters of activity that leave both customers and firms satisfied. A vital part of the digital marketing ecosystem, the networks lay the foundation for the affiliates of tomorrow. Our judges are looking for the affiliate network that best bridged the gap between many different ventures and left clients starstruck with a fantastic service from start to finish. Sponsored by Mountbet.
  • Aivix
  • ADVrevolution
  • Indoleads
  • Affilia Net
  • Arabiclicks
  • Koi Ads

Media Agency of the Year

Knowledge is power in the Information Age with media being a source of both endless hours of entertainment as well as a crucial tool to educate an ever more connected world. With the digital landscape broadening globally, agencies of all stripes have a vital role to play in this new age. Our judges are looking for the media agency that broadcast its message far and wide across cyberspace and made a name for itself in terms of quality and principles. Sponsored by IGA.
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Crypto Affiliate of the Year

The Blockchain and Cryptocurrency ecosystem has become a significant sector of the emerging economy of tomorrow. This has made the need for a bridge between the existing affiliate market and the crypto-space an ever growing pillar of the industry. Our judges are looking for the crypto affiliate that staked their claim in the ecosystem and helped move the industry one step closer to mass adoption. Sponsored by FPM Global.
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SAAS Platform of the Year

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  • Solitics
  • Smartpush
  • iConvert
  • interamplify

Industry Rising Star of the Year

With cyberspace as a stage, the internet is no stranger to ambitious and talented individuals who lead the way when it comes to the brave new world of marketing and affiliation. This being said, even in a sea of stars some shine brighter. Our judges are looking for the rising star of the year, an individual who has gone above and beyond for the industry and has paved the way for the future of digital marketing. Sponsored of Moa Gaming.
  • Affpapa
  • RevPanda
  • ESPKings
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  • MountBet

Lead Generation Tool of the Year

Profit is made in the space between an excited customer and an enterprising venture. Lead generation tools have become vital pillars when it comes to making the two meet and in growing the revenue base for countless firms. Our judges are looking for the lead generation tool that has hyper accelerated the profit of firms across the board. Sponsored by BetMaster.
  • AdsBear
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  • ESEOsoluions
  • LeadsDubai
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Affiliate Tracking Software of the Year

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Hosting Provider of the Year

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ESports Product of the Year

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  • EspKing
  • Game Score Keeper
  • Esport Technologies

Sportsbook Operator of the Year

Sportsbetting has been a pursuit as old as time. This being said, in a new age of innovation and sophistication, a number of sportsbook operators have gone above and beyond in their search for excellence. Our judges are looking for the Sportsbook operator that has truly been a pillar for the industry as a whole, both in terms of innovation and industry outreach. Sponsored by VGpay.
  • 1xBET
  • Vbet
  • Betzest
  • Parimatch
  Stay tuned to see who really went above and beyond in an industry full of stars! Asia Awards 2022: The Asia Awards will be held during the first edition of SiGMA Asia. Alongside premier networking opportunities, the gala event brings together luminaries in the industry for an evening of recognition and celebration of achievement, attracting a guest list of over 300 esteemed individuals to its inaugural debut. Give recognition where it’s due by nominating someone whose work has created a positive impact on the industry. You can join us and witness the most intriguing and creative projects changing the face of the sphere. Book a seat at the Asia Awards by sending your request here.
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PAGCOR issues show cause order to Xinchuang Network Technology amid human trafficking suspicions
Successful raid rescues over 1,500 individuals; investigation underway for human trafficking The Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation (PAGCOR) has taken action against Xinchuang Network Technology, issuing a show cause order demanding an explanation for retaining their Certificate of Accreditation and Authority to Operate. [caption id="attachment_813300" align="alignleft" width="225"]PAGCOR SiGMA Asia SiGMA Managing Director for the Asian Region Neil Shih, together with PAGCOR Chairman and CEO Alejandro H. Tengco.[/caption] Following a recent raid on the company's premises in Las Piñas City, serious concerns regarding human trafficking offenses have emerged. PAGCOR has responded by directing Xinchuang Network Technology to immediately cease all offshore gaming activities until the conclusion of a thorough investigation conducted by the Philippine National Police (PNP). During the operation, law enforcement successfully rescued a total of 1,534 Filipino individuals and over 1,000 foreign nationals originating from China, Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Taiwan, and Singapore. The foreign nationals have since been handed over to their respective embassies for appropriate custody. Seized as evidence during the raid were computer units, SIM cards, cellular phones, and passports, which will undergo a forensic examination to aid the investigation. Chairman and CEO of PAGCOR, Alejandro H. Tengco, expressed strong condemnation for any criminal activities that violate Philippine laws and human rights, emphasising that nationality is irrelevant when addressing such offenses. He reiterated PAGCOR's unwavering commitment to impose sanctions on licensees and accredited service providers found guilty of wrongdoing. Tengco also emphasised the organisation's dedication to collaborating with law enforcement agencies to ensure responsible and regulated gaming practices are strictly observed, stating, "As we have always said before, PAGCOR will not hesitate to impose sanctions on erring licensees and accredited service providers. Similarly, we will continue to cooperate with our partner law enforcement agencies to ensure that responsible and regulated gaming is observed." SiGMA Asia Set your sights on Manila this July as we invite you to immerse yourself in a PAGCOR-endorsed event that promises an extraordinary exploration of the Asian and Philippine gaming markets. Prepare for an exhilarating experience as we delve into in-depth discussions on gaming regulation, industry trends, and the boundless possibilities that lie ahead.
Maria Debrincat 3 months ago
Focus Philippines and Asea: Asia’s undisputed hub for iGaming
How has the Philippines emerged as a hub for iGaming in Asia?
Keith McDonnell (CEO, KMIgaming), Allen Yan (Director & Founder, Spade 9) and Saxon Shadford (Director, Avalon Marketing Services ltd) dive into a deep discussion on the development and potential of the Philippines as an undisputed hub for iGaming during SiGMA's digital summit. This panel was moderated by SiGMA's very own founder Eman Pulis.  
The panel discussion : SiGMA Focus Asia.
  The struggle of educating European operators about the Asian market and specifically about Manila on the Philippines as a hub for iGaming was real and the panel opened up their discussion on this topic. At the moment Manila is the only hub in Asia that offers a license to iGaming operators. This allows them to set up operations in Manila and other parts of the Philippines and target other parts of Asia. This region is used to these sorts of businesses setting up there so the infrastructure is all in place.
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Crown Melbourne fined yet again
Crown Melbourne has received an alarming $30 million fine for allowing their gamblers to cash bank cheques made out to themselves, which has been cited as exacerbating gambling harm and exponentially increasing the risk of aiding “criminal infiltration by money launderers”. The gambling giant has been found out by the Victorian Gambling and Casino Control Commission (VGCCC) to have allowed punters to use bank cheques addressed to themselves to purchase gambling chips at their Southbank casino, issuing the chips before the client’s cheques had even cleared. This was quite standard of a practice from 1994 up until 2021, when it was subject to prohibition. In that time the VGCCC has loosely estimated that $1.5 billion was spent with the use of cheques. Payment processing in relation to gambling activities is heavily regulated throughout Australia. This extends even further than cheques as Star Entertainment found out when they plead guilty to 7 separate counts for authorisation of numerous credit card payments in exchange for gambling chips earlier this year. Crown’s fine comes during a very precarious time for the casino mammoth, as the royal commission, not too long ago, found that the casino operator was not fit to possess a license. The company was then privately acquired and given until the end of the year to prove it is fit to operate the casino. This legislation is in place to regulate casino’s against a few factors of great significance. These being the protection of the public from gambling addiction and its harms along with a plethora of money laundering and fraud risks which have been proven to be rife in casino’s over the course of the 20th century. Australia’s regulatory bodies have shown great concern regarding all 3 of these factors of late, with numerous actions and regulatory impositions being instigated just this year. Such as inaugurating a new AUSTRAC unit to mitigate risk specifically related to money laundering. [caption id="attachment_831739" align="alignleft" width="300"]Crown Melbourne, receive $30 million fine. Cityscape, Melbourne, Australia.[/caption] Crown Melbourne themselves it would appear have been the subject to a particular scrutiny, with numerous fines coming from multiple regulatory bodies, including a fine of more than $1 billion from AUSTRAC themselves, and a $120 million by the Commission for responsible gambling breaches just last year. Along with this, Crown Melbourne have also been instructed to enforce strict time limits on how much and long gamblers can gamble on their premises and how long until a client can return to gamble. The VGCCC is also pursuing the case further although they have not been able to substantiate their suspicions of blank cheque issuance in the same instances aforementioned. They have in any case stated that they have directed Crown Melbourne to immediately discontinue the use of cheques wholly. Crown has claimed that they are reviewing and reforming their practices substantially, with a spokesperson giving this statement on their behalf:
Under new ownership and leadership, our Future Crown program is driving whole-of-company reform as we continue to uplift our culture and build a Crown that exceeds the expectations of our stakeholders and the community.
SiGMA Asia With all these opportunities, dynamic industry and scalable innovation occurring, what better place for SiGMA Asia to be headed in July than the brilliantly vibrant Philippine capital. The summit promise incredible industry insights and a plethora of premium networking possibilities.
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[WATCH] SiGMA rebrands with new global vision
Multilingual site speaks to gaming industry as it climbs a new world stage SiGMA Group is excited to unveil the face of its rebranded website. Through a commitment to quality and years of successful operations, SiGMA has nurtured the development of a strong brand, allowing for its evolution into a global influencer on the gaming and tech stage. (more…)
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Kangwon Land Casino under fire for procurement favoritism
The casino is being accused of favoritism to certain EGM suppliers

South Korea’s largest casino at which local residents are allowed to gamble is under fire. Kangwon Land,a state-run operator based in Gangwon Province, is now being accused of favoritism to certain electronic gaming machine (EGM) suppliers.

The People Power Party Rep. Ku Ja-keun said three companies – Taeshin Inpack, Nongshim Data System Corp (NDS) and KGS – had claimed over half of the EGM supply contracts for Kangwon Land since 2013 and that some of those contracts were awarded despite apparent violations of the tender process.

AmorePacific-Kangwon Land ties causes stirThe three companies are closely related and have certain ties. Taeshin Inpack is a subsidiary of cosmetics firm AmorePacific, whose chairman Suh Kyung-bae is the son-in-law of NDS chairman Shin Chun-ho. Suh is also related to the heads of both Taeshin and KGS. The three companies have bid on Kangwon Land contracts both separately and as a consortium where they actually won over 76% of bids over the past two years.

Now representative Ku is calling for a probe of Kangwon Land’s procurement process based on certain irregularities in the three suppliers’ bids. As an example NDS won an electronic table games tender despite submitting its bid after the deadline. Kangwon Land has also agreed to ignore a stipulation that the casino gear include a ‘roll-back’ feature, something the NDS gear claimed to offer but didn’t.

Kangwon Land also allowed NDS to make changes to its bid for a KRW3b (US$2.6m) contract. The casino reportedly reviewed the NDS bid in advance of the deadline and requested supplementary documentation, violating a clause that required all bids to be opened simultaneously.

Kangwon Land is denying showing any favoritism to any supplier, and says that it was not picking winning bids based on any pressure from its government bosses.

Kangwon Land generates annual sales that surpass the combined revenue of the nation’s 16 foreigner-only casinos. But this privilege comes with serious strings, including stricter oversight of its operations and whether its customers are suitably protected from potential gambling harm.

Content Team 3 years ago
South Korea lottery sales break record high of $2.2 billion USD in H1
In H1 annuity lottery surged 68.2% year-on-year, reaching the highest level in the past eight years According to data released by The Korea Lottery Commission on the 16th, the total lottery sales in the first half of this year reached 2.6208 trillion won (approximately US$2.2 billion, an increase of 11.1% year-on-year, setting a new record since the 2005 public data.  (more…)
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Air Macau to resume and increase mainland destinations from late September
Air Macau is planning to increase the number of flights per week to mainland destinations from the current commitment of 54 to 230 Air Macau, Macau’s flag-carrier airline, stated on Monday that they will resume flights to a number of cities in mainland China, coinciding with the resumption of the Individual Visit Scheme (IVS) visas for tourists nationwide on September 23.   (more…)
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Philippines DoJ recommends coercion charges against Kazuo Okada
The Philippines Department of Justice recommended coercion charges against Japanese gambling billionaire Kazuo Okada in relation to the May takeover of Okada Manila. The DoJ’s 25-page filing follows complaints from officers of Tiger Resort Leisure and Entertainment (TRLEI), the operator of the Entertainment City resort.  Local media reports that the DoJ concurred that the Okada team prevented officers of TRLEI from performing their duties and there was therefore a basis for charges. It rejected complaints of injuries, kidnapping and unjust vexation.  The dispute over ownership of the resort stems back to 2017 when Okada was ousted from the board of TRLEI on charges of corruption. He has been fighting to regain control ever since and earlier this year won a status quo ante order from the Philippines’ Supreme Court. That order stipulated that the board should be restored to its 2017 state. Boardroom takeover As a result, a team led by Okada’s associates in the Philippines and backed by security entered the resort on May 31st and removed the board and its directors from power. The DoJ argued that Okada and his officials had taken the law into their own hands. "Evidently, there is prima facie showing that respondents did not act under authority of law and/or went in excess of a lawful right,” the reports said. “They have no right to take the law into their hands and deprive the complainants of their right as directors and officers of TRLEI," the reports said. The saga took another turn at the beginning of September when the  Philippines Amusement and Gaming Corp (PAGCOR) ordered control to be returned to president and chief operating officer Byron Yip and his team. SPAC merger delayed TRLEI is planning a listing for Okada Manila through a merger with 26 Capital, a Special Purpose Acquisition Company. TRLEI’s parent company, Universal Entertainment said on Friday that plans for that merger and listing have now been pushed back until September next year.  Universal said the decision had taken into consideration that it would take time to normalise the operating structure after it regained control. Okada Manila is the newest and largest integrated resort in Manila’s Entertainment City.  THE 300 SPARTANS: After triumphing in key locations across Asia and Europe, AGS is flying 300 top affiliates to Malta, for an all inclusive deluxe trip. The event will happen alongside SiGMA, 14-18th November, during SiGMA Europe. Read more about the 300 Spartans here.
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PAGCOR defends POGOs, eyes PHP10b revenue by 2027
The Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corp (PAGCOR) has defended its offshore online gambling industry (POGOs),  saying it expects the sector to generate PHP10 billion ($176.3 million) by 2027. That figure is higher than the PHP8 billion that Philippine Offshore Gambling Operators generated prior to Covid, which forced widespread closures. PAGCOR gave the figure in a Senate Ways and Means Committee hearing on Wednesday. The regulator presented a “roadmap” for regulating the online industry and boosting revenue, local media reported. The committee is evaluating whether POGOs should be allowed to continue operating after a wave of kidnappings and other violent crimes linked to the sector earlier this year. PAGCOR Chairman and CEO Alejandro Tengco said in a September statement that the incidents were tarnishing the image of the country. The regulator has blamed the incidents on illegal operators and not on the licensed industry. Still, according to local media reports, senators were  not convinced by PAGCOR’s four-page plan to improve the POGO situation. Senator Sherwin Gatchalian questioned PAGCOR senior manager Renfred Tan about where POGO revenues were coming from and how many jobs would be created should revenue rise. Tan said the only way PAGCOR has of identifying the source of revenue was through the currencies used in gambling transactions. However, he added that doesn’t necessarily reflect the country of origin as the players are able to use the currency they wish regardless of origin.  The figures show that about 47 percent of transactions are in Chinese yuan, which will raise further alarm bells in Beijing. Mainland China is opposed to POGOs, which it claims are primarily targeting its nationals.   
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Casino crime roundup: felonies that shocked the world of gaming this week
Americas: Son sentenced to life for arranging father's mafia-related hitman murder to inherit illegal gambling machine empire Anthony Zottola has been found guilty of hiring a hitman and paying $200,000 to murder his father, Sylvester "Sally Daz" Zottola, who was shot and killed in a drive-thru at a Bronx McDonald's in October 2018. This week, a federal judge in Brooklyn imposed a mandatory life sentence on Anthony Zottola, as well as an additional 112 years in prison. Sylvester Zottola was a reputed associate of the Lucchese crime family, one of the five Mafia families in New York City. He was involved in an illegal gambling machine scheme in bars and private clubs and had amassed a $40 million property empire through the years. Anthony Zottola orchestrated the killing of his father by enlisting the services of hitman Himen Ross, so that he could take over the business. Sylvester Zottola was shot numerous times in the head and body while sitting in his car at the fast-food restaurant waiting for his coffee. Himen Ross was also given a life sentence. [caption id="attachment_832429" align="aligncenter" width="347"]Zottola Murder While sitting in his car at a fast-food restaurant, waiting for his coffee, Sylvester Zottola was shot multiple times in the head and body.[/caption] Europe: German sportsbook Tipster faces raids amidst allegations of organised crime and illegal gambling More than 900 German police officers took part in raids against sportsbook Tipster across several states. The operation, led by the State Criminal Police Office of North Rhine-Westphalia, involved executing over 100 search warrants and six arrest warrants. Lawmaker Ulrich Mäurer used this occasion to express his view that sportsbooks were a hotbed of illicit activities. The senator from Lower Saxony's Bremen had previously warned about this. The raids focused exclusively on Tipster's activities. Two and a half years ago, an investigation was initiated, and the authorities have recently responded to it. Tipster’s management has been accused of various offenses, including the establishment of a criminal organization, money laundering, illegal gambling, and unreported employment. Evidence, along with an unknown sum of money and valuables, has been confiscated by the police, and further seizures and arrests are anticipated. The State Criminal Police Office in Germany has claimed that the recent searches were part of a broader effort to confiscate tens of millions of euros in revenue obtained illegally. Although the authorities did not disclose the specific allegations that resulted in the searches, the involvement of various law enforcement departments suggests the gravity of the accusations. The Central Office for Organized Crime in Germany, in addition to officials from the North Rhine-Westphalia financial investigation department and customs, participated in the operation. [caption id="attachment_832440" align="aligncenter" width="366"] Allegations include the creation of a criminal syndicate, money laundering, unauthorised gambling, and employing people without proper reporting.[/caption] Asia: Tak Chun Group's Levo Chan Weng Lin receives 14-year sentence for running billion-dollar illegal gambling ring in Macau Levo Chan Weng Lin, the former head of the now-defunct junket operator Tak Chun Group, has been sentenced to 14 years in prison by the Macau Court of First Instance for various offenses, including organized crime, illicit gaming activities, fraud, and money laundering. Chan faced a total of 83 charges, but the court found him guilty of 34 charges due to a legal technicality. According to public prosecutors, Chan was involved in a criminal syndicate that enabled under-the-table bets in Macau casinos, resulting in HK$575.2m in gaming tax losses for Macau’s government and HK$135m in losses for the city’s gaming operators between 2014 and 2020. In addition to Chan, four other defendants were found guilty of under-the-table betting, fraud, and participation in a criminal organization and were sentenced to prison terms ranging from seven to eleven years. Four other defendants were acquitted of all charges. The guilty verdict against Chan follows similar sentencing of Alvin Chau Cheok Wa, the former boss of Suncity Group, to 18 years in prison in January. All those sentenced have 20 days to appeal to the Court of Second Instance. Chan and four other defendants must pay compensation to the Macau government and five gaming operators, while the amount was not specified, the criminal syndicate led by Chan reportedly profiteered by HK$1.5bn from under-the-table bets. [caption id="attachment_832450" align="aligncenter" width="381"] Levo Chan Weng Lin, who used to lead the defunct junket operator Tak Chun Group, has received a 14-year prison term for committing organised crime, participating in illegal gambling activities, perpetrating fraud, and engaging in money laundering.[/caption] About SiGMA News: At, we understand the importance of staying informed and up-to-date in today's fast-paced gaming industry. That's why we are dedicated to providing you with the latest news and insights from around the world, so you can stay on top of the latest trends, market movements, and breaking news stories. Our Facebook, You Tube and Instagram pages are also a great way to stay connected with us and get the latest news delivered straight to your feed. From breaking news stories to in-depth analysis and expert opinions, we've got you covered.  
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A SiGMA Foundation project: St. Catherine of Alexandria Parish
SiGMA Foundation has partnered up with Gozo-based charity, Missionary Movement Jesus in thy Neighbour, supported by Brown’s chain of pharmacies, to extend its philanthropic work to Bataan in the Philippines SiGMA Foundation has taken its charity work all the way to Bataan in the Philippines, acting as the lead facilitator for the renovation of the roof at the St. Catherine of Alexandra parish church. The project entails the renovation of a church roof, and the supply of a solar panel system that will supply the whole complex. (more…)
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Philippine police officers warned of a zero-tolerance approach if they fail to curb illegal gambling

The head of the Philippine National Police (PNP) has pledged to step down and take administrative action against any police officials who do not effectively combat and prevent illegal gambling in their supervised areas

Chief Gen. Benjamin Acorda Jr issued an order for an "intensified crackdown" on Friday, implementing a "one-strike and no-take policy," as per the Philippine News Agency. “The one strike and no take policy represents a zero-tolerance approach, where any negligence or inaction will be met with swift consequences. With this strong stance, the PNP aims to leave no room for leniency in eradicating the illegal gambling menace,” Acorda said in a statement Thursday. "We will not tolerate the existence of illegal gambling activities that prey on the most vulnerable members of our society. Together with PCSO, we will deploy all necessary resources and implement stringent measures to put an end to this menace,” Acorda remarked. [caption id="attachment_847354" align="alignleft" width="300"]Chief Gen. Benjamin Acorda Jr Chief Gen. Benjamin Acorda Jr.[/caption] In the event that police officials, including regional, provincial, and district directors, chiefs of police stations, community precinct commanders, and other unit leaders, are found to be ineffective or insufficient in their efforts to eliminate and prevent illegal gambling within their respective jurisdictions, they will be relieved of their positions and face administrative charges under the principle of command responsibility. Under Acorda's leadership, the PNP is deploying its established Regional/Provincial/City Anti-Illegal Gambling Special Operations Task Groups to strengthen the implementation of the provisions outlined in PNP MC NO. 2017-022, appropriately named "PNP Anti-Illegal Gambling Campaign Plan: Operation High Roller." According to the PNP chief, this firm stance exemplifies the unwavering determination of the police force to eradicate illegal gambling and protect the well-being of the Filipino people. Acorda's recent directive follows the collaboration between the PNP and the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO), aiming to intensify the nationwide campaign against all forms of illegal gambling activities. These specialised units will utilise their expertise in gathering intelligence, conducting thorough investigations, and executing strategic interventions, bolstering the country's fight against illegal gambling. Acknowledging the detrimental impact caused by these illicit practices Mel Robles, the General Manager of PCSO, emphasised that illegal gambling operations have a significant adverse effect on the revenue generated by the organisation. It is disheartening to note that a majority of the earnings from such activities end up enriching the pockets of illegal gambling operators. Moreover, Robles underscored the far-reaching consequences of these unlawful gambling activities on impoverished Filipino citizens, as the losses incurred deprive them of essential healthcare services and other benefits provided by the PCSO. Robles earnestly appealed to the general public, urging them to engage solely in PCSO-approved games like the lotto and the small-town lottery. By doing so, not only do Filipinos have an opportunity to win exciting prizes, but they also actively contribute to the financing of the PCSO's welfare programs.

Join us in Manila this July

This July, join SiGMA Group for the PAGCOR-endorsed SiGMA Asia Summit in Manila for an immersive foray into the Asian and Philippine gaming markets. Engage with in-depth discussions on gaming regulation, industry trends, and future prospects. Don’t miss the opportunity to connect with key regional and global stakeholders and gain valuable insights. Additionally, stay tuned for an upcoming SiGMA Magazine issue focused on the Asian markets, featuring exclusive interviews and brilliant insights from KOLs such as Alejandro Tengco, Chairman of PAGCOR. This publication will provide unparalleled coverage of the gaming landscape in the region.
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No international travel bubble plans for Macau
Macau announces a definite no to international travel bubble plans for the moment In a report from Inside Asian Gaming, Macau Chief Executive Ho Iat Seng said there has been no talk of any international travel bubbles between Macau and foreign countries despite moves by neighboring Hong Kong with Singapore to establish new travel agreements.  (more…)
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Credit card ban for online gaming imminent in Australia
Australia’s federal government has revealed plans to comprehensively conclude the ban on credit card usage for gambling related activities by introducing a ban on credit card purchases on online gaming platforms. As of yet there is no hard date set for the integration of the ban, the Labour party is planning to introduce legislation to the house later in the year. The government intends to make use of the same system that was implemented when a similar ban was rolled out across casinos in Australia. This would involve preventative measures against credit card withdrawals from ATMs. Identifying the bank identification numbers and then block credit card payments. Prior to the instigation of that regulation, a parliamentary committee conducted an inquiry that examined the previous regulatory legislation related to credit cards and digital wallets being used for online gambling. In their findings a recommendation for this legislation was suggested stating while there is a low proportion of gamblers making use of credit cards, the harm that has been caused is as they described “significant and life changing”. [caption id="attachment_832508" align="alignleft" width="300"]Tabcorp are in consensus with regulators over credit card ban. Tabcorp are in consensus with regulators over credit card ban.[/caption] The committee also noted a consensus between regulator Responsible Wagering Australia and Australia’s largest gambling operator Tabcorp with both, the most significant players on either side of the fence, unopposed to a credit card ban. In a survey commissioned by the Australian Banking Association in 2019, it was found that 81% of participants agreed credit cards should be restricted or even banned in some form or another. This would have been particularly potent in regards to understanding the stance taken by the Australia’s public as the Australasian nation possesses one of the highest rates of gambling participation in the world, with 80% of Australians partaking in some form of gambling annually. Given these results, the Minister for Communications Michelle Rowland and Minister for Social Services Amanda Rishworth, have stated that a fresh credit card ban in regards to online gaming is uncompromisingly in line with community community expectations. Emphasising that, the main goal is to mitigate risks and minimise harm, supporting those who are vulnerable to these issues related to online wagering. Interestingly, consultation with entities and stakeholders within the industry will be conducted, in order to design and draft the legislation as well as the course of action required to implement the new regulations. An act that several other legislatures, including the UK government of most note, have come under fire for avoiding. The $25 billion industry in Australia is so large and lucrative that the legislative bodies that regulate the sector are most probably global leaders, and this consideration is further evidence of this. Regulators working with operators as opposed to aiming at keeping them in line can go a long way to propagating a healthy, mobile and effectively safe ecosystem for prosperity and the highest possible mitigation of risk. SiGMA Asia With all these opportunities, dynamic industry and scalable innovation occurring, what better place for SiGMA Asia to be headed in July than the brilliantly vibrant Philippine capital. The summit promise incredible industry insights and a plethora of premium networking possibilities.
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Philippine gaming company LRWC records revenue drop in 1Q
Leisure and Resorts World Corp (LRWC) has reported a decline of P108 million (US$2.17 million) for the first quarter of the year compared to the same period last year The decline was reported following the suspension of all casino operations in the country in response to the government’s call to prevent the spread of the Covid-19 virus.   (more…)
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Sheldon Adelson cites ‘negative regulations’
Sheldon Adelson, the Las Vegas Sands CEO, did leave the door open for reconsideration if changes were made In May, the US casino giant Las Vegas Sands dropped out of the Integrated Resort race in Japan, after years of pursuit to be one of the casino operators in the country. The largest casino company in the world initially planned to develop a US$10 million resort in the country, eyeing areas around Tokyo, especially city of Yokohama. (more…)
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PAGCOR turns over entire 2020 revenue to PH Government, seals commitment to nation building
'We may be in a very challenging time, but we are all in this together” Amid the sharp plunge in its gaming revenues due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, The Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corp (PAGCOR) said it has turned over another P1.34 billion to the government as part of its efforts to fund the various health and economic measures. PAGCOR’s latest cash dividends remittance represents the agency’s entire net earnings for 2020, with the firm making its latest remittance of P1.655 billion cash dividends on May 12, 2020, taking its total contribution to P3 billion. PAGCOR Chairman and CEO Andrea Domingo said the agency’s thriftiness in spending enabled it to save and remain as one of the government’s major partners in nation building. “The current global health crisis is taking its toll on our income generation due to the suspension of gaming operations. But through our prudent use of funds, we are able to support the government’s significant endeavors, especially our battle against COVID-19,” she said. PAGCOR ManilaMs. Domingo further expressed the agency’s commitment to help source more revenues for the government’s COVID-19 response, and stated, “After more than a year into the pandemic, PAGCOR is still doing its best to fulfill our mandate and commitment to nation building. We may be in a very challenging time, but we are all in this together.” PAGCOR’s Vice President for Finance Group Recto Baltazar, Jr. and Assistant Vice President for Fund Management Maria Cynthia Paz led the turnover of the agency’s cash dividends. Deputy Treasurer-Officer-in-Charge Ed Mariño formally received PAGCOR’s cash dividends contributions at the Bureau of the Treasury office in Intramuros, Manila. Mariño stated, “This latest dividends remittance from PAGCOR will help fuel further the national government’s economic stimulus program in light of the pandemic. We are thankful that PAGCOR has been a very responsive partner of the government in coping with the global health crisis,”. In 2019, PAGCOR remitted a total of P18 billion cash dividends, which made it the third highest cash dividends contributor, next to the Bangkok Sentral ng Philippines and the Philippine Deposit Insurance Corporation. For 2018, PAGCOR turned over a total of P16.17 billion cash dividends. (more…)
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Japan’s Yokohama concludes casino RFP submission process
Genting Singapore casino scheme aims to “create a world-class IR destination that is strategically positioned, sustainable and anchored on strong local collaborations” On Friday, Japan’s Yokohama city concluded its request-for-proposal (RFP) submission period which will see a chosen private-sector partner take on the prefecture’s tilt in hosting an integrated resort (IR). (more…)
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SiGMA Asia launches early bird tickets for Manila event
Early bird tickets are now available for SiGMA’s first event in Asia. The SiGMA Asia summit will take place from the 19th to 22nd of July at the SMX Convention Centre - Manila’s largest expo venue. Available to purchase online, the tickets will continue to increase in price over the next few months in the run up to the July event, giving delegates who register early a chance to score competitively priced tickets. With official backing from regulatory body PAGCOR, SiGMA will connect its vast network in the West with Asian suppliers, operators, and affiliates, opening up new opportunities for business, and providing a space for premium networking to take place.  Ticking all the boxes as one of the most promising markets for gaming in Asia, the Philippines stands out for its regulation of both the land-based and online sector. SiGMA Manila's packed expo floors will also reflect this, featuring a diversified portfolio of B2B and B2C brands as well as a number of land-based exhibitors - making it one of the biggest gaming shows in Asia. The event will also focus on the emerging technologies, bringing frontier tech such as Blockchain, AI, GameFi, and Fintech to the floor. In addition, the event will also feature a series of expert-led keynotes, panels and workshops, with 2 full days of conference providing a platform for knowledge sharing and debate. A line-up of VIP speakers will address topics ranging from the regulatory landscape to the integration of the emerging technologies, while a series of competitive startup pitches help bring exciting new companies and ideas to light. Home to some of the most stunning integrated resorts in Asia - City of Dreams, the Okada, and Solaire are just a stone’s throw away from the expo - Manila offers an ideal location for SiGMA’s inaugural event in Asia. A number of networking events are also slated to take place here, giving delegates a taste of what the country has to offer.  Networking events will take place nightly - no-expense-spared, delegates can expect lavish dinners, 2 gala awards evenings, and an incredible closing night party to close things off. SiGMA is also proud to support its charitable arm, the SiGMA Foundation - and will feature an exciting art auction as part of its awards evening.  To find out how you can take part by exhibiting, sponsoring, or speaking at SiGMA Manila - please contact Emily
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Online gaming banned in Andhra Pradesh
The state of Andhra Pradesh follows Tamil Nadu in banning online gaming due to a rise in suicides  The Andhra Pradesh Gaming Amendment Bill-2020 has been adopted by the Legislative Assembly. This bill will see the banning of online gaming in the state. Andhra Pradesh joins the state of Tamil Nadu in the banning of online gaming due to the rise of suicides in young people.  (more…)
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Macau GGR revives, casino stocks on the rise
The first eight days of January saw the average daily Macau casino gross gaming revenue (GGR) more than quadruple the daily average attained in the fourth quarter. JP Morgan Securities (Asia Pacific) Ltd projected Macau daily GGR at MOP2.1 billion (US$261.1 million) for the first eight days of the new calendar year, "implying around MOP260 million per day," noted analyst DS Kim, citing industry checks. According to analysts, the first week of the year's mass GGR was up to 50% higher than pre-COVID levels. Tuesday also saw a rise in the price of casino stocks in Macau as a result of a more optimistic prognosis for licence renewals and the potential for increased tourism during the city's Grand Prix event. The opening of Macau is positive for the city, which suffered from COVID restrictions and lockdowns all year long, resulting in its worst GGR ever for 2022, at just $5.26 billion, a 51.4% yearly loss. The Monday closing price of Wynn Macau's casino stock, which rose 4.7% on the Sunday reopening, was HK$9.61. Meanwhile, the shares of Sands China and Galaxy Entertainment also increased by 3.7%. Melco experienced a significant rise in trading on Monday, rising 8.89%, while SJM, another local operator, up 3.42%. MGM gained the least during the day, rising 3.14%. According to observers, the most recent development is encouraging for existing casinos seeking to extend their licences in the city. The gains came a day after local media reported that the Macau government had agreed to a plan that would require applicants for casino licences to invest a total of $12.5 billion over the following 10 years in order to secure their concessions. Following the opening up of both China and Macau, the domestic travel market is predicted to recover to over 70% of its pre-pandemic levels, according to China's official tourism ministry.
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Horse racing revolution: South Korea approves online betting
South Korea's National Assembly has taken a decisive step towards revitalising its racing industry, which had been severely impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Through legislative amendments to the Horse Racing Association Act, online betting on horseracing has been authorised. This move aims to inject new life into the industry and mitigate the economic fallout caused by the pandemic. A step towards industry recovery in South Korea During a plenary session held on May 25, the National Assembly passed the amendment, allowing individuals aged 21 and above to participate in online horse racing betting. To ensure responsible gambling practices, lawmakers have incorporated various measures into the legislation. These include mandatory in-person registration at a racecourse for opening an online betting account and a reduction in the number of physical wagering stations. To maintain a balanced gambling environment, additional restrictions have been proposed. Bets on individual races may be capped at 50,000 won ($38), with a maximum of five races per meet. Furthermore, there is the possibility of implementing further limitations on overall ticket volume. The legalisation of online betting for horse racing in South Korea has been a subject of discussion for years. However, concerns over problem gambling had hindered strong industry support for such an initiative. The devastating impact of the coronavirus pandemic on Korea's horseracing sector, with prolonged closures of racecourses during the peak of the virus transmission, compelled the government to reconsider its stance. The losses incurred by the Korean Racing Association (KRA) reached a staggering amount of 12.6 trillion won ($9.5 billion) due to the disruptions caused by the pandemic. This had a cascading effect on breeders, support services, and thousands of employees, along with a substantial decline in tax revenue. The dire financial situation faced by the industry prompted the government to overcome its reservations and embrace the legalisation of online betting as a means to rejuvenate the racing sector. In line with these developments, the KRA has outlined a pilot scheme for the online betting system, scheduled to commence in the second half of this year. This will be followed by full implementation expected in the latter half of 2024. According to Democratic Party of Korea lawmaker Yoon Jae-gap, one of the proponents of the bill, the newly approved system "will provide an opportunity for horse breeding farms and the domestic horseracing industry to normalise and grow after being severely damaged by COVID-19." Emphasising the commitment to support the industry, he stated, "We will do our very best to provide legal and institutional support." Expressing his satisfaction with the bill's passage, People Power Party lawmaker Chung Woon-chun stated, "I am delighted that we can now... protect horseracing and horse industry workers from disasters such as COVID-19 and guarantee their rights and interests." He also highlighted the potential for industry development and its positive fiscal impact, saying, "Funds for industry development can also now grow, contributing to the development of the breeding industry, and we expect it will play a positive fiscal role by stabilising taxes such as the special tax for rural areas and the leisure tax." The amendments to the law had already received approval from a legislative review subcommittee in February, making last week's passage a near certainty. This legislative progress signifies a significant step forward in the implementation of the new system, bringing much-needed support and hope to the struggling horseracing industry in South Korea. Join us in Manila this July! The highly anticipated SiGMA Asia Summit, endorsed by PAGCOR (Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation) offers a unique opportunity to delve into the dynamic Asian and Philippine gaming markets. Engage in in-depth discussions on gaming regulation, industry trends, and future prospects, gaining valuable insights that can shape your business strategies. At the SiGMA Asia Summit, you will have the chance to connect with key regional and global stakeholders in the gaming industry. This networking opportunity enables you to foster valuable partnerships and explore new avenues for growth and collaboration. In addition, we are excited to announce the upcoming release of a special edition SiGMA Magazine issue, focusing exclusively on the Asian markets. This edition features exclusive interviews and brilliant insights from influential figures such as Alejandro Tengco, Chairman of PAGCOR. This publication will provide unparalleled coverage of the gaming landscape in the region, offering invaluable knowledge to industry professionals and enthusiasts alike.
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Global Strategic Consultancy to participate in SiGMA Asia
Global Strategic Consultancy Limited, a leading firm that provides risk advisory and mitigation services that pertaining to financial markets trading firm, has announced its participation in this year’s SiGMA Asia event which will be held in Manila, Philippines, Asia’s leading hub for gaming from 19th to 22nd July. Participation of such a major event within the gaming industry would serve as an excellent opportunity for Global Strategic Consultancy Limited to further broaden its network of potential partners amidst the company’s push toward growing its community and presence in the Asia-Pacific region as well as to eventually venture into other industry sectors. Global Strategic Consultancy Limited stated in a statement affirming its participation in SiGMA Asia 2023: “We are excited and honoured to have the opportunity to participate in SiGMA Asia 2023 alongside some of the most prominent organizations across different industry segments. We are pleased to have such an incredible opportunity to engage with leading organizations to identify ways to foster collaboration, achieve expansion and bring about greater benefits for all our stakeholder.” Global Strategic Consultancy Limited is a company whose business is focused on providing risk advisory and mitigation services pertaining to financial markets trading for the average retail investor. At Global Strategic Consultancy Limited, our Purpose is to “Assure Your Trading Capital” in every trade. A key element in eliminating risk in financial markets trading is the “GSC System” developed in-house by Global Strategic Consultancy Limited. This system virtually eliminates the high risks typically associated with financial markets trading while allowing retail investors to benefit from the fast, attractive returns trading activities provide. With an operating structure, strategy and business model that is focused on helping retail investors and individual traders mitigate risks, the GSC System is bringing about revolutionary change in the market for systems and technological products catering to trading on financial markets, a sector which has traditionally been focused on serving large institutions and corporate clients. Utilizing a three-pronged approach toward the identification, modelling, measurement, valuation, monitoring and mitigation of market risks, the GSC System brings together big data, actuarial science and an insurance mechanism to provide absolute capital protection to traders engaged in trading on global financial markets. Applying Actuarial Science, Big Data and an Insurance Mechanism in tandem with state-of-the art technologies, the GSC System allows for effective identification, quantification, monitoring and mitigation of market risks. In addition, the GSC System’s inherent design provides it with a tremendous degree of flexibility and versatility, thereby allowing Global Strategic Consultancy Limited to run applications that make it relevant to numerous fields within global financial markets. The GSC System has also gained much popularity in various markets due to its ability to provide traders with strong protection on their trading capital with the System having already garnered much hype from markets across various territories and jurisdictions in the Asia-Pacific region including Malaysia, Taiwan, Vietnam, and Indonesia. To date, the GSC System has received high praise and excellent reviews from most individual traders and retail investors. Global Strategic Consultancy Limited’s is also seeing rapid growth in its markets across the Asia-Pacific region. Their objective is to establish a highly sustainable, revolutionary ecosystem that will provide all members with a comprehensive range of products and services pertaining trading on financial markets. The strategy they have adopted with regards to achieving the above-mentioned objective is to focus on building a sizeable community of members, capable of supporting and sustaining the ecosystem by assisting members of their community to gain wealth from the financial markets, in a risk-free manner.
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Resorts World Genting temporarily halt operations amid Malaysia lockdown
Resorts World Genting will only continue to operate their essential resort-based services as interstate travel is banned across Malaysia The Resorts World Genting (RWG) Malaysia has announced it will be “temporarily shut” from Friday (January 22) until February 4, following Malaysia’s Senior Minister Ismail Sabri Yaakob’s declaration placing all states in Malaysia under Movement Control Order (MCO), with the exception of Sarawak. (more…)
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Philippine government considering loosening up outbound travel policy
The Philippine government is considering a revision of their outbound travel policy After the Philippine government officially announced the lifting of restrictions on unnecessary outbound travel by Philippine nationals starting from the 21st of October, with the Secretary of Cabinet of the president of the Philippines saying how they are also studying to let go of some restrictions on foreigners entering the Philippines. (more…)
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Countdown to Asean Gaming Summit: Reconnect with the industry in Manila
Reconnect with the land and online industry at Asia's first in-person conference featuring 200 delegates from across the Philippines, and the globe! (Manila, 22 July2022): It’s just a couple of days until the ASEAN Gaming Summit 2022 returns to the Philippines, which is expected to be one of Asia’s top performing jurisdictions with forecast gross gambling revenue of $1.15 billion. The conference will be the first major industry event in Asia since Covid and will kick off on Monday 25th with pre-conference workshops examining how well the region’s tourism markets are recovering since reopening borders. The pre-conference agenda also includes a special workshop by marketing expert Sudhir Kale, founder of GamePlan Consultants, who will walk participants through the art of service blueprinting to improve customer experiences and loyalty. ASEAN’s main conference agenda will kick off on Tuesday 26th and will be dedicated mainly to the land-based industry. As well as panel sessions exploring the future for the industry in the Philippines and how Asia’s IRs may need to revamp their offering post Covid, we will hear from a series of property presentations from operators around the region. These will include the newly opened NUSTAR Resort & Casino in Cebu. It’s the first true integrated resort on the island, which is one of the Philippines’ top holiday destinations. We will also hear from Emerald Resorts, which has another IR in the works for Cebu and which recently announced that Bloomberry Resorts is planning to invest in this project, as well as a separate property planned for the Clark Freeport Zone. Our property updates will be rounded out by Thunderbird Resorts, which operates two regional casinos in the Philippines and by NagaCorp, Cambodia’s largest casino operator, which has a monopoly within 200km of the capital Phnom Penh. Another panel of expert speakers will also address the subject of cashless, with a focus on why the casino industry has been such a laggard in adopting digital technologies and whether this will change. Day 2 will be devoted to the online industry in Asia. Covid has prompted some fairly seismic changes with the Philippines leading the way in regulating online gambling for its domestic market to make up for lost revenue from the closure of land-based casinos. Industry participants have welcomed the move and see great potential in the industry, but there is much scope for improvement to allow them to compete on a level playing field with the rampant illegal market. Eradication of illegal online gambling in the country was another of the main reasons, the government of former President Rodrigo Duterte moved to allow PIGO licenses. Elsewhere around Asia, some other jurisdictions are also evaluating whether they will move to regulate online gambling. We hear from Fred Gushin, managing director of Spectrum Gaming about which jurisdictions may take a more liberal approach. As well as regulation, attendees will also hear discussions on cyber security, the use of crypto in online gambling, affiliates and more. Registration for the ASEAN Gaming Summit is now live on   Join us in Belgrade, Serbia from the 22-25th August:
The Balkans have been sought after by both tasteful tourists and entrepreneurs with an eye on the growing iGaming ecosystem calling the region home. As the home to the global Gambling community, the SiGMA Conference is known far and wide for its enlightening panels, inspiring speeches, ample opportunities to invest and network, and the ability to do it all while having the time of your life. Join us in Belgrade for the best the industry has to offer and for a window into the future of worldwide gambling. To learn more about sponsorship and speaking opportunities or to inquire about attending the event, please contact Sophie at [email protected].
Katy Micallef 1 year ago
SPiCE India to Take Place in March 2022
Our thoughts and prayers are with the people of India

As the second wave of Covid has severely impacted India resulting in fresh restrictions on movement and gatherings, Eventus International conducted internal discussions last week with local and international partners and came to the conclusion that it is not feasible to conduct an in-person event in India at the moment.

Content Team 2 years ago
POGO tax collections surge to 11% in 2020, record US$151 million collected
Despite the challenges POGOs faced during the pandemic, tax revenues increased by 11.71% - still short of 2020 target In the Philippines, the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) disclosed that they have collected a total of PHP7.18 billion (US$151 million) taxes from the Philippine Offshore Gaming Operators (POGOs) for the year 2020. (more…)
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SiGMA Virtual Roadshow launches: First stop Ukraine
SIGMA Virtual Roadshow will start the first leg of its tour in Ukraine on March 3rd The SiGMA Roadshow is back. After a successful string of shows in Hong Kong, Estonia and Argentina, SiGMA Group is excited to announce its latest venture – the SiGMA Virtual Roadshow. The Roadshow kicks off its inaugural launch in Ukraine, 3rd of March, 2021 - running from 13:00 to 15:00 CET. The SiGMA Roadshow has now moved into the virtual world, with a journey entailing several virtual shows across five major regions, specifically, the CIS region, Europe, Asia, Americas and Africa. Every month SiGMA will host a show on an interactive platform consisting of 2 hour mini conferences, which will focus on five key areas. These areas are, but not limited to, regulation, tax and niche market opportunities and challenges, all related to the specific chosen region. These hot topics will be tabled by leading academics, policy makers, and thought leaders, bringing industry experience to the debate - amongst them Artem Kuzmenko  and Andrey Astapov, partners at Eterna Law, Boris Baum, an advisor to the Deputy Head of the Office of the President of Ukraine, and Anton Kuchukhidze, a political consultant. (more…)
Content Team 3 years ago
SiGMA makes its mark in virtual territories with record attendance levels
The first day of the SiGMA Digital Summit proved to be a massive success with attendees and speakers alike The SiGMA Digital summits made waves online following months of planning and perfecting to ensure a top-tier experience for this first-ever digital summit for the group. (more…)
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Philippines Bureau of Internal Revenue relaxes taxation on POGOs
BIR has reduced some tax requirements for POGOs to be able to resume their operations POGOs operations have been suspended since March, following the memorandum issued by the Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation (PAGCOR), to suspend all land-based and online casino gaming operations as a response to the government’s call to prevent the spread of Covid-19.   (more…)
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SiGMA Manila postponed to May 2021
The launch of ICE-SiGMA Asia DIGITAL will provide a unique opportunity to rethink how we live and work SiGMA Group has announced that, due to the COVID-19 global crisis, both the SiGMA Manila and AIBC Manila expos, planned for June 8-9 2020, will now be rescheduled to 27-28th May 2021.  (more…)
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SiGMA will further elevate the gaming and fintech industries of the Philippines – CEZA
The Cagayan Economic Zone Authority (CEZA) has expressed strong support for SiGMA’s upcoming Asia event through an official letter of endorsement. The expo and conference, which will be held in the Philippines this July, 19th to 22nd, takes place in Manila’s biggest expo venue - the SMX Convention Centre. In recognition of the Group’s contribution to the Philippine’s growing gaming sector, they said that they ‘believe that these events will further elevate the gaming and financial technology industries of the Philippines,’ and that they ‘look forward to a fruitful partnership with [SiGMA].’ The CEZA zone is a government owned and controlled corporation created by virtue of the Republic Act 1922, otherwise known as the Cagayan Special Economic Zone Act of 1995. The Act was designed to oversee the management and development of the Cagayan Special Economic Zone and Freeport (CSEZFP).  With the goal of transforming the entire region into a self-sustaining hub for industry, commerce, finance, tourism, and residential living, this economic zone strives to become a thriving centre. Operating as a Freeport, it functions as an independent customs territory, akin to renowned locations such as Hong Kong, Singapore, Lubuan in Malaysia, and Hamburg in Germany.  Positioned as a key trans shipment point for Asia-Pacific trade, it now presents enticing business prospects with appealing incentives and advantages for prospective investors seeking registration in CEZA. These endeavours aim to attract legitimate and productive local and international investments, consequently generating employment opportunities within and surrounding the Freeport. The Cagayan Special Economic Zone and Freeport (Cagayan Freeport) is located at the north-eastern tip of the Philippines - which is encompassed by the waters of Balintang Channel, China Sea and the Pacific Ocean. It covers the entire Municipality of Sta. Ana and the Islands of Fuga, Barit, Mabbag in the Municipality of Aparri in the Province of Cagayan.
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Philippines imposes ban on foreigner entry: new COVID-19 variant detected
Measures taken to help curb the spread as the Philippines records 631,320 COVID-19 cases so far The Philippines has temporarily suspended the entry of travelers, whether foreigners or Filipinos, from abroad (except Filipino workers returning from overseas) and imposed a cap on international arrivals to a maximum of 1,500 passengers per day starting from March 20. (more…)
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