Glitz, glam, and giving back: SiGMA Africa auction raises the bar in Cape Town

Katy Micallef 1 month ago
Glitz, glam, and giving back: SiGMA Africa auction raises the bar in Cape Town

SiGMA Africa seamlessly blended opulence with philanthropy during a charitable art auction held this evening at the prestigious GrandWest Complex in Cape Town, South Africa. The auction, which took place during SiGMA’s gala awards, raised over €19,000 for the SiGMA Foundation’s 2024 global charity projects. The evening not only celebrated industry achievements but also exemplified the power of unity in contributing to meaningful initiatives, leaving an indelible mark of compassion and community spirit.

Generously supported by BETCONSTRUCT, the auction showcased an eclectic collection of donated artworks from high profile international artists. An enthusiastic crowd got into the spirit of things, with adrenaline-fuelled bidding wars led by an energetic Rick Goddard. 

Auction 1: Sold for – €800 to Quantum Gaming

First up on the block, a fiery abstract piece, entitled Last One Standing by Peter Seychell, raising €800 following a bid from Oliver de Bono, CEO for Quantum Gaming. This captivating abstract painting by Peter Seychell blends the intensity of deep black and vibrant orange hues. The dynamic composition is explosive, with powerful, jagged brush strokes and soft, billowing washes of acrylic ink taking viewers on a uniquely emotional and evocative journey.

Auction 2: Sold for €4500 to SA Gaming

Up next, was crowd favourite – African Gaming Cats, a bright, inspirational piece by Maltese artist Edgar Mifsud which saw spirited bidding which was won by SA Gaming for €4500. Countless paintings have been created about the splendour of the African continent. The vision behind this piece from Edo examines how the country has pursued fast progression whilst still holding on to its strong identity – all the while having fun in the gaming world. The painting draws inspiration from the popular movie, ‘Black Panther’.

Auction 3: Sold for €5000 to Gaming Soft

Next up was Golden Echoes by British artist Derek Mason. Mason has contributed a number of pieces to SiGMA auctions – one of which now hangs in Dubai’s Burj Khalifa. His painting, depicting a beautiful African woman, triggered a bidding frenzy, with 2 main bidders fighting it out for the piece. It was won by Gaming Soft for €5000. Golden Echoes – an artwork by Derek Mason invites viewers into a world where the ancient and the futuristic converge, where darkness and light intertwine in a mesmerizing dance of contrasts. It is a celebration of the timeless beauty of African femininity, imbued with the golden promise of a future shaped by technology and imagination.

Auction 4: Sold for €4,800 to Payler

The penultimate piece was “Africa Blockchain” Augmented Reality (AR) SoundBYTE by Amrita Sethi – who can also be found on stage tomorrow during the conference.

The artwork unveils the transformative power of blockchain and aims to amplify unheard voices, crafting new characters – not of sorrow seeking sympathy, but of optimism, technological advancement, empowerment, and global connectivity, bridging all 54 African nations with the world. The winning bid was from Payler, who secured the peice for €4,800.

Auction 5: Sold for €3000 to Velibor from Smart Expo

Lastly, was a special sculptural piece by Victoria Sargsyan entitled Winged Chaos, bought for €3000 by none other than SiGMA’s trusted stand builders – Velibor from Smart Expo. In the artists’ own words: “All the strong emotions are like a fire within, if we let them out it might cause chaos,” says artist Victoria Sargsyan. The two winged creatures depicted on each side of the illustration are of different kinds but their towering emotion is something that connects them. Their vision is what makes them unite. A vision blinded by emotions.

The SiGMA Foundation spearheads impactful projects worldwide, including projects dedicated to empowering 500 women annually in Jimma Bonga, Ethiopia. Focused on IT, sewing, cooking, and hairdressing – the initiative broadens access to education and economic opportunities. Further support is also planned for a versatile multi-sensory hall in Bataan, the Philippines, fostering communal spaces for music, drama, dance, and parent meetings. Meanwhile, The GLOW Campaign, which is already underway – provides surgery for children suffering from cleft lips and palettes in Cartagena, Colombia. It has already performed 60 successful operations. Additionally, plans are in the works to expand the Dreams of Horses therapy farm in Gozo, aiding trauma sufferers through animal interaction and supporting mental health challenges.

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