Global Esports tour on its way to Rio de Janeiro

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Global Esports tour on its way to Rio de Janeiro

As part of the Global Esports Federation’s (GEF) mission to support esports development in South America, the Global Esports tour is ready and set to grace the shores of Rio de Janeiro for 3 consecutive seasons, being 2023, 2024, and 2025.

This came as a result of a deal struck between GEF, the state government and the Brazilian Confederation of Games and Esports. GEF’s mission is aimed at developing the region-wide industry going into the inaugural Panam Esports Championships which are due to be staged in tandem with the Santiago 2023 Pan America Games.

GEF made this statement to accompany the announcement:

Brazil is a key growth area for esports, and we believe that this event will not only showcase the talent of professional esports athletes but also provide an opportunity to continue to fuel the growth in this powerhouse region.

The tour will feature a series of competitions that will be held at sensationally exciting cities around the world.

The coming of the phenom of this phenom of events to Brazil’s coastal heart is yet another momentous milestone for the nation’s esports scene. A special advisor for government events in the state of Rio de Janeiro, Rodrigo Castro described it as transformative, for the economy and the community that rely and part take in it.

Global Esports come to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
Parque Lage, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

This event doesn’t only signal great addition to the economy and a chance to showcase the youthful scene and display the progress gaming has enjoyed in Brazil has made, but also a representation of the challenges that are no longer shackling their esports industry as of not too long ago.

Issues such as the Covid-19 pandemic and unpopular and imprudent policy decisions made by former Brazilian President Jair Messias Bolsonara have plagued the industries growth and ability to cater for the undeniable demand that has only grown since the lifting of pandemic lockdown restrictions.

Hosting such spectacular events for and with the esports community is simply a wonderful example of the exponentially growing ecosystem being cultivated in the South American scene, both a celebration and a broad step in the right direction.

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