Global Strategic Consultancy to participate in SiGMA Asia

Posted: May 17, 2023 09:29 Posted by Katy
Category: Asia, Deep Tech, Sponsored,
Posted: May 17, 2023 09:29 Category: Asia, Deep Tech, Sponsored, Posted by Katy

Global Strategic Consultancy Limited, a leading firm that provides risk advisory and mitigation services that pertaining to financial markets trading firm, has announced its participation in this year’s SiGMA Asia event which will be held in Manila, Philippines, Asia’s leading hub for gaming from 19th to 22nd July.

Participation of such a major event within the gaming industry would serve as an excellent opportunity for Global Strategic Consultancy Limited to further broaden its network of potential partners amidst the company’s push toward growing its community and presence in the Asia-Pacific region as well as to eventually venture into other industry sectors.

Global Strategic Consultancy Limited stated in a statement affirming its participation in SiGMA Asia 2023: “We are excited and honoured to have the opportunity to participate in SiGMA Asia 2023 alongside some of the most prominent organizations across different industry segments. We are pleased to have such an incredible opportunity to engage with leading organizations to identify ways to foster collaboration, achieve expansion and bring about greater benefits for all our stakeholder.”

Global Strategic Consultancy Limited is a company whose business is focused on providing risk advisory and mitigation services pertaining to financial markets trading for the average retail investor. At Global Strategic Consultancy Limited, our Purpose is to “Assure Your Trading Capital” in every trade.

A key element in eliminating risk in financial markets trading is the “GSC System” developed in-house by Global Strategic Consultancy Limited. This system virtually eliminates the high risks typically associated with financial markets trading while allowing retail investors to benefit from the fast, attractive returns trading activities provide. With an operating structure, strategy and business model that is focused on helping retail investors and individual traders mitigate risks, the GSC System is bringing about revolutionary change in the market for systems and technological products catering to trading on financial markets, a sector which has traditionally been focused on serving large institutions and corporate clients.

Utilizing a three-pronged approach toward the identification, modelling, measurement, valuation, monitoring and mitigation of market risks, the GSC System brings together big data, actuarial science and an insurance mechanism to provide absolute capital protection to traders engaged in trading on global financial markets. Applying Actuarial Science, Big Data and an Insurance Mechanism in tandem with state-of-the art technologies, the GSC System allows for effective identification, quantification, monitoring and mitigation of market risks. In addition, the GSC System’s inherent design provides it with a tremendous degree of flexibility and versatility, thereby allowing Global Strategic Consultancy Limited to run applications that make it relevant to numerous fields within global financial markets.

The GSC System has also gained much popularity in various markets due to its ability to provide traders with strong protection on their trading capital with the System having already garnered much hype from markets across various territories and jurisdictions in the Asia-Pacific region including Malaysia, Taiwan, Vietnam, and Indonesia. To date, the GSC System has received high praise and excellent reviews from most individual traders and retail investors. Global Strategic Consultancy Limited’s is also seeing rapid growth in its markets across the Asia-Pacific region.

Their objective is to establish a highly sustainable, revolutionary ecosystem that will provide all members with a comprehensive range of products and services pertaining trading on financial markets. The strategy they have adopted with regards to achieving the above-mentioned objective is to focus on building a sizeable community of members, capable of supporting and sustaining the ecosystem by assisting members of their community to gain wealth from the financial markets, in a risk-free manner.

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