Guide to the world of mobile WakeApp agency has received a license to promote gambling in Romania

Posted:: Jan 03, 2022 10:38 Category: Casino , Europe , Online , Posted by Kyle

This means that now the agency’s clients can run full-scale advertising campaigns using all the relevant traffic sources. In addition to the classic online casino, WakeApp gets the opportunity to promote other licensed projects related to gambling in this country, such as poker, betting, and bingo.

WakeApp is already preparing to launch advertising campaigns with several key clients who have expressed an interest in promoting in Romania.

“In 2021, we became a real guide in the world of white mobile advertising, connecting dozens of new traffic sources and reaching even more licensed countries to promote our partners. Obtaining a license from Romania is the next step of the agency to expand the pool of countries in which we can help our clients to take a leading position in the field of gambling and at the same time attract users in accordance with all legal regulations. We saw positive changes in the legislation of the country and the growing interest from the players, so it was only a matter of time to obtain a license. ” – CBDO Nikolay Belikov.

The company is actively introducing new approaches to traffic generation and according to AppsFlyer, takes a leading position in the mobile advertising market, offering customers a wide range of sources with the highest quality target audience.

WakeApp is an international project and has been in the market for 7 years, and is also a leader in the development and promotion of gaming and non-gaming mobile applications in the e-com, video streaming, food delivery, sport, utilities, and finance verticals. With annual nominations in ratings and awards, coupled with many years of experience in the field, the agency has status as a provider in the world of mobile marketing for all WakeApp clients.

Earlier this year, AppsFlyer awarded the agency several honorary awards:
2nd place in the Growth Index in the Eastern Europe region in the non-gaming Android category.
3rd place in the Growth Index in the Western Europe region also in the non-gaming Android category.
4th place in the Retention Index (Volume Ranking) in the Eastern Europe region in the Life & Culture iOS category.
7th place in the Retention Index (Power Ranking) in the Eastern Europe region in the Life & Culture iOS category.
Ranked 29th in the IAP (Power Ranking) in the Global region in the non-gaming category for Android.

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