Highlighting 10 of SiGMA’s best speakers and panellists

Matthew Calleja 1 year ago
Highlighting 10 of SiGMA’s best speakers and panellists

SiGMA Summits are no strangers to talent, attracting the highest level of iGaming expertise year in, year out. With such an incredible portfolio of speakers and panellists over the years, it’s crucial to keep the spotlight on the very best. Read on for insights from 10 of the best speakers from SiGMA Summits over the years.

Dr Joerg Hofmann, Former President of IMGL – Malta Week 2021

It is hard to enforce regulation against black market operators on the internet. Regulation needs to make you competitive, so operators are tempted to apply for a license.

Dr Joerg Hofmann is a major gaming and gambling thought leader, and among the best German lawyers involved in gaming law. He is head of the Betting and Gaming Group at Melchers law firm and a past president of the International Masters of Gaming Law (IMGL).

Last year, he joined Trudy Kerr for an interview during Malta Week, discussing black market operators and regulation for iGaming in this young, yet rapidly growing industry.

Andrea D. Domingo, former chair and CEO of PAGCOR – SiGMA Digital 2020

The COVID-19 Pandemic has shaken up the world, with iGaming being one of the many industries impacted. In 2020, countless businesses had to rethink their strategies or risk collapse. One of the many ways SiGMA Group adapted to the changes brought about by the pandemic was by going digital, a move that was applauded by none other than PAGCOR’s Andrea Domingo.

Andrea D. Domingo is the former chair and CEO of the Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation (PAGCOR). She is a pioneer when it comes to iGaming, with the Philippines leading the way in Asia. In this special digital conference, she gave a keynote on iGaming policy, employment and harmonisation between the law and the industry.

Nolan Bushnell, Co-Founder of Atari, Inc. – Malta Week 2021

I often looked at the world as people that want to have fun and governments that want to keep you from having fun. So, all of a sudden, if you enfranchise the former and disenfranchise the latter, that’s going to be the Metaverse.

Giving the platform to big names like Atari’s own Nolan Bushnell is what the SiGMA conferences are all about. He established Atari, Inc. in 1972 and many in the video gaming industry regard him as a primary innovator and pioneer. He gave a talk on the future of Esports and competitive gaming in the 2021 iteration of Malta Week.

Hon. Silvio Schembri, the Government of Malta’s Minister for the Economy, EU Funds and Lands – Malta Week 2019

Hon. Silvio Schembri is a familiar face at SiGMA Events, often noting SiGMA Group’s crucial contributions to the island’s economy.

One of Malta’s youngest politicians, Schembri was elected to Parliament for the first time at the age of 27. He is primarily responsible for Malta’s move towards becoming the Blockchain island, with the implementation of Malta’s Blockchain Strategy. Prior to that, he served as chairman of Malta’s Responsible Gaming Foundation.

Alexandre Dreyfus, CEO of Socios.com and Chiliz – SiGMA Digital 2020

The sports industry is yet another sector hit by the 2019 pandemic. Alexandre Dreyfus joined Jessica Walker in this digital interview covering innovation and recovery in the sports industry post COVID-19.

Alexandre Dreyfus has an extensive repertoire of fields he is knowledgeable about. As CEO of Socios.com and Chiliz, he is a leading sports betting and Esports expert. He has also ventured into Blockchain and token technologies. Overall, Dreyfus is a passionate leader with a firm belief in innovation bringing the planet forward.

Marc Ellinger, President of the International Masters of Gaming Law – Malta Week 2021

We want to teach folks what the regulatory world’s like… the laws, the regulations, how the regulators operate and what the best practices are. Good lawyers and regulators advising clients is ultimately how we strengthen the industry in the long run.

Marc Ellinger is yet another major thought leader in regulation. He has received many honourable mentions as a top-tier attorney on account of his extensive regulatory expertise. Under Marc as president, the International Masters of Gaming Law (IMGL) entered into a strategic partnership with SiGMA to provide regulatory content at SiGMA’s events. This was discussed further in an interview with Trudy Kerr as part of Malta Week 2021.


Susan Breen, Partner with Mischon De Reya – SiGMA Americas Digital 2020

Susan Breen has an expansive portfolio, carrying weight in both corporate and M&A as well as regulation and commercial advice. With over 20 years of experience as a partner in Mischon De Reya’s Betting and Gaming Group, Susan blends knowledge she accumulated exceptionally well.

In this panel moderated by Eman Pulis in 2020, Susan joined fellow experts Andre Gelfi and Cristina Romero. They discussed investment in the Latin American market, focusing on problems faced by external operators opting to enter the market.

Ivan Filetti, Head of Operations and Business Development of the Gaming Malta Foundation – SiGMA 2019

Ivan Filletti is a major name for Malta’s gaming industry. As Head of Operations and Business Development for the Gaming Malta Foundation, he ensures gaming on the island remains synonymous with excellence. In this interview from SiGMA’s 2019 summit, Ivan gave us an insight into Malta’s growing eSports industry, industry challenges and the changing face of regulations.

Juan Perez Hidalgo, Former President of Coljuegos – SiGMA Americas 2020

Juan Perez Hidalgo is a leading figure in the South American iGaming sector. Under his leadership, Coljuegos oversaw the debut of Colombia’s regulated online gambling marketplace, recording yearly growth and licensing expansions by foreign and domestic enterprises. In this digital interview from the SiGMA Americas 2020 edition, Perez Hidalgo discussed approaching Latin America from a local perspective, whilst evaluating every country and considering their distinctive cultures.

Todd Haushalter, CPO of Evolution Gaming – SiGMA Digital 2020

Todd Haushalter has expertise in both the iGaming and land-based industries, with major insights to share on gaming operators, suppliers and live dealers. At Evolution Gaming, he continued to embrace the digitalisation of gambling, seeing it as the next evolutionary step.

Todd has honoured SiGMA Group with a number of speaking opportunities across the years. In this particular example from SiGMA Asia Digital 2020, he discusses Evolution Gaming’s strategy, internal goals and newest releases.

Join us: 14 – 18 November 2022 MALTA

One of the first European countries to regulate the gaming sector, Malta is a hub of global business. The island is an obvious choice for SiGMA’s presence in Europe and a strong foundation for the field’s future. With a plethora of prospects for both investors and entrepreneurs looking to shape the future of this multi-billion-dollar business, Malta Week will bring together industry giants among the affiliates, operators, and suppliers of the gaming sector.

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